Fantasy Forecast: Week 11

ABC News' Meteorologist Mel and Catherine Mckenzie preview the NFL matchups for week 11.
10:48 | 11/17/16

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Transcript for Fantasy Forecast: Week 11
And welcome to mark asked why I need your odds it's now out here Whitney a cat and our senior producer or anything is like streams are back excited. Yet we can't wait to get started and since he hasn't been here when that's yet we talk about. Bill our vanity teens and I you're dealing. They're pretty awesome. And bluntly that firstly how and second laugh and first row really cute girl that I am at Wembley eleven triplets in the other girls and early nominating a friend and actually dominate. Guys are really. He knew that. You're currently. That's great I love remain as rob has been mostly gotten them in five report here. I'm pretty much like the only girl in most of someone I'm getting an enlightened that's right bigger than that this is very exciting part time but then they fill Steve it was really. It's very exciting well that's awesome you heading into biopsies and yes and likely the playoff spot last week that that's Barry explains what I want players you have when he like favorite player and I hate saying this is like humans in the room with the Arab has been. Good and. Anyway he fills in for me Alley that and that's and might he remained he's at a patriots fan and obviously if you're not a patriots and you think all patriots fans are at this so we'd like 58 L yeah. Is Amy eight is out. And how an eight streets every year at them with an air line. He is. A surprise in his right now. But. No more in charge of the end I mean he's every week out and really keep it. And a and it's great I think. I'd hasn't mentioned it before and I mean. It's as I was. If the about it beginning and now it's like he is he would. Like every way it happened at an in the east because app I was. Sports actually write home opener. What. On. I mean it's. I. It's it's great that he's he's been actually when my favorites this year and bury it up so I. I'm getting the health and human league's. That would lead him to where it is forecast eat witches. With everyone here is X thank you share what happened. And really want and need to let everyone know heat and eat and eat it twice and it is. Eight but mystery meat flight academy thinks that's when asked exit. Jerry anti forecast. But not say it. Well that's kind of where Iraq right now are heading in that biopsy and very exciting. Up means the latter's ending cold there as Arafat and prince. As well. This week that. Foreseeable stuff that's right and in salt water as an athlete month an October at birth app member record. I mean it was literally in east in Kansas Oklahoma stabbing ease up into the midwest and easy now in just couple days it's been all warm and how the changes he is he's in this year. First blizzard warnings have received until blizzard conditions in the Dakotas. Up into Minnesota as well as the Minneapolis let's well it's. It's exciting stuff anywhere lightly here finally starting to feel it went there and snow finally going at leak and clean. So yes and that adds all sound. We're talking about it port at this week at the Steelers and browns in Cleveland. I mean it around me and doing in the evening. And Roethlisberger really picked up I actually throughout and by over I don't know where his nonsense get it is and now. Second game in a row and he's has been doing absolutely. A fact. The island ride and that's and that's that's the problem here is interesting because we are expecting an hour about the game on Sunday in Cleveland like you're the plane. Our. They're giving out a silver platter the browns for the Pittsburgh offense to do let me eight but but there is that's on an eight. I. Agree last week. I kept looking and imagine not. You brown even now. But it's our call is a need the brat and the complaint in writing it. Heart. Or weather making it made. Me feel let them. Remembered. Exactly and size Crowe outlet via bell op cue them parents I think that's me out with. Out. So that's exciting. And we also have. An area that sees stuff from when you're still in the northeast is in New York. Ends day they play they play in New York on Sunday. Against the acts sell. Eat too warm for now here at the city's. But he's now on the pilots to work. But I can't run that they insist itself will be watching that you don't think anything's not account back in. What in nineteen another money in the bank Claire crazy diseases that is not like attacking inaccurately. Is it an act Ing. See how is he is. Right if the weather effects. Office. Exactly. Ride the wind Boller exact there's. That's that's exactly I completely agree. Jack op and they lie on. I mean acting out in years shepherd your breezes questionable how I'll explain between Shepard. Junior there. There it once or touchdowns and handing the ball well and massive it was an off track. The surprising. Writer. The vikings words but. What there. The Atlanta exactly the right soapy like Tony the planes now Jay Cutler. I picked up like three last week that airplane and the camp the day he was coming back at. And that there she picks it up. I'll I. Oh the highest. Trees and report on like dropping on this. I actually. I am at it yet in I. And the bears right now because what happened between that ideal and you me. And they bury and that I. Don't. For quarterbacks right we were talking right there right at some quarterbacks that we're kind of so so average. It's very Elena. Are saying hopefully my boy it. Rodgers have a comeback this way we can't forget about acts doubted ugly is it that emotional statement this week by Michael Romo kind of hinting that the times eight. When he really is kind of become the star this year and it's amazing the. Write an acting. But by me have I mean even might make it public just seeing them. Come together this year NC between pat pat pat is Allie I mean it's like. It's. It's an eBay and it has to rebel force or acting easily adding I think it might. Mean you can't just come and it's he's an and just cut at a car. You know they have summit mr. right now the whole opt out with options as a whole cowboys. Holes I think you know. On. Herbal he. He. Written and me and back. How how it was a we. Know. L and L I got back programs in the right. Bloody and watch it all I have hey look. That that is the dream job right and they get paid mills multi millions the hang out there at that mean. How how I think here is at that. But by saying that your packet and so packet RI in its lending yet I allotment act. Which is pretty much I. I am a huge actress and salads are help if you don't like. Getting his appointment is an outlet. But I'll always be an actress and but we are talking about the running back situation and we're talking about these hot that it Christians. Really excited about actually. As Blair also what about kickers that I can pick up. Today figuring that you know maybe that means no Eddie lacy I don't coming acting well right it gonna put it any act that half dozen artists and watch them I always look at what we're running back surprises in rat. Comes out of nowhere that's upstart was exactly what started like the week that we definitely happening. Writes I'm I'm very magazine that Ian I'm expect comments I'll be back I think he can do really well is he. And excited see how well he does Matt scrape them as well so we'll be watching how it will also be watching some rain in the West Coast as wells in Seattle following down you lot is that he's in with your making his. Even so excited for. I didn't I didn't yeah there aren't any hour if they have is repeated. That's I want imagine there aren't there is a storm moving and I'm hours possible but. I mean his season debut as Ricky ABC's. Parent LA but. But I think. I'll again matter is secure in history has been waiting for self aware excited see how he got there and now it's out. Exciting week Aladdin shaping up. Or we are all looking authority here at ABC news at Tennessee forecast and we won it ain't cat again for joining us and it's been it's been we'll see you again next week I.

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