'Ghostbusters' Leslie Jones on How Whoopi Goldberg Inspired Her

The comedian visited "The View" to talk about her role in the new "Ghostbusters" film.
7:45 | 07/14/16

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Transcript for 'Ghostbusters' Leslie Jones on How Whoopi Goldberg Inspired Her
Years after the original became one of the most successful comedies of all time. Ghost busters is back with a brand new all female cast and -- out Leslie Jones is part of a team take this. Appealing to college goes chipper follow laser technology sucks in the ghost and neutralizes it step up to bat and do what you gonna do. You truly scare me I just one of those you know. NN just. Check Mardi Gras and here. Believe it welcome Leslie young. Now we're just talking about if people like to be called miss man sweetie hi honey love to limit hope you that's we don't know that I'm yeah. Like to be called. I don't care what you Columbia closure column. I doesn't bother me at all I mean I get the sweetie. Saying that could see how everybody you'd say sweetie I say that when I waited on tables that it would hated me because I've do you namely things Levy in all things to do that. I don't like anybody to call me mrs. Jones I don't like that. What you I think that's don't think it's actually a Maine yes for me a Communist zealots like really. If I don't I'm doing exactly yeah. I didn't start. I thank you are killing at in the gland a part of a couple pictures of U. Did you kiss this is a lot. Okay. He did make headlines recently for tweeting that designers were not gonna help dress you. Yes yes yes it was out of frustration. Because we did have two black designers that we're gonna do something and then they bowed out and they we've reached that this is like. Months ago because I knew that this was coming so we reach an out to everybody in. We just wasn't getting any response that ought now. Isn't thinking that it was because must clouds and stuff I just thought it was good to know by know what was like all our guests. You know I don't think anything about that fact when he started bringing up the Sabbath like oh okay well. All right locked out it was just because I wasn't anybody like you know Diana care and nobody was reaching out to me in on Santo. I it was out of frustration epic the follow up it was like how man you know designers. I'm not you know. NASA would be right now we all understand that and and then. So Rondo hit me and novels like yeah. My guys we have so much for us is we have lol yeah designers address and cannot win it would hold different idea out wanted to do slowly and you know just and he was like no you've got a body of and its total body where truth you know. You're not only old Hollywood you know those women had heard you know may. Check her this yeah his old Hollywood name yeah. The island's Red Sea Knight yes they is looking into it. You have nice. How. Our big fan of what he almost seemed really in my area you when you're coming up at the comic talents okay. I'm gonna do this without trying to get emotional. We're here Korea yeah. Okay. When I was young. I'll wait my dad always let me listen to comedy albums and I always knew about comedy always loved comedy. The day that I saw will be over on television. I cried so whole heart because I kept the good in my daddy going. Does the audiotape it looks like. It's. I watch that not that recorded for me I'm I literally watched it everyday after school. And a great story I went to college and I wasn't communications class and it taught us to get a speech ready I didn't get ready. And I just put my switch I don't market it without. To the front and I was like. I want wipe your hair. As she was like you never have come to this plastic yeah. That's how this got this one at thank you from the bottom of a heart because now I know what I'm doing. That would not put on a ghost busters suit and little girl seat mile TV now now they're gonna go I can do it is UK. And I'm you I love you from my heart it must hope. And I love you for what she's done for black women a loving what you dump a black comedians. OK. It's. That's that's amazing asked for alcohol in this. And it takes you about this that the reason you're here rate yeah this is a reboot of the 1984 classic goes batters with stand at Detroit Bill Murray. Were you look in of that movie and it what was it like when they started chewing up. Take cameos in OK first that movie came out and 84 right if re born net yes I will host a com I'm Jorge. Darling yes 48 yeah. It's no friend no yeah. We're. Generation drank one never thumb Obama drank water ever. Water we work out we didn't let a patient we take care of myself this is the new does the new age of the new age you get on. I start I dissect yep yep I'm Tom they'll it came at a 1984 not. I was in high school of the low but that's gotten it fisherman scraper and pop up. I'll remember it watching ghostbusters and figure Sigourney Weaver is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen at this McChrystal would love her. If I looked like her acting cute as a mink creek where. C. It recently cripple looked like somebody else he did you now but he can't. You are single and ready to legally jet went out and ready to legal please pointed it out. Started showing up it was crazy Bill Murray is eight beast. He came in there and it was just so good. I mean me Kate was banner back we forgot wins in the same planet and all we got what we got life that he was sold. Awesome Sigourney Weaver would also ban act royal moment got their act braved army sees me he hugs and kisses me and he goes you are awesome Ernie. Hudson I don't want it don't look at commercial and get gifts they are our huge stakes you let. Many are ghostbusters opened in eaters an IMAX tomorrow and the brand new soundtrack to the film is also out tomorrow and want anybody and it's going home at this CD.

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{"duration":"7:45","description":"The comedian visited \"The View\" to talk about her role in the new \"Ghostbusters\" film.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"40581773","title":"'Ghostbusters' Leslie Jones on How Whoopi Goldberg Inspired Her","url":"/Entertainment/video/ghostbusters-leslie-jones-whoopi-goldberg-inspired-40581773"}