Dr Jill Biden Joins VP Biden to Talk Transition, Relationship With VP-Elect Mike Pence

The Second Lady of the United States joined Vice President Biden on "The View."
4:59 | 01/14/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dr Jill Biden Joins VP Biden to Talk Transition, Relationship With VP-Elect Mike Pence
Vice president Joseph Biden who we are joined now by his lesson ride doctor Jill Biden welcome gel. So great to have you here you have been so honored to see you service or secondly but you've done that. That's your full time job but you also have a full time job as a professor you've managed to it to balance that somehow. As you now and your back into civilian life after five it wouldn't really looking forward to you. I think come looking forward to running by myself I'm a runner and oh yeah not happy. Let's see absolutely yeah a little scared like that I happen you know. Still it. Yeah you can ask them anyway it's just been you know we're just gonna continue doing what we've done. What we've been doing I've had the complete honor of working with Michelle. With military families it's just been an incredible journey. As we go into the future there. Have you all left enough building blocks. For the incoming. Six expect it to continue the work because. What I act I don't think any of us want to see is that ball dropped again ever. So have you left coming up. I think we've looked. Enough information for the men. This is some answers yes there they've been pros they've they've been doing this they're really an enemy of the vice president and those aren't well let it either. They they really are finding it I have strongest lightning to a Ron. On on social policy good but but there find a decent people in beautiful fan military family. Gray like tonight. How close they have a daughter asked whether my granddaughter would talk to their daughter about Secret Service protection in school what it was like I think we've had moved for dinner candidate they. Look this is more like the old school that that we're used to and I think they're very we disagree philosophically but can but they're good really have. They worry that they're not thinking he's going to be the breast I think he's going to while I think that that. In a what I what I mean he's a Saturday. There's going to be a 'cause this is not an amazing job it's not easy job and you can't just so let's take ten and just tweet about stats out. You're going to have to depend on somebody who actually knows what goes on at Washington think it makes me show. My pants I think he would I'd like to have him. It's came. That he did so that would not have yet he's really busy right now put this government got so yeah. And yeah he's going to be in the bill I ask you go on now with respect to patents on the issue of national security because that's the issue that when people look at Arnold charm they get concerns about you recently went into a meeting with Mike Pence you talked about some of these issues. And it was reassuring to meeting you cannot accept you know what I feel like things are in good hands. Can't speak to people I'm not a little bit because national security is the topic when people talk to me about their concerns that's their number one player. Is Joseph because she's the best part of this for repairs you know that's that's concert but here's a deal. I am confident Mike Pence has a clear understanding of American foreign policy. Where the genuine threats are we disagree as we have between mainstream Democrats and Republicans. But he is fully aware I write personal security memorandum to him on issues if he's asked me. To remember I said the thing I'm most worry about as those those those those middle range countries where something could go wrong. So what he'd been so busy putting together. He and I haven't had as much time to be together so I personally right classified memorandum him on the things he he'll call me and asked me about I'll call him. About what's going on Ukraine was going on here what's going on there are the things that I that could toss up. I I have great confidence you have great confidence in general Mattis I have great comic there are serious serious people. Around the president who know a great deal about national security reform Paul. That's a rate that is currently there can just say this inside. Not have such a delighted to have brought them here vice president Joseph Biden and doctor Joseph Biden said never say never about 20/20 right. It's a hot. Yeah yeah enjoying civilian like we're gonna may issue an opposite everybody we're going to be right back.

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{"duration":"4:59","description":"The Second Lady of the United States joined Vice President Biden on \"The View.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"44765816","title":"Dr Jill Biden Joins VP Biden to Talk Transition, Relationship With VP-Elect Mike Pence","url":"/Entertainment/video/dr-jill-biden-joins-vp-biden-talk-transition-44765816"}