Will Ferrell Plays the Field

Comedian Will Ferrell to play all 9 positions in 5 different MLB spring training games.
4:23 | 03/12/15

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Transcript for Will Ferrell Plays the Field
Sees it didn't dawn on me that. Whiskey transient nature of sports today you know but a lot of players changing teams all the time that. Did a lot of these clubs now are really looking for a clubhouse presence. You know 47 year old journeyman the you know to provide the intangibles. And and and that's what I can provide a journeyman I mean someone with no baseball ability whatsoever. Comedian Will Ferrell no stranger to sports shenanigans. Attempting a perhaps his most ambitious craziest idea today all for a good cause. Ferrell will play in five different Major League spring training baseball game Tuesday attempting to play all nine positions. Everyone I'm Dan Cutler in New York's are here with more as Will Ferrell plays ball is Jay Busby columnists and Yahoo! sports' Jay. Who would crazy and let's explain a logistics and just a minute why is he doing this. Why does Will Ferrell do any candidate at this point. We just taken at his word for what he does with this. Is part of an overall project he's doing for its web site Funny or Die. In connection with HBO they're filming it it can be run later on this year it's can involve him number baseball players number of baseball officials looks like it's in the a lot of fun. Five games nine positions at and there's a charitable element all of this right. Right right. What they're going to be doing is he's he's going to every team and he's going and changing out of uniform put on new uniform ER he's already done this this morning earlier today should say. With the with the athletics with the cubs are down sorry. With the athletics with the F mariners he's changed uniforms midway through he's taken uniforms they're selling them two for college for cancer. And for stand up to cancer a couple of charitable organizations that help cancer survivors. And out okay which is an amazing effort as grits that is all being done for good work. How is he pulling the sodomy like logistically again how was he made it these five for games. Well fortunately spring training baseball all takes place within a very small area in Arizona lease these five games do so. He staking ice probably got a police work you know he's got a helicopter for some of it. One of the teens the Dodgers actually changed their starts on the move at about five hours later to be part of this stunt so they they plotted it out like it was a presidential motorcade and he's going from park to park a park. He's not playing at all all of every single game he's played just an inning or two but that enough is a pretty in present logistical achievement. Yet right and and not positions altogether you know but this is been done before the by someone not five Americans but all nine positions right. Right Bergkamp and heiress back in 1965 did it in the in an actual Major League game. And he went over three in the game with little bit more a stunt than anything else this is Roy the first time that anybody's done this in recent times and obviously this is not. Legitimate Major League games were still very early in spring training but it's the cast doubt that wolf broken obvious people often so far he's doing well. Do it well Indian as a lot of one and helping watch it that is the can be on TV where's this going to be are not going to be part of its Funny or Die HBO program. Right right you have to wait for a few months for that but this evening. MLB TV were also running a complete live blow when Yahoo! Sports at big leaks to dot com blurred dot com if you order to check that out as well. To what was going on in live action's there the following an on Twitter. It's gonna going all over the place right now within the Aztec for role in the field so it's pretty funny fun to watch Ed and what is the schedule games he's guy. Well let's see he's already played with Seattle and Oakland east right now else Chicago at the Los angels angels of Anaheim. He's got the reds the Diamondbacks coming up a tough 5 o'clock eastern. He's got the giants the White Sox after that and he closes out about 9 o'clock Easter with the Dodgers in the pottery so. A full schedule he's hoping to get in all my positions that he can play little bit of umpire. Apparently my at whether we go envisions other way around. Absolutely thank you you can keep up with the story as we'll continues to make that envisions an ambitious dream come true by doubt many ABC news that star in the story for exclusive updates on the I'm damn I plan.

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{"duration":"4:23","description":"Comedian Will Ferrell to play all 9 positions in 5 different MLB spring training games.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"29595413","title":"Will Ferrell Plays the Field","url":"/Entertainment/video/ferrell-plays-field-29595413"}