'Family Guy' Death Upsets Fans

Cartoon family's dog Brian is killed off the show after he is hit by a car.
2:03 | 11/26/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Family Guy' Death Upsets Fans
No one saw this coming one of TV's most shocking moments took place Sunday night on fox in dramatic and disturbing fashion the producers of family -- killed off Brian the dog. Take -- look. Holy -- And I'm so sorry mrs. Griffin the bruins' injuries are just too severe for us to save him. I think -- to say something. Given -- wonderful life. -- Pretty grim stuff the death -- Ryan has sparked a huge backlash on social media calling for the character to be brought back to life executive producer told. But the dog get run over by car doesn't sound fun not at all. But -- acting since I think it's hilarious seeing a lot of. I don't think I think he's being sarcastic. I think that correctly sensing a little bit of sarcasm by the way the Stanley in order to cope -- place the dog really quick with a -- -- -- -- Yeah. You know you invest all your years in the character and you feel very the out my heart attached and am -- right but that's not answer that the fans are other Family -- are taking very lightly -- started an online petition at change dot shore yet this morning it has more than 22000 signatures there is also hash tag trending on Twitter. Bring Brian back and -- -- of blowing up on family guy's FaceBook page. There -- more than 73000. Comments about Bryant's death. Even on our FaceBook page people are talking crystals that as well then I'm done with the show to all right -- Family -- Cindy says I am hoping it is just the dreamers do we will rebuild the time machine go back and save him and Ryan says was one of my Fave shows never watch again -- out bunch of morons they are. And Wesley says this is either urging his voice -- free publicity or terrible way to calculation.

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{"id":21014633,"title":"'Family Guy' Death Upsets Fans","duration":"2:03","description":"Cartoon family's dog Brian is killed off the show after he is hit by a car.","url":"/Entertainment/video/family-guy-death-upsets-fans-21014633","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}