Eddie Redmayne's Mind-Blowing New Role

"The Theory of Everything" star talks on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" about what could be his career-making performance.
11:55 | 11/26/14

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Transcript for Eddie Redmayne's Mind-Blowing New Role
See how the men's comes and it's good ties have at Wimbledon women's dress. You know. Why he. With dresses and what's not as cool by the UV night. I don't know. Lance Dawson who won. When they die and me he viewed it. So if we could see the night sky and you know. And almost all of this doesn't just didn't. And for that we would see me. Spectacular. Births and deaths. I reckon. The defendant who. I ask. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn where we tell you all about what's going on it movies and there's a movie now called the theory of everything. It's about Stephen Hawking but it's also about a love story looks about a lot of things. This thing that we're gonna talk about today is the performance of Eddie read Maine as Stephen Hawking because. Well. You've heard the buzz already and now you can see it it's phenomenal. And so it's my pleasure to welcome and thank you so much great to have him yeah. So I'm thinking. You get the word that your playing street hockey yet and it must be like a great thing I'm playing Stephen hunting and then what happens raw panic. Because Yahoo! what would happen having its. Yes what a great opportunity and then one. I'm anti I mean of you what I would I wish I could say it was dissidents. We're not been trauma you know I read the script and I thought it was going to be a biopic of Stephen's life and then what I read was these incredibly. Sort of unique and complicated love story and it is so completely subverted. My expectations. And I thought it was really quite extraordinary. Assassin hunted down as Jill quite odd and I did that thing that. You do when you're applying for a job which is he trying to persuade the people. You might be employing unit you know exactly what you're doing anything definite men and I'm sure the exactly sure exactly but I feel like everyone doesn't whatever job you're incident or net and then. Then you get the Jovan they're like yeah. Some horrid mother when you realize achieve nothing of tribe what kind of waste. So he had the panic was pretty rule it was pretty immediate. And it remained fool the four months of Pratt and then. Two months of filming in and through until Steve. And finally sorts of you know I have to admit myself going into mr. I knew about Steven. But I had no idea he wasn't born with us yeah I never realized today in his life that he had lived. Fairly normally eaten until the diagnosis which he was 21 yeah yeah I mean I've got to say I was. I've had no idea or. And by a rash going to university where Steven teaches at Cambridge. I had seen him across the campus and as a he's silhouettes is so famous and and his voice his son is an iconic and I knew that he had done working to black holes but I really was pretty acres side I did. That was also part of the education is that simple things. Put your not move basically because. It is the disease begins to take coal he loses more and more of that muscle control yet though it's what you do with your eyes. Is very similar to what we see when we looked at Steve. Well he's test but I mean there's so there is that kind of twinkle yeah it's 1000 they went on maxim that was what I. Took away from the offer us meeting was. For someone who can move very few muscles he has. The most expressive face you can in my face really is marvelous charismatic faces that seen and and it's almost all of us facilities that we haven't gesture Aron of tone of voice and of the united he channels all of that expression into those few muscles that he can use. Armed and and Sadat was inching what was amazing about making this on film. Is that the film camera sees that and it can get close and can read the minutia of things in. And hopefully leaves of expression and but when you see when you meet Stephen there's experience this this extraordinary sense of mischief in game. But that was the last thing that I wanted to try and bring two forwards. I want to talk a little bit about working with felicity Jones because I think what's going on there. This is real teamwork he one performances and possible without ties. I mean of a sister misty jones'. An old friend and alum we've both sudden and it'll fit or non uncle the dome a warehouse. I'm when Chico costs in this it was so wonderful and as it was it sense of friendship and I trust there already and everything you say. About it being teamwork it really was nothing when you meets people suffering from mass and that carries. When you physically can't these things it's like you Carol almost becomes an extension of their bodies of the jet Kristi describes it is. It's almost like it's they're at don'ts partnership. I'm their amazing this footage of Stephen and Jane when he's sit in the eighties and he's in the way of Karen. And you'll see his head Charles and Jane might even be looking and should just be talking someone else and gently placing his head back in and this in a sixth sense this amazing. Dots between them was really important it was something that we worked on an Austin unfinished d.s just. Ice breathtaking film and asserting entertain is. Less of a public figure than Stephen. A formidable woman in her own rights and has extraordinary has a very different characteristics of a riding she's very some fanatic way of moving she has a very. Unique voice and I'm finished inside a rigorous for capturing an old I would think there's. They've been the two most important critics of this when you would be Jane Stephen Stills watt was the reaction. When one of them so he owns the copyright to his voice. We Tuesday and synthesized session of his voice out approximation. Off to seeing the film he gave his his voice my name Steve Hawley. That for me was the most wonderful things he's been site kind as his Jane. If Grady has meant that the world so a black desk to. Did you do BS but the channel I did yet by day idea. The Jamaica got a very I've made a fool of myself obviously I did it with my pal Jamie Dornan views oh thanks Allan Houston who. It was his wife many filmed it and the ad assessment times for us has been. Just so wonderful because this disease has been around Fasano and they really struggling to get any closer to finding a cure and that created awareness it creates an awareness. What you bring up you make Jamie doing this you know one of your government spending to convert back to yes Anderson is a played him he didn't need to do indeed so what happens to you. Do you deal watchers think yeah. I'm assuming you had to watch that I had this formidable Adams directed by out friend and I haven't seen it when Mazzone. And I thought you know cost U I watched him. I know myself what an Austin I would just try to steal back some I've got to have watched it yet trying to get the route. Beyond. The process of talking about it and and I widow. What should that happen you will watch stuff out that yeah that's. Rise to a definitely well you know he has that fan base yet come ridiculous yeah yeah. He does and I don't know what they do that there hostile sensitive. I think it hosts I think that pretty supports children aren't they but this. Couple of big pitches some kind of there's something. At that event you have even worse because viewers are now the written media yet but they will they when named I think in I think they would named Molly in relation to. To bad to Benedict because they were alive but a journalist sent Ben's got things going get them buying and now Chris and you'll some social best self name but by him. That there aren't enough he could if he had to adverse forces such. But let's talk a little bit about Lee Missouri. Yeah when you're crossing lines that we were arresting nine it was its terror you know was term what was terrified because what was we it is if you came to the senate because we have these sweetie if pieces. With just a piano playing into that he came to say you we just had nothing but silence and just. Randomly one person singing you know on a company and but the great thing about it being films. You could try again screwed out. Well in terms of that I read somewhere and it's just I have to ask you it's true. That you were doing a movie that I saw and you son probably no one else cult hit that's true yeah yeah yeah. And which you were elected Texas. Medicaid had to file yup that's fair that's fat that spying on and that that was wins you've got. The call or that you could audition for those who divisive. I knew they were making this film I've worked with Tom before on a ten advertisers Elizabeth and so I was in a field and in north. Have are our food no. And the North Carolina Rula. And dresses attacks in the attic he foe. Allies in my trade and to our base he recorded on my life slightly show the question of me trying to sing that song and it that Mars is so. And I'm by it was sent so what entitlements you made this film's violent. And then Tom's of sorts and then we went through quite a rigorous. Audition process that ended up being like sort of the voices who didn't like his and of horrible American Idol style. Some seven people behind a panel and this grading exists listening instead of scrutinizing. Now it's it did it started off the field and in North Carolina with a at a quite I think I was wearing us. Stents and those. Well you know I don't know because you don't live here you that in London via this is what it is but the show always ends and song. Dozens now it doesn't ready you know food mainly into the tea leaf that happy when everything everybody with it now I heard this I wasn't going to ask you to do anything from his elbow. I heard that you really wanted to plague of Ross wants and numb your part. And Mitchell because you write this preacher here this my last night after this is it we're looking at this. Quivering and send it back Hitler. I want to correct me is that they want to go away into the horizon late in. Auditioned holiday bills to pay he's been. It's not easy if I scored in the matter what evidence that they could have done a long line. Or I ever wanted to do how do you do you mind names got rushed. These Obama people his might patch know much to look at nothing much nothing that you cool up to scratch. He sees the school high society here in the slums of cite me shadow. We live on problems of humble I've seen tough on the T well well L think he Opel speak to a free followed made. You shouldn't. I don't think I've got Danica an -- welcome I welcome and next time it kinda scary how well you knew were all on I mean I told you I knew on the field generator and plan really wanted to. Any whatever ours went up on all year I wanna like I read maniac after that every. Simon Says if you.

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