Should Doctors Be Allowed to Reject Patients on Religious Grounds?

U.S. district judge says doctors have religious freedom to refuse to treat certain patients.
8:08 | 01/05/17

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Transcript for Should Doctors Be Allowed to Reject Patients on Religious Grounds?
So US district judge claims that doctors have religious breed. Two refused to treat transgender patients and women who have at a Boston next. It stems from lawsuits. Black Texans want op patrons. Four other states and several Christian medical association. That. Out. You sound really Christian to me. But absent perhaps I'm wrong but it is. Science like not politics or religion when you are in an operating room. This is medical knowledge this is not about your opinions it's not about who you voted for and this is frustrating to me although if someone didn't agree with my decision if I was transgender are went into transition. That's also not the person I want operating down there like this is and they choose your own adventure like down Bailey. Yeah that's where I'm yeah mostly happened you mean in the subway. I wouldn't want that person operating on me if if they had that strong feeling I just I didn't really I find this so hard to believe that someone could take. A degree they need a degree they got with science and now what I like if I don't really even know where I am denying your particular dot mastectomies particulate. Not days. Religion trumps the law and stop being a doctor yet about the hippocratic ul. Not the hall want but it says I won't respect the privacy up my patients. When their problems are not disclose to me in the war that the world may know above law I must not playing it got. Kabul remember that I remain a member of society with all the obligations to all my fellow human beings bells. Of sound mind and body as well as the infirm Matt always act so to preserve the finest traditions of my calling. And make long maxed readers enjoy appealing those who seek my help that's when you and doctor. That's what you sign onto and you know what. You can gobble OV. A position and a Christian charts. So you don't have to deal with people who have other logical making decisions that have nothing to do with experts have the right to be a document tell somebody you're not going to take care of black people. Acts. Off set at Hempstead no you cannot take. Hate against people act and you certainly can't do it in emergency room settings a law is very very clear it cannot discriminated and refused to provide treatment even if you have this moral. I guess objection all objection to area but I will tell you the law is less clear when it comes to go to a private doctor. When it comes to coming to a private doctor in certain states they have passed these types of laws. Where I think they're shielding discrimination and saw a lot of those cases are typically taken to courts and those courts are. Are sort of waned through this very very difficult balance which is you don't want a position like Sarah saying that. That has this moral objection in any event which we'll be I don't want people to. Be able to discriminate but I. Audio of the law does it every broad sell it allows these doctors to essentially say that whenever they deem as evil or whatever they have a moral dilemma what they could potentially say. We don't want to treat you so. If it starts here with someone who's transgender who has had an abortion in the past remember these are not doctors we're gonna have to perform abortions on these patients in our patients coming in with the little. Schools had an abortion in the past as it K could be attacked so when. Why details want kids say I might have to tell anybody have I guess they know I doubt that's not quite here on the outs for medical don't have. Yeah yeah I'm not comfortable don't I'm side. You took an all there's a doctor. Yeah if you're not gonna follow that hold. Give up your license. Because if you don't take. The strength the strong feelings that these extreme religion I people. And don't we talk to don't Meehan served as if you don't want to do I didn't read up people who have different opinions clues. One coming to you I. I get that I'm I'm just being demo that the animals and that I backhanded his name. The devils advocate is saying there's a higher. Co I don't anybody I had died and don't if you believe I don't know there's a higher power you cannot take the salt I'm being the demo that I'd get. My position I. My and ended that there is a higher power that I have been called to heal people yeah but I am not listening until men I'm listening to god that is the answer that you would get that you have you elimination of laws on the books again only in states that protect people from someone being able to say. Pay but based on my religion not discriminate against a gay person based on my religion I can copy this look grease all is that essentially that topic and then use that clause of whatever they feel is evil me what a moral to branch hit me but. Federal law does protect I tell people you know and you never want to be around lawyers lawyers get like such a bad reputation. But lakers are going to be it's like in the next four years you know what they're enjoying very very important this argument developed basically okay. Better lawyer Fritz. It's not going to be corrupt. Allow well but I this different that what the doctor out on the life and death is a difference and it if I didn't member listen I'm not I'm gonna get the chance I remember when. I was a kid. There were several. Very famous people up call our. Yeah who would deny either. Help from a Doctor Who died in the street like dolls you didn't and that you do not have the right isn't that health yeah. And you're not denying your god. And denying you are not doing those things that you don't like but you have no right if you take. I don't doesn't docket to deny help to somebody who knew I had. I'm not happy. During hot topics I called my husband who. The doctored his sister was a doctor is best friend was a doctor and there were a lot of I love doctor. And they were all football and they all spoke about the they are you Elvis ever insult my understanding is that if it is a life saving measure if somebody goes into a doctor's office and it's a question on my street acting bodies trust you OK and unless treated in emergency room the only time this really comes into play I think it might you. Is when you're going to a private doctor and again. I still think that the law protects you because you can't hide discrimination didn't let me say I'm religious worked for private doctors. Have been in your office. I'm Mack saying whatever your religious thing isn't writing down. I would not treat this I would not true that I would not treat that they can't do that because there again earlier net now on the cell naval. It's a sell stop trying to that's not my. I played on what is this what this wouldn't get federal government and I I this is discrimination yeah today and I. I did I. I'm Deborah and you have to listen to that point to be just under the I really made an accident yeah cynnex you've pretty happy not religious freedom don't know right to believe it's likely I understand that I just intermediate doctor out there who objects to abortion morally aggression apple don't. I'll have a right to wait a second you don't have the right to US as an excuse to discriminate is not skewed based on average devils advocate just back. Why don't I. I can't have a conflict. It's not gonna have navigated I would say I'm not going to let's say get an abortion to somebody just did not because Hezbollah because I feel complicit in decades and analysts say someone else and get. Come on if someone has had an abortion or is gay and I don't believe in any of that then I'm complicit in their sick and they say the devil's advocate arguments here is unconstitutional the AC AD NI NY a power I'm happy Friday yeah I know but I can't ratchet Alan they may not be home. Beg now I want you right back have.

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{"duration":"8:08","description":"U.S. district judge says doctors have religious freedom to refuse to treat certain patients.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"44579623","title":"Should Doctors Be Allowed to Reject Patients on Religious Grounds?","url":"/Entertainment/video/doctors-allowed-reject-patients-religious-grounds-44579623"}