FIT Fashion Show Debuts Next Generation of Designers

ABC News' Charli James talks to the organizers of FIT's Future of Fashion show ahead of the event tonight.
12:54 | 05/05/16

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Transcript for FIT Fashion Show Debuts Next Generation of Designers
All right the help a little bit. And on their. So I am mad at IT it you don't live in new York at stands for the Fashion Institute of Technology it is one of the premier fashion schools. I'm in New York in the United States in the world. And I am here for the future of fashion 2016. Showed isn't one of FIT's biggest events of the year it is. Professional. Level runway show put on with the students. Final projects or at the us school of fashion design art and design. And so they're still setting up here and now you can see all the seats are empty but later today they're going to be filled wit. People from all of big designers for big designers big department stores critics. From all over New York who are going to be here to see it these designs that are about seventy students and out of the program were chosen to showcase. Two or three of their garments. And so you can also watch that show live on Linger today. I'm that's at 7 PM eastern time or on FIT's website. And it's a huge event for the students huge event for the school and I'm gonna talk to. Some students a little that first I want to introduce you 22 of the faculty members here it's that. This is a giant. Austin Austin awesome shirt she is a professor of netware here. And they are to have been people who helped. And the students all year round and that's it and and a teen if you could tell us a little bit more about what people can X. Act tonight. We'll what you're seeing is you know the emerging designers of tomorrow. And so really it's a doubt us presenting to the world the next household name in design. And Kenya when you think about the great designers that acknowledged that it intended at nineteenth at Calvin Klein's Michael courts. Narsai so Gregory yes Francisco cost. You know tonight you're going to see the students who will beat those names of tomorrow. And Calvin Klein actually helps. Make this show possible as well and will be in the audience email on cal. Isn't very good friend to death by T he served as a critic many times each of our. Sections of our graduating class. Has an industry critics such as Calvin North Carolina Pereira. Or no C so award Diane von Furstenberg and so the students work one on one with the industry critics and their faculty and certainly asked to can tell you a little bit more. Out that she's right in the classroom yet to say costing if you could tell the viewers more about you what exactly. The show and being put together what of the student doing that. The aging literally like every bit part of these garment. I teach upper division where specialized station and most people don't realize that. The students start with a strand that aren't so they are creating. There fat wreck their purchasing there yarn. They are creating that rate of their design and in the end. They are executing everything including linking together the Carmen to either by hand or by machine so. It starts with one little strand of yarn and it becomes netware creation. And I'm wearing. Actually I'm not tease from one of the students collection unmarried husband and not since the students and started with. A strand of yarn and is turned into this apartment and money really. Are part of every single piece of that process and can. Our mentally we actually have some video of the students. From last year working and putting together. There their collections if you want to roll on him and that's that the viewers can see what goes on. And behind the scenes as I mentioned earlier that you know this is a professional level shallow. All of fashion weeks. You really training these students to be able to. Participating every aspect of a Fashion Week type shell. So what's going on behind the scenes. The students are prepping. And backstage is crazy is every. As every backstage Kerry bashing shell. But you know we believe that's will put at the learning process we want the students to be named each and every part of this from the concept. From going from two dimensional to three dimensional to feeding the models to working with the stylus to select the accessories. And really working with our show producer to make this one collective collection because. What we have tonight I'm nineteen looks like ninety designers. That we can make a look like one collection. And answered the student's role quite at that and we think that's really important you know we think that to eight we think that learning process is is critical. Mom to be deported there education so that really when you leave that ITT. Our students hit the ground running and that's industry said about the FIT student you know get prepared get really prepared to enter the industry. The minute he graduated. And it'll be professional hair professional make up RS I'm Harry does thinking Aaron that is is downstairs sitting up and didn't up. And I just we just watch it racks of garments roll down noble all. And mini dresses will be organizing everything board the models. And so finally Wyatt. Types of clothing are we going to feed tonight in the show. On kind of running the Gammon of different. And types types of garment. Well the students are ex. Hitting their emissions are you gonna see. A combination of things that are very conceptual and things that are. Maybe a little warm wearable but they're all geared towards. Runway and I was there. Judging criteria whether they created an outfit that was probably. Where eight. And mayoral on. And FIT IO recently have been kept in the brat. So the students have the opportunity. To select a concentrations. So it's intimate apparel children's Wear its netware exports where it special occasion market. And then. And I think that's a really important piece of an FIT education. We're fortunate heartened designed to have a strong business school and strong school of liberal arts. Seeing no art fashion design students may be specializing in yet where but in my hearing in Latin American studies or economics so I think that's a really cool piece of an IT education steals scene. Technology which of of course is in our name utilized in these garments and we'll see real concentration on the craft. We really honored to craft an FIET and our students. Had the opportunity to learn those wonderful artists and techniques that are so important did you looking at the luxury market. And we are lucky enough to be able to speak to some of the students as well thanking them and without I'm gonna head out into the hall. Where some of the sketches. For the time that are going to be shown tonight are on display and I got a few of the students here as well. And so before I introduce the students. You can see I'm of the design is all part of the the process is offering its students is putting together. Or act these beautiful sketches. Where day it. Outline there to Zion well. And tonight we aren't able to see the design and they're gonna seek rent for tonight and said it's too big show but you can see. The design of the pieces here. And I have a few students standing by. Who are. You are all going to be in the show tonight all of your. Oh work. I'm so here I have. It's holing out here in the center. This is Rosemary here. And Stephanie. And so first of all just tell me how are you feeling it's. And just a matter of hours before that show this all of your first time. Skiing your work. On major Broadway like this what's going through your mind. He can't read it again the runway and are her. And you have your family members get to common the end well he really exciting. Our hard work. You. I. And speaking went some of your teachers earlier they explaining that you guys learn from. It details every aspect of its business. What surprised you the most when it's. To be something he didn't expect your education here. That got me think that. That's challenging. And think he fashions and it. To me it's fantastic and it can't vote. Act. Here I did not by Hamas. And how much work on the walls and challenging that will be. Tinny here it is. It's at me. So let it. You know athletes see if the aptly OK let it. And what you can. Eat well. And MIT. Have opened its nominee July. For me personally including them on that I had a chance to act but there's. Nine. News that is always. When Michelle Obama earth international. Where's someone nine only that that the evening here. And cute design for the First Lady where an event at the White House that she. And so that's all it's it's. I've seen many designers. Basically launched. Op just opera. Shouldn't get to hear theme and next time yours. And air and the earth. In sports. And and ample. Beef island I'll collapse. And so are these going to be are these moments after. I am currently not exactly can't stomach. These moves are here from this theme. Collection. To look at remains sound economy aren't happy and and it wouldn't talk. About. For the crit act. You were chosen to that it hasn't critics' choice awards aren't. Haven't. The only other work. Laettner racking yeah it's really cool where the credit and half come at the cost Irvin talked about the parents getting. Initially. Suggests or professor beat back. So I was really want to give us insight on the initiative working things brash keeps things neo. And it's it's the look feel that like the credit industry really like what we're producing an arsonist new designs. So there it is up to me. And that he. It was such a pleasure working with and he really challenged us all to. You know push the boundaries instant. Comfort times aren't. Fabrication and then. And things like path it was a really great experience working at. Someone summoned some knobs on them it's not important to industry currently diet well. Good luck tonight pain in the and it's obviously huge opportunity it's these. I'm taste makers and does and that big name in the audience tonight for its students. And they said or you can't watch the future fashion show live here from IT on Slash line tonight. That and it's 7 PM eastern time it'll be longer than your typical fashion show much deeper passionately coverage you know that. Generally show is only a matter of minutes long beak. The collections are smaller but because there's so many a garments going down the runway tonight it will be. As much as half an hour long so there's a lot to see tonight. Our eyes. Charlie James there thank you so much Charlie look so tonight 7 PM at right here on You can watch that live fashion show.

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{"duration":"12:54","description":"ABC News' Charli James talks to the organizers of FIT's Future of Fashion show ahead of the event tonight.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"38905159","title":"FIT Fashion Show Debuts Next Generation of Designers","url":"/Entertainment/video/fit-fashion-show-debuts-generation-designers-38905159"}