Fans react to Taylor Swift's testimony against former DJ David Mueller

ABC News' Clayton Sandell reports on what to expect from day 5 of Mueller's groping trial in Denver.
3:00 | 08/11/17

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Transcript for Fans react to Taylor Swift's testimony against former DJ David Mueller
Hey good morning gang once again from beautiful downtown Denver I'm Clayton here at ABC news the mile high city were hit the corner of nineteenth and Champa. It is another gray morning but we are here day five. Beat Taylor Swift trial. In front of the Alberta arrives courthouse here for those of you haven't join us. Before its like got to set the scene a little bit or you up there on the eighth floor of the courthouse. Is where Taylor Swift has been every day yep way up there. Going face to face really would. David Mueller who's a former radio to each day. They Mets on. June 2 of 22013. When it's what was here in Denver to give a concert. And there was this infamous now infamous photo taken of swift and Mueller together in which. Taylor Swift claims that Mueller grabbed her backside her bare backside although she didn't use the word backside in her testimony yesterday. She used a word starting with AA that we would get in trouble for we used it on the air so we're just Dennis day. Back side for now but it really was the big event here yesterday gave four when Taylor Swift took the stand. She got out. And really also just took control of the conversation she was talking. Being. Questioned by Mueller's attorney guy named and of to meaning it MacFarlane. And was defiant the whole time was really almost feisty and sometimes funny and sarcastic and some of her answers. As she described. This interaction with David Mueller. Saying that she was absolutely sure that it was intentional because it wasn't just a brush it wasn't just a quick. Pinch it was it was a sustained. Grabs as she described it. And then so that was sort of it. Crux of her testimony was obviously there are no cameras in court we were able to just give me a little behind the scenes we. We as reporters are in an overflow room. A few floors down from where the courthouse 40 brother where the courtroom is or remain a one. And were able to watch a live feed. And be able to. To write our stories and hence we got news and information sort of in real time unfortunately. As a TV reporter I wish you guys could see this testimony because it was very compelling. And and has been even even the day before when Taylor swift's mom was on the stand they both. Actually kind of took the same very defiant stand they were not going to. That they wanted to direct the conversation that basically they wanted to Bennett. Make sure that that they got their points across so one of the things that. You can do if you happen to be in Denver. You can actually come and attend this trial even though it is a federal court but it is open to the public and you line up here every morning. And there are 32 seats that are available. In the courthouse. And folks you've got a lineup got to get a pass and then you can actually go into the court got to go through you. Layers of security but once you do that you will be in the courtroom with Taylor Swift. Just a few feet from one of the biggest stars on the planet. Hi guys good. I think it whose Johanson spend it before it is an important or given an or anybody else. So you guys are all noon. You're here yesterday. Tell me what it was like I was. Are you tell us if band. Your man don't talk about it I was. It was awesome. Good to have watched Taylor speak he. You know she's really really forceful street to the point didn't want change your stories speak into it and magnet school. Pretty defiant tone. At times sarcastic and funny the SEC was very sarcastic hood. I need to figure words in her favor to drive home her point. Anything you've been here more than one day write your comment here is since Tuesday's always aren't anywhere ever get an average time you'll. This sheet. Recognize you guys win this did not acknowledge you guys and she walks in the room have you made eye contact what's. What's what's allowed on the yes she's she's been acknowledging people you know she's. She smiles and everyone in those people visitors you know prizes like eight hours ago and so yep she's definitely acknowledging people there that are in there. We'll do you plan on sticking around for as long as it goes there's. I plan on sticking around don't want to see how everything turns out. And have you met some of the same people on line here you know like got here a lot of hours if you're waiting a long time to get in right. Yeah yeah I've usually been coming here around five herself live in the morning and what's under them like human. They don't starlet has until around 81530. It's a long time away he these are worth it. Yes I think so why. Com I've never been to a trial before it's interesting to watch no good it's civics lesson. Okay great thanks what's your name Tony Tony capacity thank you are. So there's really heavy get. People waiting to get and I haven't counted among but it looks like they probably always get as anybody else vending yesterday or before heard. You've been in. Quick show of hands I'm curious. Who has attended a court hearing or trial before anybody. Hi Sophia Sophia all right how long have you guys been waiting. Time a longtime president five five also why did you wanna come today. Okay why did you want to. My mom telling their kids live in the AMBER Alert. And I'm I think fans turn. Tell me why what do you like about Christine. Right now let's get on the life right now. So you haven't been in before or anything else. Are you excited about going to Indiana. What's the coolest thing you know what would you like to see. I don't know really any. Yeah that's very cool while. I hope you guys get it fast and I hope it doesn't rain on you it's it's been kind of cloudy and rainy weather and fingers crossed. All right so. That's kind of what's going on here god has always be don't really know. Which witnesses are coming up. The judge. As part both sides from publicly releasing publicly telling us. Through the next witnesses are going to be but there you people that we still haven't heard from we still haven't heard from Taylor Smith's body guard. Who was there that night and saw this alleged growth. And we have not heard from the woman who is in that infamous TMC photos Shannon Meltzer who was. David Mueller's girlfriend at the time they've since broken up but. She is also expected to take the stand in addition to a few others. As we're gonna win this gonna wrap up originally this is supposed to be about a nine day trial would be estimate. It's going pretty quickly they're moving their moving pretty pretty rapidly so. We expect maybe Monday Tuesday that this might wrap up the judge has started to ask both sides to give him. Plans judge Martinez wants to know kind of what peoples but what the lawyers plans are for closing statements and that sort of thing so. We may know more on timing today and it is always possible that Taylor Swift could take the stand I'm not sure what more she would say. But that's possible so anyway that's got to what's going on here Taylor Swift trial. Keep it here ABC news. All of our. Platforms worldwide got radio we got on line we got the live stream here thanks for clicking on us and now we'll keep you up to date on all of the latest. So we'll talk to any guests here.

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{"id":49157292,"title":"Fans react to Taylor Swift's testimony against former DJ David Mueller","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News' Clayton Sandell reports on what to expect from day 5 of Mueller's groping trial in Denver.","url":"/Entertainment/video/fans-react-taylor-swifts-testimony-dj-david-mueller-49157292","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}