Dustin Hoffman on starring in 'Tootsie'

Dec. 9, 1982: The actor talks about crossing the gender line to play Dorothy Michaels.
2:59 | 08/08/17

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Transcript for Dustin Hoffman on starring in 'Tootsie'
I really feel religious about my work. I always and I don't understand people that going that this. I don't understand what someone becomes an actor for any other reason. Then put them then and it's just there's there's there's a need to. Say you know over the who really want is what the real reason we act and he's had a pattern book pieces of reasonably accurate. And yes it does and what that means that. Look at me look at me book book book book. Look at him indeed through the years Dustin Hoffman's been everything. From the graduate. To a cheap New York City hustler. 20120. Year old Indian fighter. And he's about to give us probably the toughest transformation of the mall. From man to woman. It creating the role of Dorsey Hoffman says he looked inward for the feminine parts a themselves. And the actor were shocked to experience. What seemed to be the emotions of a woman here. I simply was very disappointed with what I look like because I wanted to be beautiful. And once I saw that I wasn't it was very painful. And once I realized that I knew what had a book into the characters. Because. The BB BC real emotional thing that I got from not being pretty. Was much different than what I feel about my spoke with the man. During two days of interviewing Dustin Hoffman talked about other discoveries about women and about himself. Things the alert while playing the part of Dorothy Michaels live everything you've ever felt about women who don't get act could dance. That have to sit there and not the ones that get at present that's Dorsey bright women women who are writer with anybody around and were not acts. The fans were not touched because they physically don't fulfill a requirement. A turn around and look at her. And sent them you can know she hasn't but the thing I had to think that is that is that is that is that it that I didn't take her out enough sunlight. You see I took out the girls and Playboy or those with a group I tried to go after. Yes underneath the door the make up a man of 45 years old married for the second time and still something of alert. Not only their work but I have a have a lot of chauvinism I have a lot of womanizing there's a there's a thing about being a man. Which is. Somehow at route at commits to a sexual. Sexual rice's is like reunion committee I mean in the sense that I put upon talking to someone. And I'm thinking about them sexually at some point and then when I started planned store be. The federal it occurred to me had I had a vagina instead of a pianist I would have been much more selective in my. I really with no doubt in my mind.

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{"duration":"2:59","description":"Dec. 9, 1982: The actor talks about crossing the gender line to play Dorothy Michaels.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"49092957","title":"Dustin Hoffman on starring in 'Tootsie'","url":"/Entertainment/video/dustin-hoffman-starring-tootsie-49092957"}