Shawn Johnson on Life after 'DWTS'

Runner-up Shawn Johnson talks dance strategy, life goals.
4:20 | 11/29/12

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Transcript for Shawn Johnson on Life after 'DWTS'
So close but yet no -- ball trophy Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson came in second on Dancing With The Stars all stars. But don't fret for this young lady she has a lot going on and she's here -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- such -- pleasure to have -- -- -- show me congratulations. Bitten -- -- -- what was going through your mind. When you heard who want one. I mean to be honest I tenement at the end and mean going into it malice and so clubs we are basically family and -- and nine everything link on care all the hardware it and and now -- personally how much -- -- to me. I knew it meant the same -- to her so when her -- I think that -- joy and excitement on there faces any pending -- -- -- that I had -- -- and -- and I -- everything out there are. And connect and anything more so you really did I mean you've got up and passed it and took real risks. And the choreography this season lament about that we did -- entity even week one week and decided that this season. We weren't necessarily going to follow the -- -- step by step because. We felt like we can achieve more than and Atlanta really is -- on hand and show people things that they haven't seen afar and take it to a new level off. And even -- that meant sacrificing peace -- -- here and there was worth it testing is. It is having -- you're free style including the -- violence so much on how -- that come about and that's why get panicky about our. From there he said -- under any kind of that it -- my Olympic come back that I didn't get any and what better way to finish it off then. With your teammate and even from that -- thing. The idea that was set thanked me because they're like my sisters I've kind of got an epidemic around them -- nine that they take time out of their scheduled. -- support payment and a lot to me says that you've done so many chances now the but some give a favorite -- one that you feel really. Each and every week pilot back and Mike how I forgot about how much -- lights out that. I I think my first -- and I really light was. Quickstep that we did it was just let me know have beaten. Lightly and we definitely have made a statement that enough following. -- yet. Now I can't believe how -- or twenty years old you've been so much with your life a bar. And you could literally sat on the captured -- by the present -- yet at any game. What is next -- area. I -- questioning -- conditioning -- you and you know. -- career this gymnastics is now on there that working in the health and fitness -- -- -- something and it really. And -- he myself and whether that's you know developing and show we're really trying to work on. Meaning him and -- for that -- and lives. We do like this and oppose the health and fitness I would let out -- and love that and land him someday in you know I want to go to college and city when his house and senate -- and that I've been so involved in that world that if I can continue and -- be. The perfect -- -- of course you've also already published two books your second is still doing. Well tell us about that you want to write Marva. I -- and -- of that. That just came out and is kind of my first chance says -- people of -- -- -- -- -- side that went with my journey for Aaron kept journals and diaries. After at every competition and -- the Olympics and -- that the stars and of course not happening and sharing you know that the lowered times in the -- -- that it went -- -- but. And now I actually happening paper and relate to people -- and -- that side and you know it's it's scary minutes back -- -- kind of and that it's it's a healing process veneer we've gotten it right next door and part that I love about is when he mounts what is the winning balance. I did and and -- them. Canada -- -- -- -- trying to finance that insisted that keeping you know the balance -- everything -- -- mentioning each Huntsman thing. For example at the Olympics and never divided. Everything to the Olympics I had my family in -- school on my friends and you have a little bit of everything going on a Honda Nissan all going on and we're so happy to have had you here today -- thank you.

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{"id":17838824,"title":"Shawn Johnson on Life after 'DWTS'","duration":"4:20","description":"Runner-up Shawn Johnson talks dance strategy, life goals.","url":"/Entertainment/video/dwts-results-shawn-johnson-place-finish-mellisa-rycroft-17838824","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}