'Flight': Trailer

An airline pilot's heroic actions reveal a troubling truth.
2:23 | 01/07/13

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Transcript for 'Flight': Trailer
Good morning have to let this manifests with a 102 missiles -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- feeling that look at you -- got to move and then. -- -- -- The way you learn that -- is nothing short of -- Definitely -- must know. Plainfield reported that it doesn't he. McDonald a former -- I won't -- -- of there's all kind of crazy -- people out here here. You will never pay for another song if you live -- is a real American hero. You -- returned from Chicago why do we Maloney don't lose your blood on the back. You had alcohol in your system that could be life in prison. The easiest -- years and ten days. The microscope right now. -- Kenneth Cummings -- components -- kids this is NAFTA. -- investigators concluded -- aircraft sale. -- FAA at least ten pilots and simulators recreated the events every pilot killed everybody on board he was the only one who could do. -- -- -- He's going to -- -- go to -- It's blue line. The land that -- like the idea.

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{"id":18154135,"title":"'Flight': Trailer","duration":"2:23","description":"An airline pilot's heroic actions reveal a troubling truth.","url":"/Entertainment/video/flight-trailer-18154135","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}