Drake White Visits Patients at the Denver VA Hospital

The singer performed at a nurses' station and met with patients and staff.
7:44 | 08/25/16

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Transcript for Drake White Visits Patients at the Denver VA Hospital
I don't use your caving on camera for charming he's OK I'm sorry what's your name sir literature dinner because Sanchez. Paul Sanchez. I'm in my name's Chris Palmer thanks to reaching its images in. So. Are you looking forward to hearing the little music from from Andre quite sure you know. There. Beef and heavy have you been visited by anybody from musicians on call before is this your first time first time yeah. Did you think it is he's not ready yet eating it's a good thing. The idea behind it goods you think it helps people in a hospital setting like the kind of have a change pacer. Now it's nice. It's not roots aren't yet. So how you donation on film veterans changes have you had a procedure a C it does it you've you know kind. Case in January who really gotten there yet how long you've been out of out of surgery. One when surgery. And a day. Jerry I'm sorry are you his it is why don't program based in each year and I'm Chris. Yes he didn't you. Think that hearings and a little musical will help you're going. Friends and I think you know come and yes. Yes he's experienced dramatic yet I think that evening. Com green as you think it's sad yeah. And music music helps you know people. How's the hospital after. You know you could happen isn't that exclude completely. And yeah. And years you're a veteran right to desist orders were at the Veterans Hospital. Taking telling about your service. And we need 69. 76. Party down bus plus and the Jews. Well okay tours in Vietnam yeah of course shadowed RV right now the middle of it man. So. What would you after it deputy army. It went to work and they tour actually we're here. Hockey and okay this English grade but it was OK can work you know passengers and he can't. The so yeah as is that it year. Recuperation is indeed a unity here for few weeks there who accidentally put together tomorrow. You clicking improvements was a half physical therapy is OK yeah. Allow the same time is as yet another teacher went there canisters wow that's half. A year. Happy because let's say you're pretty good shape for somebody who's had multiple surgeries. So that's pretty impressive. And there's. OKF. His innocent man. Unnatural. Well while he's from their shelves. Cool I think he might be heading down Israel's check to see. Him be right back. All right it's. Will be rejoining polls Sanchez shortly with the injury apparently. Yet what's retreat business. Oh. You are. That's why. Okay. It's. I. So this. Salman union means unique name is Paul sentence my uncle and he's. He says. Fairly Majorly cancer treatment I think it's it's going to be. You know pretty soon possibly. Again and thank you very much appreciate. School district. Oh. So. Do you have a connection with veterans curt you're saying earlier yeah. I'm a lot of people amount certain forces served in it. Served. You know not my brother at all certain cancers than it's just today the centers aren't requesting arms. Veterans and using relationships of the Rangers. I became friends with some extraordinary measures honor any. We've done a couple of things played out enough. One of the force. Coast Florida and now. Just. Yeah it is thank Laura Anderson for us. To pay honors and and coming here at. Spreads its majority. And this is part of in the musicians on call yeah charity group. And you've power even working with them. I've worked with a a couple of times. As far as how long he probably a couple years is one of Monday's news when it sent out today. Do this living the dream argument during his wanted to give out there. Some of the VA's generous of the post because part of and stress disorders and some of that stuff you really. He really hurt somebody happens. I've seen mount my uncles go through and so I guess I just wanted to. Answer. You know a lot myself these people who aren't. That word you know please enjoy about it allows him. And music's one way data so cool. Group rid of it turns. And it takes him. Look pitcher gave us. I'm just your quick photo appeared. So. They're okay. I remember. I. I. Yeah. Around him. So at all they don't know I mean. You can hear. Oh yeah. I. Here. You call it's. Yeah there have been injured. Drake go Austin. About player nor. Did you vote over. Just. This is. Linenger anybody here columnists. Muscle poses. College majoring. In I just wanted to go back in outlaws problems are. This week. So we go back a couple of a couple of cherries a couple of things that amendment people through better and there's good things were so good.

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{"duration":"7:44","description":"The singer performed at a nurses' station and met with patients and staff.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"41636731","title":"Drake White Visits Patients at the Denver VA Hospital","url":"/Entertainment/video/drake-white-visits-patients-denver-va-hospital-41636731"}