'Vikings' Returns For Season 2

Donal Logue is back as 'King Horik,' but wants to bring back MTV's 'Jimmy the Cabdriver.'
3:00 | 02/18/14

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Transcript for 'Vikings' Returns For Season 2
Last year History Channel told -- -- of brutality alliances and infidelities during a time when the world. Was ruled by raiders and explores through the eyes. Of a -- society. And at that virtually set of the hit show vikings returns for season two -- tells all about is -- whore himself also now. As Donald -- we appreciate you stopping by today it's great to be here busy guy got a whole list of things you've been working by means it seems like it's like. -- won just small blip your schedule that Hillary and if it was pretty big litmus eight and yes I was a little while but did copper on BBC America's Sons of Anarchy. And went off to Ireland -- vikings and that we finished filming in November so. So just getting ready for the season's. We'll -- season to give us teaser would have expected. Did it we're season one lets off its its I think the kind of central thing is this. Is this Cain and -- kind of story between rag -- -- between these two Brothers and the alliances and allegiances that. That kind of split over that and you know Travis -- character -- artists set up with me king Warrick and his Brothers with this guy -- -- Borg and submit and it starts with the bank. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- he's right there and a lot of fans and it will be will be pleased to know about that. We surprised -- -- -- from season one what has actually wasn't like when I first heard about vikings which -- many months before they started shooting. I thought that's brilliant first -- -- I was a history major fascinated. Com by the by the time in the culture in the history and secondly I thought what's interesting about vikings is. And this is just this is just to kind of like a tangential thing. But that there's so much interest in. In -- way fantasy in middle earth and but the vikings were those. -- -- an actual historic. Group. That kind of would appeal to people who like that stuff they believed in shape -- they were wild and there there. They're kind of religious beliefs for wild and they didn't -- -- written history like the Greeks in the Roman so there's still this real. Air of mystery about them and yet they were so influential they made its North America long before the Spaniards. -- Russia. Is the roots people the north people they founded in they went -- through the Ukraine. Normandy. You know the vikings were everywhere and and they. They were feared but they settled so they had huge impact on the development of the west. If you were and you've mentioned estuary intellectual history major as -- at Harvard. And now you're -- -- chatting now you've got 1617. Outward days when you're out there filming these things in these are not easy shoes when you're filming another fascinates but it's really fun I mean that's that physically demanding it can be physically demanding nothing compared to you. But it's it's a joy it's in an incredible gift to be able to take historical. Events and bring them. To life for people and and and and you know the crew works really hard and sometimes that's -- misconception people don't really know that the days are. Are like that a little bit but for us it's it's a joy and -- united and in Ireland but when a country of hard workers everybody was great but the most important thing units. Maybe this is kind of what I'm addicted to in weird ways that you go you step into these different worlds whether it be and I'm not even talking about the the fictional culture like the motorcycle club of Sons of Anarchy or vikings. It's like you literally go to a place with these people working on it becomes really good friends with -- group. 15200. People working towards it. No common goal and you on really quickly -- and boom you're off to the next one and and it's as a human being it's it's fun it's fascinating. We. You edit -- and you mentioned is a good the deal of diversity in the fact that you've got Sons of Anarchy vikings and and you also has -- to have copper -- -- it's it's. It's it's it's quite a step back now -- now I'm working on law and order and that's. And very different one -- that's fantastic and and I I also the sailors of the congratulations are in order. You're going to be playing detective Harvey -- In Gotham Gotham that's grave. Wild world you now. But yes so it's been in and very fortunate to stay busy and don't take it for granted all -- exceptionally grateful so. So so -- -- -- -- I mentioned before about sitting at Harvard University because -- eleven when you when you meet an -- or really anyone in any profession and you find out that may be you know their their education -- sort of -- differently than than what the outcome was but it seems as if what you study was -- but what is it does not a difference you're going through right now. It was fascinating the first. The first. Job I ever did was called common ground about the Boston busing crisis in the mid seventies. And it was a Pulitzer Prize winning book that I had studied in college then and then and the band played on which was about the aids crisis was one of my first and it was another Pulitzer Prize winning book. Gettysburg about civil war the Killer Angels. So in a way I felt like I was just taking a part of my history class. And then getting to step into it and and and help recreate the story in -- way that might be more palatable or or bring it to more people so it's all. Everything -- kind of story telling it's actually history. Because it is telling the story of what happened in trying to learn from it. And trying to kind of weed through you know history is told by the winners sorts there's always a certain perspective him when someone tells a history right. So. It's a continuation of my education thing. Do you would you have had any idea what you were going through school that that you would end -- acting -- would not at all not. Even not close whatsoever grew up on the Mexican border. We didn't really have a television for a long time and then when we get government a film an episode PG in the payers money home to -- and and you're like whoa man I've seen that guy on the box you know -- I. But when I got -- you when I got to college it was kind of a thriving underground not official there was no department but there was this interesting little theater scene and I kind of dipped into it and then. And got hooked I was when I was in high school I was the I was president of this thing called American legion boys nation. Clinton -- in high school met Kennedy like they'll take. Writes from every public school -- -- go to Washington DC you run for government and so. My senior year I was traveling around -- spoke with Ronald Reagan at The American Legion national convention in Seattle and I was -- -- that was my goal was to go into probably. You know international relations diplomacy. Well in a white man in a way you're doing that now I think it's not that. Similar in some ways but it's you know. And then announced telling -- who works here before -- it's just it's a fascinating journey but there's also things happen like you have. You have a family you have children and so. You're like now got to chase the carrot that takes care of my family that -- from -- available to me but I know I wrote a novel last year -- I have a truck driving trucking company I was gonna I was gonna ask you about that how does that -- Heidi it's sort of I always when I was young grown up on the Mexican border my cousin I used to drive like not like a five time box truck. For my data to Los Angeles and I always just like those road trips with my cousin at night working on -- by the side of the road and I -- of getting my class a license to drive eighteen wheelers. Made friends with these people button Kathy Williams neighbors of mine and organ and we. We just started get contracts one by one in have you ever -- a trip -- -- Rideau Hall oh yeah how is dried and I was driving last January. LA UN CI and -- tonight they have all that work lined up and you never knew if you don't know if you do or not right. Mean I always tell people like I'm like let you know outside of John Travolta or whatever. I'm sure the cast of welcome back -- -- they were. They probably felt fairly set the right after it got canceled you don't know if that's what -- cold pizza you're dumb work and -- not -- and I never I'd just. As a human being I don't like to think and I don't blame other people so I won't say like. I can't be busy because -- the suit somewhere doesn't see it my way I'm like -- never let someone else determine whether or not you have a vital day. You go out and start a company you can go. Get a license to drive trust what ever it is I don't like feeling. You know -- -- like -- I like I don't have this proactive choice to do something with my life if the acting stuff is great right on and and I tell friends of mine out there. They're like why is it popped and so good for you -- like precisely because when I get to a point my life where. I'm happy I can drive a truck -- I can write this I can I can find other things to do. And you -- is out a you know it's it's it's now it's and you you walk away from something in your desire -- -- will come back. Yeah are you -- drive a cab. As Jamie again I would yes yeah I guarantee it that was great I think we're -- an analyst -- thinking like -- I think we're gonna bring back Jimmie McBride that is of that miss sent yeah -- a lot of now announced now we're back in new York and likely this boasted we set in Boston but of course we're -- -- we're. We're huge -- shuttle over New York now and those are good days and this -- -- living here in. Well -- well I wouldn't we've obviously. You I think you've got a lot going on right now I don't think you've got much time to set up now back to New York for a long time for law and -- in Gotham so that'll be great we'll be looking forward that I love thank you so -- -- -- -- appreciate it. Season to a vikings Thursday February 27. -- -- -- it's it was really exciting to be part of this real international production and meant a lot of great actors from Scandinavia and everywhere you know like. It was -- it was a great group of people well I'll I'll really I hold that kind of -- in my heart that whole experience well we look forward to it and continued success. Thank you thank you very much.

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{"id":22565083,"title":"'Vikings' Returns For Season 2","duration":"3:00","description":"Donal Logue is back as 'King Horik,' but wants to bring back MTV's 'Jimmy the Cabdriver.'","url":"/Entertainment/video/donal-logue-interview-2014-vikings-season-history-chanel-22565083","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}