Famed Film Villain - Robert Davi Sings Sinatra

Robert Davi Releases The Holiday Single 'New York City Christmas'
3:00 | 12/04/13

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Transcript for Famed Film Villain - Robert Davi Sings Sinatra
And after starring in over 100 roles in his three decade acting career Robert Downey is best known for playing it tough sky. What you might not know is that he's also an accomplished jazz singer and Sinatra this -- not out. Who's making waves in the music industry joining us today is Robert -- welcome Robert thanks for having me. So most people -- you from your classic roles in movies like that who needs and James -- license to -- 2011 but you have released Doc Hastings Sinatra on the road to romance. Which hit number six on the billboard charts how -- this come about how might even singing. Well like I say -- security and high school would -- -- Long Island -- Long Island when first place New York State school music association solo competition. Then went on to study in Florence Italy with two -- -- when the great -- tones -- -- time. And then a Julio with success Dan pharaoh and then send -- -- reason. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And as his acting was and that is -- and very. Just one -- two. I was shy about the city. And I. Currently the last few years it's just bursting forward in terms of mine didn't need to express -- songs especially the great American songbook. Because to me the great American songbook. Shakespeare -- America. It's the golden age of American music and it comes from the amalgamation. But the American culture from the -- Latin jazz and jump blues artists. The Welsh Scottish Irish Hispanic English. Norwegian. People have been -- since the revolutionary or pray. And then a large portion of the sons and go as a Jewish immigrants created the American songbook. Benton but none so famously as franks have not well we talk about francs -- people -- you sound just like -- and you do. Well I guess that these people wrote -- -- but -- needed an Italian accent at at and it cannot -- and he's the epitome of he who is because what's contribution to music. He also what he did was his contribution to society in terms of this. Being against anti semitism and racial bigotry of any kind. And for me singing was not just wanting to Robert W wanted to sing and do an album it was to. Bring a bigger message to the public and to the world and to America. Let's have a listen we have a clip from the album. -- own honest days -- on -- rain move not that string around my day. -- I've said it and others have -- -- you have an uncanny likeness to the sound of Frank Sinatra and Quincy Jones is even quoted as saying. -- I've never heard anyone come this close is not to sound and still be himself. Many try but Robert Dhabi has the voice the tone the flavor and the swagger he absolutely touched me down in my soul. And brought back the essence and soul of -- -- -- himself mean to you hearing arena from allegedly Quincy Jones world. Quincy was of course is iconic figure -- figure again like Sinatra that just because of his musical contributions because of who uses it as a human being. And the work -- Q did with with Sinatra from the late fifties on and all his musical work so when he came to my show and posted them on his FaceBook page and then some listened carefully with -- said was quite astounding to me. -- is very you know very heart. Touched by police he performed I've been at the Venetian in Vegas they've been at the Orleans with Don Rickles. Did 101000 people in Eisenhower parkway -- well be -- next summer from touring to Australia. I'll be in New York December 26 that vibrato club about which is which elected who sometimes intimate venues as well because -- You get to really connect with the people. My album will be released in in March in in Australia as well only one that you. Obviously Sinatra takes up time for movies Alia has and -- -- expendable three -- -- and the -- all star cast of all time. The ice man came out recently and going to -- to do film. The end of January early. February and so a lot of filming and but I -- -- new polity. You know it's gonna get to that right -- -- we now mentioning Christmas is coming let's take a listen that's your track. New York City Christmas. New York City Christmas. Holidays. Buying residents -- you. -- so. -- -- -- So many people love coming to this city for the holidays looking at store windows what wasn't exactly and it inspired me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Came to what might show. And rodeos. Amazing review and then approached me two weeks later -- you know about the song after 9/11. He said and I want to. He did in the Waltz time so I listen to the lyrics and they said. And it just captured for me being in New York the essence of that. Wonderful New York City Christmas with the wonderful life and that's he would during the holiday season. Not only hitting on a secularist but not -- aspect of the capitals of the secular. Aspect of Christmas so combining those two elements. And that was so we rushed actually I got -- David Foster recommended for -- -- Chris -- rate ranger. About a year ago and I got the chance -- -- way to use him in September we just cut this album with the Capitol Records where did my initial. And cut the single. Nick quoted in tribute to the legacy New York City -- with the experience. And I wanted to do it because New York means so much to me as even when I wasn't in Bulgaria and took a copy. Rough copy -- played for people -- people haven't even been to New York listen to that song and they feel a little bit of you know it brings them. And also again the meaning the historical significance of Christmas. And for a lot of people. Which is the birth of Christ. So it touches on that as well and it doesn't apologize for the word Christmas which I think in our day and age we have the harshness of the political correctness that goes beyond anything I've experienced in my life. -- by the Christmas tree wants to be taken out of the times the town square what instead of Merry Christmas season's greetings and that kind of -- You know I think it hurts our nation. -- hurts the soul of our nation. When we let a few people. Attack values like that. Instead of saying I don't if you believe in Iraq. Do have a eyewitness and have fun with the -- have let Christmas be Christmas and if it it's not harmful to people. Is it is -- fun is it a fun departure from playing the tough guy because this is very soft and gentle and and an emotional in the sense the singing. And generally when -- on the big screen like good he's been almost thirty years you play the top sky. Do you enjoy that and you still get recognized for your your -- in -- and that's a record classic classic -- you. It's become difficult question as his diehard and bond have been looking and showgirls that the on the budget films that have been. And profiler than they did but the singing if you look at been in prison -- for the list some ideas. And then I directed my first film that won nine awards called -- in 2008. -- I did one song who optional. And then makes it very it's time for me now to really connect who I am -- my essence was and that's what singing this -- -- it lets me express fully. Who I am as a person and as -- -- but a romance in the. Well we clearly clearly here in the ways saying Robert -- thank you so much for joining us thank you and good luck -- hear your new release from your. Buying residents volume. -- -- --

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