Entrepreneurs Find Success Fresh Out of the 'Shark Tank'

Act 1: Since appearing on the ABC show, business expanded for the Lollacup and Simple Sugars.
8:01 | 05/03/14

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Transcript for Entrepreneurs Find Success Fresh Out of the 'Shark Tank'
Narrator: Tonight, "Shark tank" takes you swimming with sharks. The hit show that's proven American ingenuity is alive and well. That's not all they do. They fold in half. Surprising updates with your favorite entrepreneurs... It's time for some ribs! What's up?! Narrator: ...Money made... We have over $2.5 million in sales. ...Lives changed. I can give my mom a full-time job. Narrator: From the family garage to titanic-size new factories. Greiner: This is so huge! From tyke tycoons... Hi. I'm Ryan. And I'm 11. ...To business buffoons... I had the clown community criticize me online. What?! Narrator: ...And the big catch that got away. The answer's no. Narrator: No deal? No problem. Wait until you see what this guy did after "Shark tank." And what happens when business gets personal? 'Cause you're a son of a bitch! You're a real It's Barbara's breaking point. That almost made me think about quitting "Shark tank" that day. Narrator: Plus, for the very first time, the most successful entrepreneur in "Shark tank" history is revealed. Go from zero to a millionaire in the "Shark tank." Ya-hoo! Narrator: Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water, it's "Shark tank: Swimming with sharks." Come to papa. The good part of "Shark tank" is, it's like a shot in the arm. Aah! Our website exploded. It's pure adrenaline, baby. $10 to $12 million revenue. It is like the rocket to the moon, Alice. Oh, my god! It takes your company -- boom! Hyah! Yeah! We have a deal! Ooh-whee! Narrator: America's biggest dreamers are risking it all to swim with the sharks... Who have gone from titans of the boardroom to fixtures on the red carpet. It's "Shark tank," "Shark tank" every living moment of my life, but I feel very popular. I mean, as boring businesspeople, this is it. We are the Mick jaggers of the business world. Narrator: Last season, producers had to fish through some 35,000 entrepreneur submissions -- so many people inspired by the show trying to dive into the tank. So many families watch it together. I hear all the time, "Oh, my 9-year-old, you know, she loves to talk about valuations now." Narrator: And while kids like to watch, quite often they're also the inspiration behind inventions, like lollacup. My name is mark Lim, and we were on season three of "Shark tank," and we sell the lollacup. And I'm Hanna Lim. I'm mark's wife and business partner. The inspiration for lollacup, it's -- it's sort of cliché, but it really was from my children. Lollacup's weighted straw keeps it in the liquids, so children can actually drink even when the cup is tilted. Luckily, we got two sharks, Robert herjavec and mark Cuban. I invested with them 'cause they're smart. They're aggressive. They do as best you can of balancing home and family and work, and they've done a good job at it. Life before "Shark tank" was helter-skelter. He said, "This is how it starts, "And we're gonna bring it into our home and our garage and do it all by hand." The house was basically a makeshift factory. It was a disaster every night, and you'd have to clean up for the kids and put it back all out when they went to bed. Narrator: Less than a year after appearing on "Shark tank," mark and Hanna were able to move production from their garage into a warehouse... This is our newest item. It's the lollaland mealtime set. ...And move their family from a modest rental into a five-bedroom, million-dollar dream home. And it's not just their business and square footage that's expanding. Ever since being on "Shark tank," you know, we thought, "Now our life is -- is gonna be 100% dedicated to our business." Of course we had our two daughters at the time. And then we sort of got surprised by finding out I was pregnant. We have a house full of a lot of estrogen. Three girls, and it's been great. Thankfully, I speak perfect princess, so... ...It's totally okay. Boop, Boop, Boop. Herjavec: I think people with deeper roots always find a way 'cause there's more meaning to their success. Buying a nicer car isn't as powerful as taking care of my children. Narrator: Sometimes kids are more than just the inspiration. Sometimes these little guppies are brave enough to dive into the tank and become... The boss. My name is Lani Lazzari, my company is simple sugars, and I was on season four of "Shark tank." Simple sugars products are all-natural sugar scrubs. Since infancy, I've suffered from horrible eczema. As a determined 11-year-old, I started doing research and got to work creating the product I was looking for. I'm willing to invest $100,000. I would love to accept your offer. Cuban: Lani's a beast. Yeah, she -- she's certainly not a kid. Narrator: But at 20 years old, while she still can't rent a car or buy a drink... Hi, everyone. Narrator: ...As C.E.O. Of her own company, she can and does call the shots. I wanted to go over these sales Numbers with you. We saw an extreme expansion in our business overnight. We went from getting about 1,000 orders in a few months to getting 10,000 orders in one night, so it was absolutely insane growth. Want to make sure you put the scrub in the insert. Simple sugars has grown to the point where I can give my mom a full-time job and also a job to my grandmother. And we'll put it out by the door there. Narrator: Before "Shark tank," Lani's business took in $88,000 a year in sales, but after "Shark tank"... We finished out 2013 with $2.1 million in sales. Narrator: With lots of money in the bank, Lani is ditching her '96 chevy and commissioning a custom-designed, pink simple sugars mobile. Okay. And things got even better recently when Lani presented her business partner with a hefty check. Hey, Lani. Cuban: Hey. Hey. Thanks for coming out. Oh, my pleasure. It's a big day. So we have a check for $200,000. That's amazing. Congratulations. This return on my investment -- twice what my investment is, right? How much did you get to put into your pocket? About $339,000. And how old are you? 20. That is not bad. Just turned 20. That is not bad at all. Coming up... There's blood in the water. It's a big mistake to With me on this one. Are you -- are you threatening me? Narrator: But how heated does it really get? It's real money at stake. It's big egos at stake. Narrator: And updates from some of E most popular deals from all five seasons from ribs to rufflebutts. And shark got your tongue? My company is, uh... Narrator: The worst pitches... Don't worry. It's only your biggest moment in your life. ...Ever. It was horrible! But first, what do the sharks really think of Mr. Wonderful? You're dead to me when you say no to my deal. Kevin's a rude guy. Why are you such a greedy pig? You can color it any way you want. You can him "Mr. Honest," "Mr. Bah." He's just a rude guy. When you walk out of here, I won't even think of you again. I want you to know that.yes, you will. No, I won't. Every time you see graffiti -- you are dead to me, you are dead to me! Every time you see graffiti on a sign -- you are dead to me! A lot of people think he's a jerk. I have still insisted that there's some mushy, soft, little Nice place inside that I keep insisting I'll find. I should be beating you with a stick for making the mistake you've made. Mr. Wonderful? He's a pushover. When his wife walks onto that set, he's shaking at the knees. And he just wants to burn down bingo halls, trip old ladies, and foreclose on orphanages on his day off. The menu looks like crap. The logos are crap. The whole thing's crap. Is crap the brand?

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{"duration":"8:01","description":"Act 1: Since appearing on the ABC show, business expanded for the Lollacup and Simple Sugars.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"23577096","title":"Entrepreneurs Find Success Fresh Out of the 'Shark Tank'","url":"/Entertainment/video/entrepreneurs-find-success-fresh-shark-tank-23577096"}