Favorite Christmas Movies: Peter Travers Talks About His Picks for ABC Family

ABC Family's "25 Days of Christmas" features Rolling Stone film critic's favorite holiday films.
2:33 | 12/10/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Favorite Christmas Movies: Peter Travers Talks About His Picks for ABC Family
Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers I host the popcorn movie show here at ABC and on line. And ABC family is running -- 25. Days of Christmas. The whole month. Which made me think what -- my favorite Christmas. And they're all available on receive. These of -- -- I'm going with -- I mean if you haven't seen it this is gonna change your life this is Will -- at his very funny which -- -- Especially in Belfast -- anybody can look funny. This guy really looks funny and found out from -- that he's actually human and he has to go back to new York and live and explain. What an Elvis liked and mean -- New York's of this movie has laughs and it has that little thing we want -- Christmas movie where we hear. For fun. For Christmas movie that just makes you laugh from start to finish is there anything better -- -- important Christmas vacation okay. I'm a sucker for all those plant -- movies but Christmas vacation. With Chevy Chase at his stupid -- I mean. The rule of Clark Griswold. Is is built in stupidity and Chevy Chase crazy to demand reform. And. Beverly D'Angelo is there is his wife and now since this movie was made in 1989. Kids have played by Johnny don't -- it. Those are Big Bang theory and Juliette Lewis -- god knows where. But this movie. This movie is. Funny in every way because it's everybody's way to decorate for Christmas and there's -- scene in this movie. Which -- but to many liked all of the house and tree. Well you know -- -- actress anymore Jesse. And Watson Christmas -- of any kind unless you get a little Dickinson and the Christmas talent -- maybe a 110 times. But the most recent one. It's called a Christmas Carol with performance capture with Jim Carrey doing -- And almost everything else he plays all the ghosts that -- haunt him. I've had a problem sometimes with -- performance -- but not in this movie. Jim -- I think is comfortable walking cartoon anyway. And in this movie seeing him play all of these parts he -- that spirit of Christmas I need get a sense. One this season I love just sitting home. Land back and watching this and he's apparently has -- at all possible way that -- him.

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{"id":17928135,"title":"Favorite Christmas Movies: Peter Travers Talks About His Picks for ABC Family","duration":"2:33","description":"ABC Family's \"25 Days of Christmas\" features Rolling Stone film critic's favorite holiday films.","url":"/Entertainment/video/favorite-christmas-movies-peter-travers-talks-picks-abc-17928135","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}