Fans Gather In Line for Jon Stewart's Final Taping of the Daily Show

ABC News' Olivia Smith asks trivia questions to the show's biggest fans.
15:50 | 08/06/15

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Transcript for Fans Gather In Line for Jon Stewart's Final Taping of the Daily Show
I'm Libya commitment AT be needed until we're here yeah. Where Jon Stewart will be looking for climate after eighteen years. Bringing. On. The line behind it long stretch of the round corner. Knot. The earth. And now. And I'm. But. I. Erie. Not action. Day. And it. And it actually. Chad lands and crown Baltimore Maryland finally. I got here on 2:30 AM he wanted to bring heat island. Because Jon Stewart is amazing is the best television personality ever and your feet again and Louis CK is what they're comedian they sat on in Denis Leary comes unless it is easy to remember. And there's again giving out this weekend I'm no way. Yeah. Moment when you're angry about not like. Point. For me I saw him first when I was in ninety I was like eight years old. So Marilyn answer ready around on his back and I knew that was the type of deal that wanted to be a legacy and that's the most important thing to me. No you're spot here did not yeah. Spot. Feel great night. Yeah. I. Winding ceilings that we're cloning human. Yeah. They have no gun dealers. John you're acting. The future it. The all that quickly changed at 100% he created us satirical liberal voice that we needed it was that he was a comedians who he was able but better around. Make that something bad. Good to know their interest in news. Yeah. I'm all for someone who may be here I wrote the as the best musical acts in the country in the world of Springsteen's here. All that. Great well I think you don't much I I'm sure your night thanking you like ask. Yeah I just need some sleep the think that's pretty much anybody I think that is going to be the greatest moment. TV is very I honestly let's show the audience you are right here I don't line up guardian life. Okay. Now I'm going down. Ends this actually get halfway line. That claim they're pretty big thing and repeatedly and tritium and I just think people were happens the question. I'm gonna get that chance that he. Actually that they get daily show ban. I. Yeah. Yeah. If you don't know in the evening you delve Nellie account openings at bigger. Green yeah I'm Dan I'm from Michigan. Until governments. Mumbled arsenal from pregnancy. Alice and enhancing Ruddy from Texas. Jan from around them good. Yeah. Thank you are you ready. The original closed and the dealers Craig Kilborn. Yeah. Great now easy on the house. But he did Jon Stewart yeah. 98. My ninety's. Yeah yeah. Very good. Yeah three L and here on this. Can't eat your leaving them or me. I didn't see that episode I brought my pop rock. It happened on your ending fund. Green and want you hearing any one yeah. And he. 39 you know I have no idea Alli is John Oliver under the now on bad days as it's. Oliver yeah. An issue very. Blue easy getting healthy Zimmerman had an impact on the rich color and drop. And I'm him. And then let me eat a lot long than you again. This the reverend Delano yeah Ricky Brown that afternoon but let me I'm thinking of its unity games. OK and I'm not leave. Content and me in the fifteen dollars. Which all of this together. It's not yeah there. But yeah. Under the name then yeah. Curtain and on and that even now I would on any Glendale yeah. Aaron boring not on I had. And they play. Yeah yeah lion flag. You didn't know I didn't and I really that you aren't loyal may have enough. I'm relying only. Yeah. Yeah they're here we're gonna be when. But yeah. In mind yeah. You're not your name and where your mouth. My name is Robert Samuel. For the and I'm the owner of billion maligned LLC. Enlightening line. I'm a professional lines and my client who actually just. He would come in hot lines hold that spot for the children's show. I you line and am glad I. Yeah. But let me think and I think yeah I'm. The tickets for today and I had a budget meetings this morning and I couldn't miss and so I found him on the Internet and or how. And I like that leading online yeah. Coming here and the outlook then does. And over the life Greg was good luck with the leader limping around the city from the experiment. And fell on the good things. Always used to not getting out there is so we know we're here to service and public of the mountain. How old records and X leverage over north Google Earth. Some stand up as little watching you know Jon Stewart. Its worst. And I think we're so it's going to be excited green and Lamar president Daniel and went online now and in the morning in online yeah. Yeah. Probably didn't identity. Any way that he no one. Out the door to another climber their slowly lines and York city and are working in that regard. Another important line 180 that definitely I think. Yeah. Irene. It was going to be a very eight the new Intel. You get beat them I'm very I didn't telling. It in fact that they're hiring people wait in line and again in a creek eat eat me it doesn't hearings held eleven and and time. The now did he not hear it Rick the Bryant again and I'm gonna recap with them them band than people think that there to think I did Everett mountain here. Yeah. Jeff and me I'm from New York. McGreevey and yeah. I'm I'm here. You know not. You're never. So he is close to 300. Some of those are probably yeah. That you're feeling pretty confident I think I'm really pretty and I become very good yeah really a lot of it the end. Chronic pain and she is one isn't worth buying it on their island the red light. I think you'll be Jessica Williams and she's like my favorite part of that congressman's. Yeah I Nazis. S to be connected to your hand you're com. Yeah and it's always great when like you know President Obama comes nine hour. I mean I love until early designs on and that really interesting chemistry. Quiet but really I'm I highly I watch the show when it comes to his he and many. Healthy children and we really heard some rumors that I I just hope we get is what's myself as possible help with something really. Our memorable unfortunately yeah PL nighttime and it's. I I think it's it's great that he had and it's bittersweet Texas debate impacts. I couldn TI into the comedy would also give it really serious you know politics easy that want episode. To get congress to pass that. Stroke back for an numbers honors this you know discreet cat a kind of planes and it's great to see. Physical and now it's really sad incident free and you know question. The act early and now man. Down acting behind me it meant that not mean that theme song hurt for this. Dog I I I. And for the boy Florida and there's me great hope that make it and they even attack adding that night. Okay. It look the power in the earth 100. We think they're Annie get it up online is very hot oh. But now I'm Eaton and we're back in the line on the people down here and ultimately and let the Bryant. They brought up he may end today the night it take you around the block. The line. Eight around the block. Number neat seeing it eat people here at that we're feeling confident. The mayor and eat today right now they're still going to the content. We can't let your name and and let's and he got here about eleven violently and are you mean you are married and here I was running Mason. Rate fell do you still feel pretty confident about NEC. I'm leaving company. News on anything. On and they eat and you you did not belong to every count in mind he did I haven't read different. Go online. 33. Yeah. We can't keep acting out. Yeah. The minute they're not written knocking and he had that he hired Goldman on my own thing. The next time I got a little bit late does this news argument. That no man accidentally hit us now. Is what he's. Great that means like he'd love how much fat Jon Stewart and announced today. But he definitely released east. May have been pretty big gap between humor that theory that each day. Is there and my evening after he gets me exactly like that like don't eat them. Thought don't. On the right that that's. As. Look hanging out at you. Half hour in line yeah. Yeah. Like pac. Funds to highlight the fact that he. For veterans. I hope in the last thing I 8088. PM the only young. As you. OK now I'm yeah lying in the eye on the air where it. Then and now they're not you're not. The time now I don't want I want ever again. Com and when you let them about the seven. Neatly at my. I'm. Yes it's and I kind of comedy and it's yeah John and Larry. It's being especially really aren't. And let's name very proud. And Hillary I'm Brooklyn and I were different than it theater but luckily an acceptable excuse to be here in this particular. Great gas hotly yeah it's funny outlining argument on malignant. Yeah. Like any Yankee. Paint them now in line. Every evening I think going to be happening for few more hours this does not hearing a lot. Night and on the people are regularly clean ceiling and it now that Gary Klein home at 1 PM. Yeah. I mean think you can lend. One more time. How long lines they eat them. Around the eight people again from all over the country constantly last performance after eighteen years The Daily Show. He's only in the second hosting the show hit three the third doesn't already lined up keep starting in hammer. But most people. And now. Early on my hearing and the man and his pregnant behind the show that people loved so much. Late in the very long line eleven avenue in New York City. And found. Like that since they've been pretty hot at. People don't know what's fact that Eric I apparently hot you got here early. On the credit not ever not acted very hopeful that they're gonna get an. There I think and not. After. Years on how does it acts on it went over he when he minutes. Art I'm looking at it like EEE dot com and lots.

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{"duration":"15:50","description":"ABC News' Olivia Smith asks trivia questions to the show's biggest fans.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"32925849","title":"Fans Gather In Line for Jon Stewart's Final Taping of the Daily Show","url":"/Entertainment/video/fans-gather-line-jon-stewarts-final-taping-daily-32925849"}