Gal Gadot shines spotlight on women making an impact

“Wonder Woman” actress Gal Gadot and activist Kayla Gore discuss the new National Geographic project profiling women making a difference in their communities.
6:45 | 04/23/21

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Transcript for Gal Gadot shines spotlight on women making an impact
Actress delta is a leading lady in blockbuster movies including the role that made her famous Wonder Woman she is also a producer whose latest project National Geographic prisons impact with Galvin don't tell stories of six remarkable women who despite living in areas impacted by poverty discrimination oppression. Are making a difference in their communities one woman featured his activist Kayla gore who is helping homeless trans women find shelter. Transfer dealings what happens to come warm as you can mail order is vice Versa. There's always an items is a violent listening had a busy year really. It's almost inconceivable she is an act eased the services of shelters camera isms says she you have not read notes like me because I never thought no way I do well so I'm. Taylor Gordon is kind enough to join us now along with host and executive producer gal get dealt welcome to you both. Before we start to want to mention that National Geographic like ABC is part of the Walt Disney company thank Allah tell us about National Geographic prisons impact with gallons adult which will be streaming on National Geographic some YouTube channel starting on Monday. Select the women that you profile in each of the six episodes. First Carnegie sharks weren't having act hankering to see you. You're chilly ready to separate to see voter you ladies. Powell. How the process of choosing that women. It was it was hard to choose. Because they worst show. We're we we had to to deal and handle it and we've recently been sent to date. Breezy originally found so many amazing stories. Any kind of hard to choose which one you're lying best bet we just knew and we follow their instincts and and how long together when they nest Iraq a random blood and an ultrasound on my husband and eat one and that's there are getting everyone involved. It was pretty it was it was essentially creating easy. Decision to me. And that I am completely it. Off on the all of these ladies and and I am door and I salute them in the lane lap and DT. Everything that they do and everything that they are. And Gallup course in particular were about to meet the transaction is Kelyn core of Memphis Tennessee who is featured in one of those episodes we just saw what Kayla story in particular standouts here. Wow. Her writing actually allowed women can't. Her sound painting that. You know offer Herm. Every episode. Deals we did different theme with a different subject. And we came I showing he was home. And there is something sole basic. It's. K I was born. In their own home you know in the wrong finally. And then not only that she has sued to be all and to own who she really is. And the crown bid Cain and that she is. Smith and she had to face wins homelessness. And men and not having an actual home. And the fact. You know it always amazes me bet sometimes. All I need is just one person to believe in us and to give us a chance. And she got that she ends from someone. And now she's the one and who's been leading an there is engaging in them the opportunities and empowering them and giving them the most. You know there the most essential thing anybody need. Home. So she's she's she's amazed she's an amazing woman. And Kayla you were once homeless so you found it my sister's house to help other trans women find food and shelter like Angelica who we saw in the clinch this situation has grown even more dire especially for trans women of color due to the pandemic. What you say are the greatest needs. The greatest needs for the transfer needing more specifically black screens remain. Saint insecurity and that's what we're doling out there its ranks. Count me in being home is now saying the Ayers. Is essentially what gives a person being the ability so little ones merely staying. Will be able to bring you for years the Amin we want to do camp where. It was for maximum safety and security. And you Don certainly remarkable work through the tiny house project to help trans women living on the street. Which he started during a pandemic tell us about that in and why even a tiny house means so much to someone who's on the street. So there's so much low but it and then the creation of these angle isn't working closely knit community. And sugar are urging contractors to mixture. And these old girl exactly when seeing the safety and security or. I treats people. The reason we just decided to do you call this because we want to super is in great number waste. Winds of rats and people and we hope to attract new would be eased the construction cost is there needs because that's what it can't discharge and once again. They aren't desperately needs that we just want is there. Gravity is a little smile her initial idea was to build these holes on the lanes of every. Person seltzer. But it cult would allow and so I think a little bigger. And friends and you can't. And they hit that roof over their head which is what matters and lastly gal there's heroes among us who you could have featured an impact was gal good jokes why isn't so important to elevate women's voices in particular in this project. A man and a woman and I'm drunk teaching on agreements stories and I share I think you know the world sends for ever been. Dominates the live. Mailed stories are amazing angry and inspiring and fantastic but with this one I just want it. She gave this station racist here is and two more women and to show how home. Essentially. We you know to show iconic scene the scene between all of us and how big of an impact we can all hat. Dallas did Dylan and Kayla gore we thank you so much for coming on the show appreciate your time thank. You so much for having us.

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{"duration":"6:45","description":"“Wonder Woman” actress Gal Gadot and activist Kayla Gore discuss the new National Geographic project profiling women making a difference in their communities.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"77257083","title":"Gal Gadot shines spotlight on women making an impact","url":"/Entertainment/video/gal-gadot-shines-spotlight-women-making-impact-77257083"}