The Dogs of Westminster at Madison Square Garden

ABC News' Olivia Smith talks with pet groomers and checks in with the dogs at the Westminster Dog Show.
9:35 | 02/17/16

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Transcript for The Dogs of Westminster at Madison Square Garden
I'm looking at me Rick here Madison Square Garden for the black means Eric dobbs. Today is the last in the south of that means he. They're going to be kicking back in snow but the number one it's not at all agreed that had been here now Britain 3000 dogs he doubts this week. And we eat at me get turnout of around it now if you look behind me there about one entry it brings eight dogs. Here tonight and 100 where they won that every already at and that the judges and anything that eight. But that's I think patience for that type of pre we're going to be talking to if you look winners from the last thing we're also here where again it rip at snow. And then we're going to be talking. I have one that's agreed that are still waiting for the they're gonna meet the final rounds of the way it works and after their group and that's it free they're at and eat different except where it. Those groups competing against each other is it like narrowing it down more and more and more and eventually they get and that wine. When they'll need some rumor as they headed dog names rumored German shepherd its feet greeted him in Athens. And it goes right now they'll look out. There you live with eighty emea thinking how much he went that's what's your name camp royal. And this is your dog grooming or the German shepherd. A little bit about this German shepherd and let me this dog's sense that. Four year old female. Can we campaign here in 2015. To run dips they really well last period. Number one dog all breeds animals defeated. And she's instance got a fantastic attitude she loves the show ring. But together really nice he did anatomically very correct then Moses it. All the right parts in the right places he's a really good mover and aesthetically beautiful. Look at this statement. Beautiful home. That is coming here he'd actually been tricky issue for three years and never hear it and meet the bastards everything matters. I don't know quite go there's been some really fantastic performance after that this dog killed. That's very kind of on this phase he's definitely room. One of the good ones no doubt. Father of the events. Will be seen tonight felt weak and last year she did really well and she didn't come up with his wife she your opponent the fourth that one. For a last night and national here and you can eat special training her thing though in making its not like men. Smart conditioning and keep them fit mentally we've been a lot of make that make the dog show ring one of the best parts of the day's really enjoy it. But eat an idiot he went. We'll definitely be evident than in the celebration. Why is there anything else that I got asked I don't think so but then not think he is speaking at thank you. Okay and that's rumored that sure minute sat prairie. When of the winners from last night at the group at debris and we'll keep being on its going to be getting back pains. Incumbents coming up here. Of Cambridge I eat eat and you think economic. My pleasure. About the dog right here behind him well. That they heard. C. This is her second time it went through last year she spent the she's one. 57 bulldogs specialties. Very very well that happened specialty manner ever. Antigua and expense and show us. And she loves to walk through the water outside she wishes it was but. Apparently you let it defeat. There a lot. A happening that are pop up cattle Monty didn't she he had been a long day yesterday. Of course everybody knows we. And speaking. Hair though. Yet the walking along and at that dogs. Have on average average treatment rate here. RD line that debris and now again. You can lean back. And he did Everett street. Ratings on an area. We're going to be speaking with one special dog right now. The picture that god there. Dog that the wife and plot has child to eat that were gone and over leaking online wine. That. Greed. It here it may think these elements here live each and every one but to me anything but that out. We. Eat and how no one if you eat out breakfast is wary. Gone is the only. Debris and full where the lightning air out and god. The point here. Point Anthony Obi. Op. EI we look at it began getting ready for night. And an outlet asked about the reading coming in. Eagle where the I think. Yes it is and it's great greed at its. Very will read pretty healthy read funny breed. And great victory we really doing them. All these uncle won best degree here's the here's. Mainly of winners yet the end GAAP. As I don't eat a lot of on county. And how their bracket. And one of the and there it. Absolutely I like to compare it to an aptly getting ready for the Olympics you know it's something you work every day. You know keeping their coat condition and keeping its muscle tone correct keeping mental health care act the entries eating a good diet. Had time. That people didn't wanna stand there Lincoln. Just again just keep them in shape you know keep them happy has been in the game. And it's Kenya when he checked any special check. He really likes to up two lanes in yeah. He'd run around the backyard alive in me likes to watch the patriots. About they sell it there beat pine and there attacks on how they look out equipment not so much on their agility and ability of those. Eight had he competed fragility inability. No doubt now be time does do some you know hunting stuffed with his owners. It had taken out what it you know hunting title on amendments night beat it's mainly rented to serve really well. 88. That night he can't think. I think I thank you very much cocaine but let me eat you look at one point special tree. I. Not actually see that. Adds then India and at grant. That this is behind it means no heat at Westminster plot and there isn't it odd that he thought. We thought it got really here's but it. And it lane. Acting great that here right now. That's at the meeting got it into think. Healthy eat eat eat the are you thinking and not. Yeah looked every bit of light but the main aisle it's a Hungarian commodore in the. This evening just don't see he's a livestock working dog. Lap heat it and half to accurately. It's the natural coat for the read it takes years Oracle road and it's actually control Manning. It's a protective coat. When they're in the field they blend in with the sheet. And when the predators come into the Sheen. The Commodores protect them and that protects their work reflection like bulletproof vest and keep them warm. In the winter months out I am hungry. That happened here sensor keep this important this week CEO gets a little warm in here but he's he's been pretty good outside sit for hours it is lambs care. Laugh art that still stare inside and watches in the sun we watch TV. And I'll absolutely if the hours. Leaking out that not just on my. They use them but. What I'm getting low key here in eight I heading. Early on again at that I mean they're on. He is that the highly an excuse pat inquiry that eastern check that out and more on I'm it and eat that much room watching.

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{"duration":"9:35","description":"ABC News' Olivia Smith talks with pet groomers and checks in with the dogs at the Westminster Dog Show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"36989125","title":"The Dogs of Westminster at Madison Square Garden","url":"/Entertainment/video/dogs-westminster-madison-square-garden-36989125"}