Family Might Expand for Couple Who Fostered 92 Kids

Part 1: Jessica and Jason Neal, who have 2 biological kids and 6 adopted kids, are trying to adopt another child.
6:20 | 11/28/14

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Transcript for Family Might Expand for Couple Who Fostered 92 Kids
? For this story, we've traveled to St. Cloud, Minnesota. We're on our way now to meet an inspiring family, and I got to tell you, their love for each other and for others, well, it knows no bounds. Good morning. Did you sleep good? Good morning, girls. Good morning! They just kind of go in there and whatever toothbrush they want to grab, they're going to grab. At first glance, Jessica and Jason Neal might seem like any parents of a large family. Except they are not. We have two biological children. We have adopted six. We've done foster care for 92 kids and we are waiting to adopt one from Africa. Yep, you heard that right. 92 kids. But parenting and fostering so many children wasn't always the plan for the pastor turned fitness instructor and this reserve police officer. He didn't want any children. I wanted 12 and he wanted zero. So, we come promiltzed and did it my way. After having two children, Kira and Dayton, a friend got them involved in foster care. In a big way. You know, when we would get a call for foster child that was in deed of a placement, we always said yes. Somebody's got to step in the gap. Somebody's got to be willing to put their heart on the line for these kids. In fact, putting their hearts on the line for 92 foster kids often led to heartbreak. There was a little girl and I remember, you know, they said, you need to give her back, and I'm sitting there holding her -- I'm sorry. I'm trying to hold onto this little girl and she's holding onto me and saying, don't give me back to this mom. And, you know, you have to give her to that -- and I walked out, I said, I'm never doing this -- I can't do this. And just when fostering seemed impossible emotionally -- Jess called me and said, I know you said no more babies, but they asked me if we would take twins and they are medically fragile and they are on our way to our house. They adopted the twins and their siblings. So, we were going from two kids to six kids overnight. Miriam suffers from an auto immune disorder and has to have infusions twice a month. Are you in pain? Yes. Malachi suffering from a disorder that leaves him in chronic pain. Yet, despite the medical challenges and their mounting financial difficulties, the neals adopted again. In 2010, Josie came into their lives. Josie. She's just a bundle of everything good. I think we make a mistake in America, where we try to shelter our kids from the pain in the world. I want to teach my children how to make a difference in this hard world. In this lesson of facing hard truths, the Neal children experience a lot of joy. Adopting and foster care has all contributed to who I am as a person and who I want to be. Now, the couple faces yet another test of their parenting. On a recent mission to Africa, Jessica encountered 8-year-old Emanuel, a child with sees rcerebral palsy. He doesn't walk. He doesn't talk. I met his eyes and I just knew at that moment that -- that's my guy. And I just fell in love. But dealing with an international adoption including many unexpected difficult tills. Most notably, the $15,000 they still need to bring him home. It's really hard to know that my mom and dad are kurting because we can't get our brother home. So, as the family waiting for Emanuel to join them, they find comfort in each other. We are a team. We're a family. We all work together. We all are involved in this thing. You know, there is always enough love. We have a camera inside right now. The family, well, they think they're being filmed for our blog. But little do they know that the "Thank you, America" team is here in St. Cloud and we are ready to spring into action. Oh! Hi! How are you? Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh! Oh, I'm going to kiss you. Hi, Jessica. How are you? You came to our house! Wow! Hey! Jason, how are you? How are you? Oh, hi! Oh, my gosh. It's wonderful to see you. We heard so much about this beautiful family. You are probably wondering why we're here. Yes. We wanted to say thank you. We wanted to say thank you. Wow. Just -- you inspire us. You are so selfless and you just think of others and we are not the only ones who wanted to say thank you to the Neal family. I wanted you to take a look at this. Thank you, mom and dad, for being my here roams and taking care of me. Thank you for giving me a home when my other mom couldn't take care of me. Mom and dad I just really want to thank you for the influence you've had on me and the person that you've raised me to be. Hi, mommy and daddy. Thank you so much for adopting me. Thank you for having me. Thank, mom, for adopting me. We love you. I love you. There's no other place I could be. Thanks, mom and dad. Yeah. And thanks. Oh. Oh, thank you. Oh. I want to take you up on the invitation. May I come in. Yes, please come in! But things are about to heat up in a big way in Minnesota. When we surprise the Neal family with gifts that will change their lives.

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{"duration":"6:20","description":"Part 1: Jessica and Jason Neal, who have 2 biological kids and 6 adopted kids, are trying to adopt another child.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"27228111","title":"Family Might Expand for Couple Who Fostered 92 Kids","url":"/Entertainment/video/family-expand-couple-fostered-92-kids-27228111"}