Doctor Involved in Uber Driver Assault Apologizes

The co-hosts discuss the impact camera phones have on people's lives today.
3:54 | 01/27/16

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Transcript for Doctor Involved in Uber Driver Assault Apologizes
You know Florida doctor's been placed on leave after her on our attack on who were driver was caught on video and did. It's a little nutty take a look. Let him go. Nice I'm standing up. No she. To apologize on GMA earlier this morning saying it was biggest mistake a pro live. But the online backlash has been. Fearsome kind of disgusting. Because people aren't you know given her death the ransom sand all kinds of terrible stuff so. Is there an and she it seems like her life might that like that she's had might be over is there any way to come back from apps. I I I would assume. I think that there is and I think I think we are forgiving society I think if we all look at we always talk about judge not let CB judge we're just talking about recently situation of christianity would apply to one candidate not the other. But it it if we all look hard. And our own life and some of the mistakes that we've made and seen how people have treated us I've never had this type of moment. She made a big mistake she was basically drunk she's she's at her boyfriend had just broken up whether her dad was admitted in the hospital and I think. Core weeded judge if she's contrite she's gonna lose her job. He's getting death threats that would mean awful things about her over your contrite without you've. I need to see some action indeed I needed seat that you. Are repentant and that and they feel awful about it but many think we need to extend that forgiveness that a lot of time does not extend back to us I don't think it's a. Out what each of us wants to do in our own personal I think we limited different world right now she was aware there was a camera on her she played to the cameras throughout FE EL. And in Nat turned on her because that we bite roll yeah and her saying sorry now. It's up to act not. I never agree with this stuff happens that people should keep death at the yeah they aren't that that is unacceptable and I looked up backlash in regard to what happens -- professionally in everything else. Actions have consequences and human beat behaviors consistent this has happened before written that. Someone seems very erratic and it wasn't a person's genetic scared that she's a doctor fumbles. The war this is the world we live in today I can think about watching that video but that I'm conditional Nike and some when I get home and face CC what happens. Almost every video camera now date and everything you do and despite how that in the day your attic could be record and we just have to be aware of that every night. Look worse you know what I. I've not been trying to figure out what it was second figure out why this was bothering. In her apology I don't. Think did she said you know and I tracked down Matt sober guy and I apologized at the yin Yang outside help she said I don't know I don't think she did. I think. If you can take this out of how it's affected you and maybe. Extend yourself to the gentleman that was forced said yeah push you out of the way and had to deal with the UR. Anger at him for something that had nothing to do what I am. I think that will go a long way and getting people to believe they're to actually understand. How this affects everyone not just CO. I I I clarify I said it Suez on the verge of losing their jobs is on administrative leave but I can bring you brought up. An excellent point about showing that your kids I would tell my kids the only thing that you can't control anything in lot in this life but your attitude. And how you choose YouTube cues to react to the situation.

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{"id":36553709,"title":"Doctor Involved in Uber Driver Assault Apologizes","duration":"3:54","description":"The co-hosts discuss the impact camera phones have on people's lives today.","url":"/Entertainment/video/doctor-involved-uber-driver-assault-apologizes-36553709","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}