Elizabeth Hurley Speaks Out as a Global Ambassador for Breast Cancer

The Estee Lauder Companies launches their annual breast cancer awareness campaign
6:20 | 10/02/13

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Transcript for Elizabeth Hurley Speaks Out as a Global Ambassador for Breast Cancer
Since the age of 29 she has been associated with Estee Lauder Elizabeth Hurley sorted out as a model. And now she has a new role. As global ambassador for their breast cancer awareness campaign and we were lucky enough that she would stop by today to talk a little about the significance of this message thank you for stopping by. -- -- because this cause this message is so critically important to so many men and women. It is it's it's a disease that doesn't discriminate at -- -- that he worldwide. I knew if -- anybody. -- -- haven't been touched by breast cancer in some way when the neighbor co work her mom or -- it seems that all of us. You are -- on him a novel. Incidents of breast comes close to us -- -- responsibilities as -- global investor because obviously your face your body your image has been so closely linked Estee Lauder over the years. What -- my based on working for them I've been linked this well. Nineteen years ago I thought -- with a possible as the model and I was -- ads for the queen's fragrances and makeup. I'm right then and that and then go to Jacksonville has built from all. Said after stunning new campaign would you -- And I -- of course tell me about it and she says it's -- -- breast cancer when this campaign. And it. But tell me about it I just lost my grandmother to breast comes and so something which is very console off I didn't understand what the campaign -- is in nineteen years ago. And he said Elizabeth women around the world and dying. And no one is talking about it and I want to change that. And I realize now and nineteen years -- she did change it. She did change it when -- -- a young woman now in the twenty's that it no world pink ribbon but in my twenty's didn't exist. Says it's it's a really interesting because honestly it really has become a part of our culture it has and I'm and evidence saying to me back then. I'm so inspired by the aids activists. They they getting this -- to -- out they have. But we're -- read it talks about Norris told me about women but one in eight women are dying -- -- -- in eight women. Will be Duncan is the press counts in the lifetime we need to talk about it and she succeeded in look at -- Look at us now it's -- AV magazine -- up its -- if we talk -- people are really talking about it and treatments have improved so much -- good is being done. That we now know we need to close enough. And get to the end it. In -- -- it wildly successful over 48 million dollars have been raised by this BCA campaign. Any unit -- talk about this a little bit earlier on in that how do you keep the message relevant how you continue to educate. I think younger men and women -- in in understanding the urgency of this. What I find is someone I think who you know I'm getting again -- -- TV -- -- -- -- -- table but I realize that's. Crossing about myself I know of in the -- -- Paul from -- hundreds of women -- met around the world who have being treated some of whom haven't survived -- who have met through the campaign. This three people in my past life. You've been very badly affected by breast cancer in the intervening years since I was last -- lost -- -- I would mind betting that almost everybody watching today news somebody. Right now. He's battling breast cancer or they might need someone -- lost their lives -- press comes up so it's they say relevance and -- mind. Because right now there is no cure for breast comes even though we -- That effect -- found the it's 90%. Curable. If it's found and that's -- always been on message for the last 21 news. Detection saves lives and that's been part of -- awareness campaign. Education detection obviously critical parts the success of that. One of the of the things -- wrote about this campaign is the view that you're stronger together. Then working alone and I want to take a look at at part of the campaign. We -- stronger together when we raise awareness about her problems and they're not afraid of death was stronger together when we use each other. Our strength in numbers but it's the big thing because. It's all one big -- -- Well you know what if you talk to anybody he's going through breast cancer. They were hopeful talk about the people to help them they'll talk about a friend came to -- The for in the confessional and the friend that did the groceries cook the kids to support is what gets people -- it really as much as the treatment. And that's what we're trying to build the support -- -- who have been -- -- yet I do want to be. Say that's about the -- -- strength of the rest of the company's press comes to wends its comeuppance is about forming groups now to start to be proactive. About these things and to really encourage continue group. To get mammograms annually at the age of forty to check -- and breasts monthly -- talk about -- November especially checked their breast. Every moment they've -- the forty. And -- on the healthy lifestyle and most importantly. Congress the money. S -- has an entire -- -- has been connected to that pink ribbon campaign you have a particular product for the proceeds. 100% of the sale of the -- -- do towards this this is my favorite is called the Evan dream. It's often have been -- it's it's up. It's up talking compact -- my favorite -- the happening which is a coincidence it's cool pledges. It's just found the fifty bucks and still eligible to donate the whole. Of the retail price to the breast cancer research found wow so you couldn't unit and by the way. It costs fifty dollars and to have a recent scientist working in the -- finding cures for one hour of research you five fragrance and you -- of recent. It's it's -- what a great I mean it's a great pride into on the fact that all 100% of the proceeds going directly towards the research it's great. -- -- -- of the fragrance smells great. -- -- I don't illustrated in 1995 aboard it every day since at best it is it is fantastic and we certainly appreciate you stopping by pensioners and of the work that you -- it was apparently thank you so much thank you.

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{"id":20452829,"title":"Elizabeth Hurley Speaks Out as a Global Ambassador for Breast Cancer","duration":"6:20","description":"The Estee Lauder Companies launches their annual breast cancer awareness campaign","url":"/Entertainment/video/elizabeth-hurley-speaks-global-ambassador-breast-cancer-20452829","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}