O-T Fagbenle dishes on his role in 'Handmaid's Tale'

The actor discusses the latest season of the series.
23:49 | 07/01/19

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Transcript for O-T Fagbenle dishes on his role in 'Handmaid's Tale'
It's Candice Williams ABC radio L and I am. Very very excited today because I had an amazing talented act or sitting right across for me. Is all the way from across I know he's looking behind him but he knows I'm talking about him. I'll hallway from across the pond but yet he is here to talk about this. Which I watched diligently because I think it is literally what we're experiencing now in some sort. Probably like other. Old T he. Tagged and tagged as she saved name right because I don't do this about twenty I've made it to make sure we had a court Ratner Natalie thank you. And haven't mentioned I am so happy to have you because I met you watcher series and I'm all caught up on I think give too much when for those of you still getting into season three. But. Little. Gone. He has led to a hammonds and I think I've probably got the U zero under the deal combat that some ladies and his. And from my understanding the book which is this is based on. You don't look at season two was the end of that so this is really. Apart though kind of the narrative that is as you know the writers and everybody's taking that the the the banner foreign trying to figure out what happens now. Right what the majority of the press theories as to cover the majority of the book. I have problems these NCI exam he added this is as an expansion. I'm an extrapolation if you well of Margaret it's vision but there were lots of little things that were mentioned in the books. Tom Ridge should we had an opportunity in television to go oh isn't that paragraph what if we made an upset that that our European finance. And yet it's it's it's so amazingly creative and and descriptive and and you started to feel and you really feel like oh my goodness our what if this could happen because everything is so insightful. It feels very realistic in its own way even though that the still be in the world and whatnot they moon. 81 of the things Margaret did as do you read the book is there is nothing and none of the witches or whatever that happen in the book all of them happen in real life in different societies are different times you women and that is kind of depressing thought that Genco all of those things have happened to members of our memories. I now when they're still atrocities we don't even know about brain happening now black you know to decibel then. You know I'm curious because. It's funny that we'd look at this this amazing series in and see how you know just heavy added. And I'm curious when you first were approached. About this roll out what are your thoughts then and and what are they now having experienced it war this. Being the third season have they change in any way have you started to feel like. OK now I I'm approaching loop. Differently or are now looking you know through his lens and I see these beings a little bit different than when I first came on because. Obviously there's been a lot the has transpired with. You know of the young baby again I'm I'm going to be able ambiguous and I want people who haven't caught up on season three not to be spoiled. But there's a lot of things happen in season three on that he's now at the forefront he's kind of you know if you could happen to me to back. So I I'm curious about what your thoughts were when you first started and what they are now and how are these the same happy change and in what way. Right well I mean it's it's been a real Jenin and part of it is kind of -- sitting and being with this man as he rose from being a citizen and I agree or a lot to becoming a refugee in a foreign land which is harping for I think for us get our minds around kind of patrol malls the displacement of being separated from your family and what that dusty site logic. And nick definitely has gone through quiet symmetric Jenny and inspectors have cost method is. As the women in the show and and now he's trying to find new meaning I mean. I sometimes think you know you can really cope with the west of situations if you have. Epperson elected gun meaning. An armored big things that happens in season various duke finds new purpose meaning. Yeah now let's talk about just the evolution. This care here. Because they are some things that he becomes aware of in season three relating to his wife. And I feel like you know it's funny because I fell and I'm just talking about me as a fan. Conflicted when I realized how their relationship came together you know anger and I was like. Should look like Luke you know I was very much on the fence. And so you know obviously things heavy bald. Even this is is your opinion of her. Out somebody we should be really rooting for in the sense of this relationship because I feel like it had a very. Again my opinion a questionable start because unlike his past and his your relationship with his wife and whenever I'm. Visit to a people be done no. Luke's dad retired to leave. Was married when he met his next wife jeered and where he met his second firefighters to and it's there it is best wife and and that schools people who are proud of ambivalence about. What kind of press and news. And you know I I think that's really understandable obviously integrity is something that we value very hardy people but at the same time I wonder if it's necessary for people to be perfect and without sin for us from like that does is our prerequisite. All coming understand that. All of us half ratings and face his old boss coming misjudgment sort of lost against relationships that don't work out for various reasons and a man always been about some. I always kind of I guess that I more suspicious of the mentality. That we need people to be perfect 386 and three property I think more often than not. We're all fooled Emeril made mistakes and and the question is more about how do we find redemption how do each of us and now lives. Now. That's like an overarching theme like you know no one can be perfect but yet that that Gailey and is striving for this. You know religious perfection and in how one. You know is it. I feel like. Even on the macro level it has added in the micro level as that so you know it's both sides of this type of narrative of of what is. What is right what is perfection what is good what is not. Good night kind of follows a Meyer gets by an international trend of our other laugh at Dartmouth is immoral kind of like I guess evangelical leaders leaders who are all about this is right and this is wrong and I wanted to. I mean. I once had a credit said tyranny is the removal of new on. You know the idea that you know you're there is no space for new wants and people who need things black white brown was to a doesn't really work like that and therapy. Yet at the from the populist regimes very often they wanna make bad easing goodies out of us mostly rural Maine. Yet. In dealing with all those I feel and I call it heavy because this is such a heavy series like. When I watch it. Oh what will my slate what is you gonna do and you know first I have I. Magnets. They are still amazing. Like you could see all the rage and anger but behind her eyes and clearly Yugo class act across the board with all that the actors are on the show and being able to. It to not say anything but yet convey that emotional experience. Amazing. But what what I was trying to get at it was was just the idea of that. You know. It's I have to be very challenging to constantly be. In this east because it is such a heavy series what have been I think that the most rewarding and most challenging for you throughout this course. I'm going into you know now that you're in the third he's not just the third season yeah Wilmington filming knock out so now that you finished the third season what have been like the most challenging experience. Did to maneuver throughout this. I'm I guess that the team is ruining being the number one to work with the level of tenements is. The rest of the act is. When you walk around bringing people it raises your consciousness it raises your. You'll touting your expectations of yourself and and that has been amazing. And and and then I would I would think and one of the challenges and I would say probably by the great it's it's it's getting to talk about some deeper issues to joke. Talk about patriarchy and sexual violence and subject who's really need to be spoken about and very often don't get speak about if you're on not less. Around so I guess. On to see the dynamics I mean you know Elisabeth Moss and Merrill wiley like. Kinda you know. This I feel like him. And I Ian at a and I don't want it's and it. It like being correct when I say this but you can correct me if I'm wrong turn on the idea that the struggles and he has between like. Conversations at the dinner table. Was like Tamara while his character I reject this. Agree but also so I don't really meaningful and important as well like we may kind of goal back in fourth. And then she's saying well what do you feel like you know all a woman need to protect our things like act Becky coming back to you because. In me it's like when he had. Gain if he had been in Gilead you know what he had subscribed to this because he still has some of bills. Being. Down that were kind of you know part of his construct may be knowingly and unknowingly you know right right I'm just curious if if back to his part of it feel like you are all main condition in this. Idea like I need to be different or I need to be even if I need women to know that my places to be as you know. I write well there's no dispute is politics or genuine present what what's the showers have my character Luke. I'm has is his wife June and how best friend Morris paid by the amazing senior wide again we have a kind of dynamic where we kind of broken and then Roddy child that I'm Indies fast facts we get to see. You do kind of do a bit of man's laying a little bit that the talking down and and I guess the end of on the you're losing series is absolutely on the money that and then there are so many. It is I have privilege is a person with a British Ross or any green car that privileges amana have a religious and act who is working I have. So mind. Very often because you'll work very hard in our lives we tend to kind of on the they are own privilege and to. And to really underestimate the disadvantages some people are are wrapped and I think all of my journey in this and it's been there a giant announced that on his understanding the ways that Mani. Position in society as Amanda conditions the way I view certain things and so I'm so and so I guess it's always trying to challenge yourself with the assumptions about the way the world. So you know I feel like this series really has taken over a lot of conversations when it comes light does. Talk about series that we enjoy in an even hand hand maid's. It's higher has somehow managed to be in in the visual effect of our world where. People are going out there are protesting for certain Danes wearing these garments and things like that. I'm what's been your experience with this and has his anybody specifically in that they come out TU have been like. My gosh you know this is this is how I feel about this let me do you get old type of conversations in your data day om and what are your thoughts of life. People using this as a as they expansion of and that they believe and I'm sure a scenic. Everywhere you know people coming with the the white hats and the red robes and you're like. I'm off on things and they're very generous to me in and started to appreciate him but in terms of the arts. You know you're using that kind of symbolism and Crabtree was our cross examine this extraordinary job of manifest in a marker out was vision. It's it's really the best of our ought. It helped change. Fox in family index. Does that help -- the experiences that we haven't though connect with others it's its symbolism it's the language which means you know we see symbols and they resonate with wings with enough and so. When eyes the those roads being used on its protest and things is this the kind of like a symbol all of connected YouTube. A group of people ago. A look out reproductive rights are in danger of the the powers that be are not. Reaching womens'. Rights these sexual health access to sex for example. Equally today they would if it was. Men's access is excellent health and and in some ways using December's Mohamed hailed the kind of which that vision forward I think has been really successful. Yeah absolutely now. You know talking about. I. If OT had that Penn. Where would Wear or what would you like to see happen. As a series continues because again I know you wrapped season three right moving forward. Is there are some things specifically that you would like to see happen to look I I in I'm gonna. If we get in Santa I'm gonna save. Recently spoke to some air wiley rhyme and you know. She she felt you know I do think conflicted by accurately display because as much as you know she has thoughts like everybody else she mentioned. Wanna see something happen we want to see some justice being characterized there was also this idea of like I really want to let the writers do what they do the best all right and just kind of be able to really embody the Ralph so I understand her point her what is your pursuit of on it. Armed guards and then Ireland. I guess it is the that I guess since the conflicting. Objectives in one is that media as familiar grudges on the connects the back of my wife and my child and I whenever you know unhappy ending. I mean is that hasn't news loves drama. The drama is is predicated on conflict and is Brigham people not game on day one and seeing how they then deal with an armed and they won and so I but I suppose they would really nothing lewd make his way back into Gilead then and try him and try his best. Supported of course by some of these and it's stronger than the in the Saro in supporting them rather. Oh yes OIR mom. I'm pushing for reunion. Yeah now hasn't bullets thanks to an eye opening for you. As an actor and and I mean that it in the sense that person off you are surrounded by such. Amazing women that Levy's an amazing roles and I'm just curious as like you know BI is surrounded by these. Type of narrative had had that opened up your eyes do you feel like you're like in a master class for at women and what they like they really think. I mean I'm just so he's curious about that because you get into like the psyche at. And and needles as passionate. Conversations about them. You know what's going on even though it's it is the Philippine society its Middle East out of part of the whole you know yeah and I'm wondering has any of this kind of affected you as. OT. And your day today and just carries about that. Yeah absolutely I mean I will say that I come from a found near very strongly amendment my mother is that he broke me up my assist as Ghana was my greatest role model. And as Iraq government kind of make charcoal family and when I came into it to the press ahead it was in the rain has replay user. And so. Home from something resolve some of these. I guess you know when you feel like you're all hooked Olav and conducting a really vulnerable to find and have it done as president and that. And so indeed working with these great artist and I'm working through the time of need to erecting through that time of are all of old the series of hand made today is his constant revelations basic and how ignorant ones. And how much there is poem. I love that he's like Darryl Edmund. I don't know why and I narrow I admire. That woke. Up quick I have to ask this just for the fans and IITV being V the fan I had two. Because you wrap this season. My question for you is will we be satisfied with how this season. Oh yeah I agree I mean I had conquered. Or to anyone off the satisfaction I was very says by bruins' season and I'm down because of what I guess that we will be one mystery U unchallenged who we you know like if we get everything we run in cities then I would never be. Healthy. Eating us here. On of course you know I mentioned before. Oh really is your what. You. You'd kinda feeling like. You enjoyed the diversity. Of acting and being able to do while he's a good things out of like. Obviously film and. I guess I am i.'s Arthur over the years of broad as it -- that's enough in an African theater of fourth and fifth inning with Lleyton great Rufus or his I mean. And and that's really where I've found my the love of autumn warming it. There was this sense that we hear performance and that the tools all of our crops. Included musical theater included music computed. And soaked. It's it's hard to me sometimes I wouldn't come in on the airport you have to right now I'd never write act died it was right proforma because I didn't see a distinction it's expanding and arms embargo bay and and and yes so it's gonna as I guess the youngsters did but the eclectic nature of art is really how I see myself not to wonder. And of course you know I recently went I am EB. And I realized that he will be I think Hannity hour being ambiguous on the net and you know. I I love marvel now and they are still gray. And yeah well there are just so many amazing things happening in and the EU. And you know we're gonna learn and earn and I learned so much about. And I'm just wondering if your training you know what hadn't had anything. Specifically happened in that ground where your training and preparing and how has this experience Vince for you in this wonderful world. Right. Euro marble project which unfortunately. I'm not allowed that confer over the you know. But. I Obama will say that he I am I am a big fan of of the marvel unit Verizon and landing. Who. I'm writing in direct my fast. He's the Tooth Fairy I'm doing that in London and and it's over Matt. MA XX at the U graduates and of undue you rename them back. And eyes about pop star. Is he's been back in the day in scumbag he's these. The tentative famous against him by giving the go for it and so that's that's on and. They are about that. Eight so. Wade is that is that when he when he is that this he had outlook among 20/20 deaths are well we're just. In pre pre production right announcements are costing. And yeah right thing and and and get in the game together as can be shot London. AMP Maine shut month. Angle that's very exciting among other Spain. Everything you've done that I like I'm glad you can't like Biden signature brand. Being from obviously Nigeria I'm I think what Condit did not yours about cooling it and we don't know exactly. But did you feel that what you saw was very. Accurate to African culture obviously hadn't you don't know me uneasy. Law Condit is like me out just. FYI but I'm just saying there was a lot of inspiration from mad. And I think he had the language was filled ocean. Yes that went via Matt are threatening yet. So you know what are your thoughts on it just as someone who actually grew up in new you know right I don't. Connected to I I was beaten or in the way by at a hundred things it was really. Ever it was weird to what city you know because I iced the there was a part of me that sang in my a off. I didn't realize is that which is what is this the your culture flourished in the kind of the idea of the big this superheroes and gods of the swelled in which. I guess maybe you're watching Thornton are from Sweden maybe you get the deal that feeling and I never knew about being until I got to see. Those extraordinary artists. I'm in Mac costs and direct I'm right just make and so yeah maybe it blew me away and and I I can't imagine how could have been number. Yen it was so mind. I don't know how to describe that they monument is but meant but it was a amazing man in marvelous and wonderful and we're just excited to whatever you have coming up yeah. Come on yeah I'm Doug ending very ambiguous but thank you so much for advice in theory about. Things and then laughing at how my filly has been an of course handmade on Hulu. Episode six you guys Philippine gonna catch up compliment. Legalese the very very very stressed out loop right and a outlet. In any case thanks OTI. And the kidnapping by ABC radio. Is Candice Williams.

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