Ford Cancels Plan for Mexican Plant

The Ford CEO denies claims that Trump is to thank for the change of plan.
5:34 | 01/04/17

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Transcript for Ford Cancels Plan for Mexican Plant
Cynthia all of Ford claims that their decision to cancel plans for factory in Mexico was not because of taunts presidency. But because of a lack of demand of small cars in America. He does say that he's confident and some of the policies that he feels trump is one pursuit. I'm good things and they'll keep their eye on that but you now the question is is somebody get credit for the. That as well I think he said I actually don't believe the CEO because he also bent went on to say I did call trump intelligent about my decision about board's decision and if you think about it. After this decision was was announced. The fort stock went up 3.3 percent to 1254. A 41% share while the Mexican peso fell off so I think that trump should and in some sense get credit. For that war Bradley if you only if you make sure that the outgoing president gets. The credit for saving the auto in ash. Guess we'll tell you a lot because swore up and auto industry. To take jobs out of the country when you know the country is struggling seems very kind of odd to me. And call me crazy I know I think strangely I did. But if you want to talk about taking jobs out this is the problems seeks I don't feel like. It's the people's fault people want to make money CEOs don't wanna pay me what you have to pay. And you think he's got a big seat he's not gonna bring back jobs is wannabe the company it's because it's the companies. Or point to make it better if you start manufacturing things back to the United States that's what makes the company great that's what made us great because other countries want and what we eat I thought about it and we may put an offense isn't it true that that Donald Trump is making that. Making it easier for the companies to bring the jobs back Ricky went camping was given enough and ask here's a panic about the cuts on whose back now on who is backed says Laura who want to eat it here. The people who use the wac. Although I'm not come taxes listen if you say listen what we're gonna get green union. And will make our own out was won't do the stuff we think we should be doing he'll be working. They'll do job maybe it's. Job yet so you think is better to have a job that does not care about your health and welfare you think it's better for. Because to me if you're working in an express dolls building that's not gonna help you. There aren't that more than points that they'll tell alls well I also reduces safety regulations which he believed to be aware I don't is that you have a Flint, Michigan will be what you're not elaborate saying. About jobs verses like unions which protect their workers I don't understand the business model. How a business man could say I can bring jobs back here because how we compete with countries. That pay a dollar a day how do we Nate how do we take carry her went out and take care auto workers and eight Sunday we are in good health and they have protections and eBay com we have become well look at what they're gonna do it by cars people want those guys like we were talking about you know. I made the point that. Lots of those jobs that people wanted. To could have gotten an inch romance you're like. In your fifties or sixties and you need a little some some shops a bond to people who have college educations could there's no jobs out. So now. People are desperate for work. Why can't we. Actually take care of the workers and do the art I don't understand. There union busters a great many of the folks who warmed up put in. I mean I'm not make. And it yeah put an account Seattle want policy I think when he came out and he said that he was proposing a tax of 35%. On goods made by companies that shifted their production abroad. I think when he came out sad that a lot of companies. Just smartly looked and said look this is gonna go if we go elsewhere it's gonna cost us money we'll see if we stay here us we're gonna save money and that from a company respect I think a lot of them felt that he was. In some ways it was beneficial for the first time a long time they're coming up listening to stay in an arrogant on tap is one of his campaign promise let me tell you about that campaign. It's. When you promise companies that you're not going to. Follow any of the regulations you gonna get rid of those regulation and make it easier for folks to. Get stuff done that hours of money change you can hire who you want the way you want you can make Iran talk. There are issues there that are very very specific and the reason. So many of these unions came into being is because business. Did not look out to warrant there it's at a price that's why they. How soon that it sticks because. You don't want people working. And expects house you don't want people. Working you don't want fourteen year old is working in the factories you don't wanna go back to those stay at eighty I Canada bring some of the wealth from the topic you're talking about companies here that it those CEOs still walk away with a million dollar credit. Please join little else let's not any estimate of the original and I don't have. Didn't want to go. And never speak socialism yeah. Pop up.

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{"duration":"5:34","description":"The Ford CEO denies claims that Trump is to thank for the change of plan.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"44552729","title":"Ford Cancels Plan for Mexican Plant","url":"/Entertainment/video/ford-cancels-plan-mexican-plant-44552729"}