'Not Fade Away' Director David Chase's Departure From Crime Genre

David Chase and Bella Heathcote discuss their new film "Not Fade Away."
7:15 | 01/25/13

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Transcript for 'Not Fade Away' Director David Chase's Departure From Crime Genre
This -- them college 2000 nausea full. As people live longer handing me. Political. Looks like he just got a devoted -- -- He killed himself an -- to a six days a week plus Friday until nine. But that's the rise since. This is what you do. When you're showing it to people that you've worked with on The Sopranos like you have Steven Van -- doing their musical -- -- musical supervisor on the movie or James Gandolfini what they say. When you -- -- did they ever say this is it or did they say you should go more into. The crime shocked. Everybody -- -- is that I should go into the grinder on her wanted to do psychological thriller in everybody Stephen especially. Said don't do this. And -- I shouldn't get out of my head and so I can't. I kept -- you know I think part of it was the idea that it's called not fade away and I think part of it wasn't the result had to do then. Was that. Keith Richards -- fallen that coconut tree you know and I begin to realize that those. Kids. Who -- made that music. A lot of them were already gone they orient faded away and they're going to keep fading away. And I wanted to make this movie about that people -- the that the musical and and I thought about going to -- door will be gone soon will be. And yet someone persuaded to not not to do that. You been directed buying. Tim -- Induction and by David Chase and -- and exactly like -- could you tell the difference. Bite benefits that hear them and it. And. -- feel like. Instead -- I always felt like I had a safety net -- sets and tens of my performance. I felt. Like you as always. Watching out for that both all the -- house. And with teams production you know his look bigger -- wasn't quite -- -- -- and I knew that he always pads and us officials. You know and I'm -- -- obviously not for the phones as well but I never felt quite quite -- -- That was -- much difference -- At this thing when you -- say. When she's talking about feeling bad is that a sense of you can try anything and if -- just get screwed up and -- list. You what to say it took me aside and you decide to make things makes sense and that such a right it's a site comforting tonight it you've got someone. At the -- they can say that but. As opposed to you talking to -- and directing her in this movie when you work with somebody like James Gandolfini who you work with so long. He give you a harder time on the set of not fade away then these guys would do. He question the only question -- a couple of times what was about hat that he had to Wear. -- -- -- the one. It will lead and -- that we can't work. For that it really did their ridiculous. But we had another that waiting rulings. But now he was who. -- The Sopranos we were talking a lot you know. He was doing Tony and I was. To do I was so we we kind of drifted we would deny that many one on one conversations during a little in the last season so. And we didn't really communicate between. Then and now. And it was really good to get back back for me it was good to get back together again and and even kind of just you back there working together it was great he he you know he that your director and by the way one thing before sending of that and if the to a direct. I really didn't. She says I was always there's a safety -- but I -- I never thought she was having any kind of doubt -- moment and I never saw anything but truth honestly. But with him. It was just great to be back there again. -- -- -- -- A bat and -- able to do it again. So what was your -- last moment -- stated on this. Not for. What was that could -- moment. Arraignments this Friday resentment -- -- some pop. Which I remember I remembered exactly it is -- England where. She forgot to sick about it. -- In -- she came running backs. That's just you for. She was off she had to go dark shadows. Unlike the -- rushing rushing rushing that we had a hard day that I would guess who we came back -- came back and did some you know language but a few months later we had to -- for -- -- And I kept -- Plymouth. Let this happen to Joyce and Beckett tonight that that was actually came back. If you forgot that you came running back at us and we have been. Never forget -- fifty that's that's quite called sweet story. And who says chauvinism has no part in many people think but he does not gonna go along -- that well these show. Always ends in song. In song. Well. I work -- Rolling Stone so. It's it it makes sense that the last thing I think -- David I I -- now -- I asked him to and he gave me he actually told me what. He's forgetting -- now. But it is etched in -- it -- in your memory just like this no good -- but that he saying in his basement where the band never came out. The Righteous Brothers. I kept thinking of had been Rolling Stones something else that we -- in the movie but it was the righteous. And it moved that was live edition please that was the addition things that can do a little bit but look at it. Yeah. Did it where he would but I wasn't on camera exactly yeah -- -- -- the Righteous Brothers. I'm. I'm going to play it down here. Even though he didn't think that's pretty thank you both thank you -- and best of thank you thank you. He did it when you know my guys. You've lost that loan. But it and it do I -- I think that baritone thing that was kind of.

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{"id":18314004,"title":"'Not Fade Away' Director David Chase's Departure From Crime Genre","duration":"7:15","description":"David Chase and Bella Heathcote discuss their new film \"Not Fade Away.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/fade-director-david-chase-bella-heathcote-interview-departure-18314004","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}