DMC Talks New 'RUN-CITY' Collection

ABC News' Michael Rothman interviews DMC during the debut of the new 'RUN-CITY' collection.
7:19 | 10/05/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for DMC Talks New 'RUN-CITY' Collection
Unlike brother with ABC news and I am joined the decade true. Hip hop legend of pop icon there all the incident Daniels and don't have presented DMZ in a pleasantly but I don't think of alleged. You definitely are there but that's favored him honest. And we are here at the NBA store and not your city as part and handlers at a certain of that cool new collaboration. That's inspired by you and icons yes run DNC and your logo that's been around. Our Evelyn won't wanted to most iconic locals of the planet. People's of them run DMC global. It's just days and how awful as McDonald's. Como Italy Modena but what I calories. Attic battlers and openness about his local. Rapids something that is yeah. Relatives of the man has integrity. Who represents them that if and universal and on the mud that was when Stevens. In the rules that video when we did walk this way remake Witten when he took the mice and not all well. The little Fuzzy it just happened in the video to happen to world. Put this on the network would go right now his let him see his own you know we've made some real good that pop music. So proud of him that was able to break we've got book. That Bob was always loved music in general. There's always affiliated with sports but it's the end game it's. So when you see that one has local. But which of favorite scene like a favorite city. You don't favorite college of the favorites team bumped up its. So this with the cool collaboration this the fanatics who was only he. People was. Brutalized in the red gives you creative ways anyway like everything I've been fixed parity of activism it run so that they Rhode with the letters that would have. So is this not. Deal that was. Public. We just thought about incorporated clipped and dignity but it stuck him you know one thing. NHL and Major League Baseball and also going to be moving on to do with to keep it cool. Yeah. A person actually annoying sure he's okay accessible to be back right Wesley. Eccentric sensors all over the great collaboration. That brings people but and also you know when you look at what happens this book what's very that it episode. That gets us does not open dialogue. To compete is that knocking each of its not. You think asserted. Who was at his who got the better Collison whose statements so cool that some. I'm and a ticket a long shot you're from New York death wherever that's the case. There's always been his dream I've beaten this team but you're logo and encourages you to be honored in this way we. Nobody nobody asked me that yesterday though it's it's it's it's shocking. It's shocking to see. Thirty Bob is laid. Allah bin movements. Both of those little rap songs that we made. And it's not just those that we war we never thought that would. To originally. So it's shocking denouncing him but at the state. It makes me feel responsible. Because I realize that our Reppas did something that is good. So it's an honor. It's. Just been immediately. What that's because basketball was in the balk. Those street ball I was blown up we've played basketball every day when this when. Each case that they have to bring its card table that was me that makes them into the book we have bought the block party. So that's the globe that was rented what did they welcome to take you Major League Baseball and ebitda hockey. It's not my favorite war. Will Mark Douglas and I RA generators blankets. Get the get a and it's just this week. I mean on the thirteenth next week. Music buyers that it be a big fan threw yeah. I thought the big hockey he's the black. It from the hood that don't like basketball we don't like what we'll be like. Like I don't think it's not yet. I think hockey I thought the himself. Get a hockey has not football how the number one spot I mean is energetic. We'll. I loved every minute of the gave us some of its book I'm really excited that bond logo. Now if it would NHL doesn't get headaches helped plant race. And I got to ask what your sons and that's a man. What is keeping it what is ahead I was kind of low the dynamic back. At least he was an icon. Right you think you're the colts got the world that you're go to and Alex L game and a happy new logo. On the Rangers play fanatics TV he understands now on the east. Wonder when you don't know what to do so now but when he was first born and I thought I'd take him places that he was like politics is little. This whole day with this note at a you know your daddy you know good because everywhere I go out of me go to his body was that you don't out of but let's 67 and it is so he started to realize. You've that the W music what you've done. And we have someone else's not viewed him and Egypt that Jim methods it rest of cities but these days that would methods. To though is that. It live on ABC news. Here and play. Get it it is fantastic how great that that you're on your father daughter Gail here. Witness this new collaboration in this event here I mean did you got a pan am real quick and see all the literally watched in excited and jets. It's just. Do the whole room was full of joy what's the feeling going through right now. On. That you experience and VA sports journalist knows me knows it. Snakes. And though rock and NBA. Next day's news and now he's right that these huge engines. Is Libya but. Expect him on news its problem. How you feel any of me speechless is overwhelming. As. Our stabilizers total crazy organist keep going power through it it's overwhelming but it's good we bring him all the cause blot. That you guys are join us on it has been. Beyond that honors there was making so much you hate so much enjoyed a day thank you your pants ever what does that mean there's. Natalie hundreds of new lock in building. I'm let's take a little. Pocket he had to take a lap around Julie what's going on the building looked back. Let these guys get back to. Win the race. I certainly pledges that everything. You know Bob.

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{"duration":"7:19","description":"ABC News' Michael Rothman interviews DMC during the debut of the new 'RUN-CITY' collection.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"42592449","title":"DMC Talks New 'RUN-CITY' Collection","url":"/Entertainment/video/dmc-talks-run-city-collection-42592449"}