Garth Brooks on CMA entertainer of the year chances

Garth Brooks on CMA nominations, the female-centric show and stadium gig.
1:59 | 11/12/19

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Transcript for Garth Brooks on CMA entertainer of the year chances
It means to you to take home entertainer of the year this year well I think it would mean more than that it ever has because as you get older. You know you'd the F Judy begum less but I think the reason for me is the reigning entertainer. There does that mean that the war Charlie good as the names on them you don't get better than Keith Urban so a vote form every year's tradition. Jeff that they did it. I'd I'd love though that they don't but the truth is you can't lose in this much. Whoever takes it home I mean you're looking at all the names of all the shows are fantastic and it is here the moment. It is here and am. Looking forward to knows about. That part of the celebration was I think what I'm looking forward you most as the industry for one night's gonna pull your head out of bullets ago. The Easter he's a great examples so I have three daughters. Married one of the greatest singers ever. So I see the work ethic a single women have to do they were a thousand times guardian attend this much and what I love about the four women on with it. Don't complain that just understand it touted as they roll their sleeves and they go to work and so I think you're gonna see that and Dolly. We've seen in Reba and Seton Cary that this is going to be perfect girls are kind of night. If CMA awards awards weren't enough for this week you got a pretty big engagement this weekend I hope for good weather. When we first talked about this tour I think askew like are you gotta bring it to Tennessee at some point and here it is what does it feel like to bring it home so it's exciting man the numbers are crazy already which is sweet. They showed up on ticket don't sit there like crazy so it just when that happens it kinda you just downhill already. And you start to get momentum so we'll get rid role in the crew has been there since Sunday. There have a great time to head a little weather thing yesterday. But supposed to be clear and fifty Saturday let's hope perfect college football weather and they're gonna come in their full colors trust me you know that.

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{"duration":"1:59","description":"Garth Brooks on CMA nominations, the female-centric show and stadium gig.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"66946850","title":"Garth Brooks on CMA entertainer of the year chances","url":"/Entertainment/video/garth-brooks-cma-entertainer-year-chances-66946850"}