Erika Alexander discusses her role in Hulu’s series ‘Wu-Tang: An American Saga’

The actress talks “Wu-Tang,” “Black Lightning” and more.
24:28 | 08/12/19

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Transcript for Erika Alexander discusses her role in Hulu’s series ‘Wu-Tang: An American Saga’
It can't just million ABC radio and once again I'm always very excited top two amazing talent today it's no different I have the very lovely talented. Comparable. Erika Alexander how he is very nice to be appreciate act and of that and build it then slow it and loading its. What with whom you know meekly EU your so amazing so I mean it's well deserter think he appreciated. Would be here yes and today we are talking about something I'm very excited for your little theory is yeah it's hanging. Roots saying America's side he hasn't what are the that I here and now I'm at. Yet as and that comes out of Denver for a that there Arafat's own. Known Julio are very excited about it because we filmed the whole thing in Staten Island and no big deal because obviously that's where they come from so it's a big New York. It is and it definitely represented for hip hop and I'm very excited talk about your character partly because she is that's a pivotal part. Of how of the inception of blue tank she you play reserves. Ended today and I Diggs yes. Dicks is. A woman of her timing in in it we have to remember with the late eighties and nineties were all about. Armed that we were dealing as a nation especially in our communities a lot of drugs. And joblessness and things like satin sheet in real life Linda digs the real real Linda Dix had eleven children. Only four represented in the series end to a one of them is our famous risen. Who wrote and is executive producer of the series along with his partner Alex say. And met that man is one of the get to producers and along with and Frazier. And then you also have her son divine. Was in the series eight ivy creek I'd like to Martinez. And he was a brought with no time doing network and that she'll sing times of the amazing actors get disease Sadiq Saunders and in the air playing in this leave at. Is only Greeks he's my daughter. And I do I just it's just a great cast yeah. Well well first off how much do you know about Linda did art to actually shooting the Ceres I'm sure you got the full history from her sign in the family. And I also read that unique kind of had to be added to some capacity which I can imagine would look nerve wracking in and and that's annual I don't know I was. Embedded yes I did have to be vetted I I turns out that when I didn't net result on the other side of the cast you know what's we're here. Sit sorry to move the gloom longer cashed you sit them. All live in my Brothers and sisters OK he. I'm glad I didn't know that because your dollar in England one moment I was like how the members of the sisters and another mold as like. They all said okay. You know and that's it would be illegal re. Beautiful thing that they can give you to see you remind us of media us of your our mother and cheese is he just kept saying she was light with light. And I thought how noticing him accompanied. A ink Saddam light event since he's with the light in the room. An outlet OK let's do this and so I asked and as you know you children want to see. Social me. Only want them to know because he went who huge. To bring you to this moment to so I had a great time doing it but you know. Damn they're learning lines from the U you know they're reading lines as members agent for me that's my town you know and at the same time I was on cost Asia opened things coming out. And you know when tribe called quest all these new groove for an you know hip hop with six loading from me this is sort of Manning's sore back in the days my life. I mean it has. In almost Oden knowledge it. Be in this basin into kind of reminisce about where you Wear when this was really happening in an obviously here that. Glorious music and who and then kind of Rollins had that. What the most I guess you can say most surprising part of filming the series are the most eye opening thing for you because again. Really getting 88 deep dive into the history Indian section of route ten was nine people that there be no I mean you eaten all the effort that amount and yes you know all that contestant Doug. Love then you know obviously the music. But to really learn like how this all came about in the struggle that journey. Iconic hip hop group Nokia and as you hit right on the net it's exactly it that was the most amazing thing to find out is that these groups. These people who had created pathologies and also alternative universe is in names for themselves. We come back to the core of who they are. Is shocked at the type of circumstances in and the types of situations they were dealing. When you find out about. Ghost face killer is his name is Dennis by Sadiq Saunders who is taking care both of his. This keyboard mouse others in his mother and fortune was addicted. Two was it you know and in all addiction. They were all children. And he would come Holmes oh to take care of them. XD you know we know vehement ghost he's killing he's Wenzel saying we don't have risen as has met with a we're dealing with Mary Hart. Of questions in the life of forget just you existential problems with survival. And you can't it's hard to thrive in that they owned away. Who art rooms the making its waste to two. Discipline themselves to create a group that was beyond just a group of just 913 members look at have a big group. Also a mythology they decided to create around it shall lean on home being held the hope piper sinners. Things that they we're you know in hired by some really. I admired him. Because it takes a lot of will power for teenagers to decide to change their there. Their way. And again we're regular installments on the series and so excited that it's coming so soon in the in the that your part of it. You know we talked about some animals eye opening thing but what I'm to be the most challenging mean obvious the year veteran I mean that we know this woman you you've just seen guarantee Manny Manny Diaz after got decade of Dunwoody tour at. And then I guess some of them and that's. Through today. Don't be challenging for anybody for thing is not done very often. There's a lot of new productions now this New York has incentives built in you know a lot of its opponent. Now south Oakley to Toronto went to Canada but now it's back in New York. I'll novels people who are very experience. Were busy on others show so we can't do it who together they have defined at least issued they wanted to be in Staten Island has a mind to make sure it'd that. Kind of in common that in the the any sort of position of the show or. Money went to that community community gave in the district Industrie easily of the shopping district and the rooting eat there. That they wanted to make sure they filmed there well that's a big deal when you talk a Brooklyn in New York Manhattan. Born Connecticut coming from New Jersey shoot in Staten Island so even perhaps it was a big deal it was hard because it was winter. You. I mean I can only imagine how atlas to Nat Magee do with those elements at this time and the witches and a little joke not Q. After the Teamsters who major that we got where we were going and our crew members who worked really hard in. And sacrifice of all the people who came the out toward. Extra casting or they wondered. The only. Out you know you mentioned some of the the wonderful people that you at a team needs it to work with on this project. The names I I would list I could damage the young cats who. Working with this particular set of people in the act like they're so talented in her own right allow them have done projects we've seen them on the big screen. How would come together I almost imagine you kind of be like the big sister on sat in Canada right Maggie young was I. Of the Dutch as the grand Dutch laws of the set those kind of weird because that my whole life has been the youngest wants it. And I realize that it transferred very easily into being. You know. The person who let you say the veteran. And dumb I've been in this business for 36 years since I was fourteen. Insult I've ever done and now I understand what they're going through understand the type of pressure if they'll have. Com. They can't quite understand. That the transition from you've been. Film to video is a big deal and school faster now the east to go lots lower east have a lot less speaks. Army could make is many mistakes and he didn't have that kind of time. Licensing mistakes been there was little less rehearsal because you just have to back up the pressure was a lot more back in the day but right now because their lives are so. Wield the other things that they have to complete grew to national Sanders coming from filming you know native son in an all the other things in the years legacy at the news. You guys are acting as in he's doing network. On Broadway. And you know there also would hearing and all that stuff I didn't give him props for all of that we didn't come to sit wits with. Own king with our arts. Alliance in it was easier to be of Stanley Johnson you talk to each other. And to school often just. You know. I think it that's what's missing ultimately not just you know. This it was we had a great camaraderie we had a lot of fun because I'm older than them. I just keep dim ridiculously I was you know what is only thought she was 90% Nigerian. Found out I said Michael chick that Ancestry.Com and get pushed Devlin was 2% like 2% milk. You know is like having fun like that messing with them because you know I'm. I'm have a plan but the truth is a taught me a lot you know remind you what it is to be young and be excited about something. And down I just love there how mixed with the openness in the news. Me to excellence. Only. And include EU but on some excellence that's right your career and I. I can't ever you know. Ex pressed how much I loved your character on living thing I mean every time and on the sixteenth at that says the outlook. She. Got tickle me. That and so I am here is now looking at DO time apple. This series was an unpack your character with at that particular time I'm sure now that people constantly tell you but at that particular time is eight that you were in plain is icon here did you even now. How any no idea. No idea. And in in and how could you I was coming from having spent two years on the the show in the world that Cosby show. I knew the impact that head because it had an impact in my life before I got to be. Series of regular there instantly I was doing issue it really had no place in the world it was brand new no when who do we work. There we were in Los Angeles. And so for. Six new cast members with creating something new and a whole cloth and busy that legions of new show runner. Elise for creating her own children's for so she created the of what you children. Com there we were all do when it. And no idea in fact I didn't. I wanted to do a differential was called mantis. It audition for two. There and mantis with one of them and it was a Rainey Rogers that we're doing and I can get it to elude outlooks I thought I was going to be black Louis lane at the it got picked up but he didn't go in your I was due. I would if you did I thought I was taking. Like all got okay album do these. Had no idea what it would be I'm. Let even while we're doing it in while in in the duration and who was popular knew that when Tom Joyner started talking about it making sure that we got. Fifth season. At it head. It had some resonance. Let you know we had to grow out of those those roles and eat much older than five years older see how resonated with young people where rowing at Dana also. A new young people found it now so when I meet Stacy Abrams America most people I admire and AC I would. I became a lawyer I was influenced. Please know that there's so much more capsule and you know I think that's definitely something that they wonder how can be you began to notice is so many people were armed talking about. There's all these amazing types of powerful positions of people. Platforms that are important to how people think creation of not only. Immunities of the nation's world culture that we. 13% of this African American died asked era and weeks seem to happy a logical. You know but we need more dialogue. People understand without their born how difficult it is excel so they can do better because I don't think the end is and how to obedience and the types of I'm practical shipments of sits have it would be great to have those subsidies. Out when you first came into the industry in obviously you're still in. Now in driving. Have you seen really dramatic change or do you still feel like. There's been changes but literally where we're really not where we should be me what are your thoughts on how far we. The point you start. Will people call it a Renaissance and I color resurrection. I don't think of these events I think we were doing really well imagine how much. Billions of how many billions of dollars shields with black capitol complex knows my cast. We're making on family matters to. S prince to living single to Martan to. New York undercover. All these meetings in Indy just a sigh. Around 2000. Act an act of sort of being too old it's and we all. Property in and and no programming from there is a when I mean this service. Is being need to. Now because of this entering. Of you know media and everybody just trying to grab for every market an everything that's important especially. You know black people in. Don't like me in. They start train. People are realizing how powerfully influential more Orton the branding in the marketing. Shame on them that they did note there and continued picking know how much further we'd be. How many different show runners beside China rhymes could come through had to wait for shot crimes come due to create. You know how did you two we with murder and you know with scandal and when people say Gary Washington was Ers are. Yes you know dined Carol to do a one hour stubbornly choose Jada Pinkett did when with the show that she did nursing I was try to include that. To the point of on network or major network that is true that's its debts unacceptable. And what ever happened like that again because what media's become that's what I think how far we've come this weakens you go back we see that at worst. I must say with the administration we're dealing with now at any point you can have. Or forward progress and you could have act instead it. Which used forty years because people do not like change and oneness a where they are. What they change is not there would there's no change people always been in the forefront. Creation of culture and only in America but the world was they had nothing to stop us now how we got hold the narrative. And wickedness. I appreciate those words are so strong and powerful. Now in and talking about the longevity of legal theories and just talk asked him if there. Now of course you know we knew instantly it shows contact with Ascap I know. An example living single women I was I had Alley marriage off of me now only a half Metallica had gone out and perhaps that would be nice now and fortunately you know what happens. You must six A at this instant of the businesses that you do you have a very intense. Com you know experience that people and then they are gold their own way. We're all part of a carnival in the circuits that you get a chance to make magic or ate something in you went to get the result. You've got to go and you've got to. You know earn a living at a two delights on and you often don't live in the places that you make those. That was shows so we are all in Los Angeles thing you know he went on to do her thing with labor unions. Also do more movies and television and to colds is a comedian so she travels a lot she's on the roads in which on Hinton. TC Carstens a fantastic singer he's singing jazz all over the world. That type of thing in Cannes film does it of among them director she was living in Atlanta now she's in Denver. And also begin to catch each other we can renowned that we get a thread going since they. Owns half of the threads it is the most hysterical thread you've ever seen us talking back and forth at eight I think if we can just. Published that it would get a kick out of it. As the reunion waiting for Seguin to me how we talk now when we lap right now and end the chemistry its deal abide. But I might like to see we together more but we don't but Kim Coles and I did so obvious that chronicles that we went out on YouTube and we put it out and people and was great went viral that was nice and we need I'm trying to make more time to work together so I'm actually readings show chemicals in peace he arson. Our party been out Carson Coles and about their life after life at a after sit company in real life live together. You know just making ends meet that type ink so it received we can make that pop. I hopes we don't level of care or did you guys together only. At that bag and a goalie with a spirited them yes I'm open you know people sell usually Angel back as it would be nice what about the candidates and cast. Something different. Because in a way you don't. Because we've. We moved on life with a different need to get different heart aches and heart rate and financial situations. I bring to bring to bear all that new information almost one in new Lansky. Yeah now an and I and I have to asses too because you know. Bill Burke for me you know the congress it was such an iconic show and I and I so you know cats and they'll enjoy that. Episodes or what not yet. Did you talk I know there was so much going on with all the happen now can't be did you did you ever connect with any of the cast and just off or having no I I'm. Just show very late lemon last two years so and awaited am I see the number regular on the show but I really didn't have. Position that they have our you know have that kind of dialogue going on low that hadn't happened in maybe that's a good thing as. I am their experience of him is wholly different. City of anyone else's and and know when she tried to create what dates variants. To be young people want to chill is real for them. And it's spike anything that's happened. For people outside heart us and sing for me. To look at at and say listen this man gave me and Creighton had ample opportunity. To I'll always grateful for there's no doubt about it. What can't deny that you know my mama to water my mother and my sister both domestic rate. It's real women talk about it into need to hear them it is a matter who they're talking about we need to make sure that we're. You're listening is opening. House need to believe and hoping for fairness around how we get to those answers. It I believe women I work hard for them it was Hillary Clinton's most traveled surrogate go around to these eight women and children an advocate in in an activist. And that's why I am. Com and it has everything to do with what I do is an artist also everything to bring to be Arab lap be as a human. I answered to myself yen and that's definitely we understand act. You know again. Let you know moving on to our. Also I have to mention. Black lightning is returning will we see you have not been called yet I got nominated for NAACP so we'll see. Now that it's fun I expect yeah your your insight there how grandma yeah yeah. In a working retire McClain was so wonderful she's in. She's a fantastic actors a very powerful whole cast was wonderful but I lost my time with her I would love to continue that relationship. Let again I mean it was on their street are two who will retain and I have to say that I had occurred at the type of career that I look back and say I worked in science fiction and work in. On comedy ever in trauma worked in film television gone around the world with the royal Shakespeare theater don't six please that the public. I've gotten the opportunity podcast. At all sorts of things and I'm just grateful. That you know it's it's it's 'cause sometimes when you. We kind of complain when your in an artist. Get frustrated because of the lack of opportunity. Because you have to recreate yourself all the time in our news you'll sets to make ends meet and also eat house and home. Leftist red do we have written graphic novel. I can park you know trust we'll ask me just an off the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series tiles. That. Tom Omer writer I'm a producer. It to talk to you creators all the time who are healthier eating things in partner on dim wits out. I'm really happy and so this whole wooten feigned its would have little to me because I think risen. You know win in and I did audition for the Ruble nose people know. It was a very simple and lovely audition thinking new combing the room landless. Next life. That's the difference is now the executives and people in positions like that who are creating things. No you Reza meeting knows what they know would it mean when you walk into the room wherever that is they're able to bring to bear signal and now. Be great to Wear with air and you know and you know and that's lovely. Always moving yourself all the time because iPad two myself in so many different you know. I'll platforms. I'm singing and acting more powerful performer for. Well aware that we can't wait it is apple it's gonna come very soon September for a seven to reload whooped her. Angle well Aaron it was such a pleasure to talk it today talked Hutu and thank you so much for all that you doing he's really beautiful the I think. Young black women are the key to. Can. And I think we always vote for the village and we do what's right see how hard we work your part of that and this woman think people hold me down you're so beautiful. Of course anytime our island woman nominated people on the tell you right now though I would not support Yankee America Africa then by ABC radio to talk to little old me can't his client. Signing off please. Tamba fourth Lou watch it it's great. Tang American saga.

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