Fashion still a top priority at the virtual Emmys

Although celebrities are taking part in the awards ceremony from home, many still decided to dress to the nines.
6:58 | 09/21/20

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Transcript for Fashion still a top priority at the virtual Emmys
Why did we expect on the style front tonight. What the nominees of course joining virtually from home won't be sartorial splendor or drab dress down well here's our colleague will gan. Signed a sharp suits and we'll get tracker TV it's really different is there truly. Yeah it's me. Here and TJ's. I've been on my fashion bullet jacket and tie on top running towards the bottom. And check did virtually but that's an expert Melissa Garcia and Jose needs to be what we can expect tonight's nominees go from the red carpet to their living room carpet. Good night I think we're gonna see everything from people at the drama and maybe in the sweatshirt with the Dalai men and thinking that we're going to see the Ledbetter also. Going all out for that full plan though she'd been locked. Here for so long. We are hungry for little but the glamour. And a lot of slept might feel linking an early morning heated moment especially since their first time remembered this money look on this day at last year's Emmys. Most of things we can expect more fashion euphoria from heard a night. Then today and definitely going won't let him. This is her. Nominee saying he seemed in she's going to beat Pete young to ever lead actress in a comedy category even just twenty work. So she's really in raising his moments he sits still wants to address that she's still ahead. Apple experience. And of course there are the perennial red carpet all starts and we always expect to bring in three curry leaves and how. They're red carpet look translate to living. I think Tracy LA rod who gave you something fabulous that's it's easy as I can't imagine her going like that over the I'm being really out and did. With a big lead that are bright colored babysitting her kitchen. Where's the king and hitting vetting and her bathroom and I think proposed. Elements are going to be so unexpected and so Pol Pot I think use capital parent cannot Canadian. Bob and I have to think she. Will deliver thumping unexpected and spot until like it and I feel like CSI the one who could actually do something. That's a little bit grip on herself a reporter character a rip on the show when he played it live it up shop your closet and Wear something you already own. Proceeds to trim eighty celebrity's it's precisely of reducing your free where some looks so he. Let's keep things like that as an example on that she did a brilliant job of that recently at the Venice film basketball. And it's a flood of a year to do what kind of city and doing things face to face. It'd made so much sense to be able to file her with the majority older kids that sort of responsible method of stopping a father I mean I think the sag awards. With a lot of men around Jennifer Aniston to pulling out an old York down from her father. And wearing another wreck corporate fuel incredible. We'll gender any of these other past winners re where a lucky look tonight. Well especially this year to if you don't believe you're living or to go to the end you slice just delete your house. She dressed pretty piece I mean literally the full from the government about your father and there you go you can winner at. Sure shopping in your clocks it is great she land synergen. For starters there's I mean when it comes. Little man stands and starts they're not actually. Kerry Washington and T recently did an interview on Good Morning America and see faster and integrate followers would you rather see me down. Let TV get dressed in 90% and her hours at pajamas. And pizza is good for drama current Washington. It's I am here that I didn't hear me. Mind you she was wearing gorgeous 500 dollars silk pajamas and looks for. Gorgeous but she's orbit doughnuts they're going full on designer pajamas custom Madonna being Dior Valentino. So could be really cool to see what happens here. He's liability. Change in controller worked Austria. So why he had his best dressed let's. So thank you finish Sammy at think that this is so different. An evening that we ever experienced before it I think the biggest and probably the most button for a lot of people that night will be actually stabilized everybody how. Like when you do what you do and you be like oh you look great but what about in your living were plucked out of your catch it wait why does she have thought why should read it not. I think break and our people home we'll be out affiliate of baton parlor game all night long but. And yeah. Our. Yeah you're not. Yeah yeah and yeah. It's the tuxedo Lumpur event and yeah. I got calls. What is yeah lets him on a high leg getting some good news five day they've ever been highlighted. I don't look at me all this. I look I'm not married at 190. My did you talk about high seas if we need to resolve all look so bad attack. We heard a couple of things in your piece that I hadn't heard before couch couture huh cam to lamb. Still we're getting it all of it weren't actually getting some looks from some of the stars on social media so here we have tightest Burgess who is nominated for supporting actor in a limited series. For his performance in unbreakable QB Schmitt. And dog it's a Graham what are your thoughts on this look at it I'm similar to yours I'm not optimistic that great minds think alike but Marie minds million dollars. It really is all about balancing luxury and leisure this year as he did it he did the romper I'm learning the Rothenberg. We didn't planet together by this stars are aligned. And that any rapper thing is a pay me. It is an anchor around him not I don't want to hold their arm around her let's talk rob someone who always kill that all the red carpet Jennifer Aniston she just posted this picture. Getting ready for the at means she's up for outstanding lead actor syndrome a for the morning show love that show. She says she's wearing her other masks tonight yeah. Other mask as if she needs any help on gorgeous face politically a little T on that pajamas that she's wearing blue over 700 dollars who know. Those DJs are more than 700 dollars got so she's rocking the couture rocking to come see she's doing about the casino tax. I got right Costco brands webcam now. I'm hoping you don't expect that PJ guarantee good sleep at Attica I well say he isn't much you look fabulous and forgiven if all the lowdown. On the couch looked cool could I don't know I.

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{"duration":"6:58","description":"Although celebrities are taking part in the awards ceremony from home, many still decided to dress to the nines. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"73138208","title":"Fashion still a top priority at the virtual Emmys ","url":"/Entertainment/video/fashion-top-priority-virtual-emmys-73138208"}