Generations Collide on New Realtiy Series

See what happens when "Young vs. Old" share a house during spring break on New TV LAND show.
5:13 | 04/10/13

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Transcript for Generations Collide on New Realtiy Series
Two generations one house one unforgettable spring break. It is not a movie plot but it is the senate for TV land's latest show called forever young. They take five juniors under the age of thirty and five seniors over the age of seventy and put all ten of them in one house. To watch -- have a little vacation. People today are selfish -- people off are stuck in that -- as they r.s moral bickering. They haven't -- simple ordinary matters party sorry NATO appreciate what they got -- and actually living life definitely sexually active stock and. -- Airways group writes this stubborn people. Forget it. And they -- so I don't believe that next time. Party and sexually active if that is entities to watch the show I don't know what possibly joining me now to the show's stars and -- Hannah and Mike Markowitz thank you -- Amok and guess which one is the junior which went as the senior -- does leave that for the audience's -- you guys get involved with the show. Well my daughter in law pushed me to go into an agency called twins agency OK and I assumed it was to ask me about my twin grandchildren. OK I did it. Turned out to be the name of the agency had nothing to do. Why -- I thought our -- -- certain kind of got snookered -- this yes I did that turn activate 20000. People addition. And they chose twenty. Victorian age when he went to California was sequestered and that -- Mike same story. Yeah same thing basically went to the same agency is -- -- actually. And you know -- casting process but they -- me to make a video. Of me speaking to my grandmother do an interview my grandmother -- seem to really like it and then Nam you know same thing happened we went to California with the finalists. We -- -- for a month not knowing if we got on the show. And then -- as we -- went home the next day or made the show himself luckily we made it. Are somewhat want to know which of the two groups who have been more educational experience. Education health and exhibit. I thought I didn't want -- there's gonna be a quiz. But that the fact of the matter is that there can be that generational divide that oftentimes seniors will think that you know -- that is the other entire life to figure things out engineers you know we've got everything. Well done I honestly think the young ones -- listen to us anyways yeah. -- just let me -- -- -- -- Didn't know the computed its technology OK didn't have any idea of technology minister at the time right so that was a very educational thing. Okay I taught computer so I was -- -- was so they have a technological advantage what do you think what you brought us. It -- are awarded to you know listen and to speak without any technology any cell phones and you know actually get to know people. You know his you know nowadays it's texting it's on the computer. So we actually got a chance to sit down listen to each other and actually get to know each -- human being so it was cool didn't. How things ever get ugly -- -- was there that generational kind of error. You collect that some positive you go to family reunions and there's that kind of difference but you know hey it's only one day you can leave them but you guys were the food intake debtor. Without. Without any compromise. Well in the very beginning I -- that could happen -- an -- especially if somebody like Angelina home very strongly held. Young girl but after living with them for that long -- time we learn much more compatible than I -- thought we would -- Yeah we -- -- on tonight's episode actually we. You know I got close and -- way and on different teams warns -- -- -- -- one is mottled. And I was doing that we were on opposite teams this tie Erica I was doing everything possible. It's get more business for my team. And he came out and he. He and being -- and out of his head he was really mad at me so why there was some friction sometimes put -- for the most -- It was smooth -- is so is the -- -- the fact that you know you're gonna go between bingo -- keg stands is that kind of a whole formula behind us. Yes this challenge is more about how we managed money. You know how we ran a bit okay are so you don't see how the juniors. You know would react to wouldn't have the seniors would run a business so it's it's all challenges for a purpose. A good experience overall I'll carry that in fact I think -- we -- complaining about the Monica potter. A lot of horrible -- if that happened. Well obviously because you've you've you've learned the lessons along the way so you know at how receptive religions. I mean as far as being told you might want to travel differently. I don't know I think -- became very receptive and time I mean they were really really great bunch of kids yet. You know we locked we really I don't think -- can't stand it tumbles answers to the electric Walt sharp and willing to learn. To -- endorsement right there -- by appreciated thank you play I'll tell you later I got up like heavily thank you both of its very much that's a great jobs to be watching on TV land Wednesday night. At 10 o'clock things thank you so much appreciated.

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{"id":18926548,"title":"Generations Collide on New Realtiy Series","duration":"5:13","description":"See what happens when \"Young vs. Old\" share a house during spring break on New TV LAND show.","url":"/Entertainment/video/generations-collide-realtiy-series-18926548","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}