Golden Globes Nominations

"Lincoln," "Argo," "Django Unchanged" make strong showings.
5:16 | 12/13/12

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Transcript for Golden Globes Nominations
Some of Hollywood's hottest stars are feeling a little more golden this morning the seventieth Golden Globe nominations were announced bright and early and while there are many predictable nominee is a few surprises did sneak in there. So here to break it all down for us -- us weekly's senior editor Bradley Jacobs Bradley great to see exiting Aaron thing. Let's with -- big lie and that big motion picture drama category we have Lincoln with seven nomination ranked Fargo with five. Doing these two pictures have it nailed down I feel like. This is going to be Lincoln's year ultimately for the golden gloves and for the Oscars it just has everything going forward it's got Daniel Day-Lewis. The -- you know real story -- heartfelt story about a time in US history Scott the Tony Kushner script. It's got Sally Field at Scott Steven Spielberg happiness -- -- -- saying this yes it's got it's got everything and it's done and I'll try. Barely anyone has anything bad to say about Lincoln so I feel like it's going to get all those Golden Globes although it's not really like arouse saying. I can't believe how great that was -- movie in many ways -- makes you feel like yes I really enjoyed -- I had -- I had a good time watching and it was. There were a lot of -- there's an intriguing story -- -- a little Hollywood. -- -- Hollywood element to it it's good to see Ben Affleck has been so whose career has been so rocky over the last. Ten years -- so that I've been covering him I guess fifteen years now places -- settling at forty years old. The director of -- love it love it but any courses that category zero dark thirty maybe it's easier and a thirty you're gonna see a lot written about -- in the next few. Weeks and months and Jessica testing is probably gonna win her category best actress for the Golden Globe and the Oscar race is the movie of course about the fight. To find Osama bin lot sure glass. Do you days and -- -- controversy surrounding his navy to the CIA it was perhaps not so happy about -- -- it's going to be a very interest it's -- see things it's more than just. A Hollywood story right and -- -- there's actual politics involved when you see it. You think wow I can't believe they actually did it this way it feels like you're watching a documentary. And acting is excellent. But yes that the controversy -- waterboarding and what was what -- -- the torture. It's makes him more interest in what jango and chain a lot of people are going well aware that -- Adams on the big surprises of this morning to Jane does one of those movies. Like. Zero and are known as senior analysts here critic in new Yorker LA it's not out another ten weeks yet -- have seen in an us weekly. Leonardo DiCaprio and Christoph Waltz both got nominated for this -- -- usually if you guys in the same category he has seen movie. The Golden Globes -- you know them Hollywood foreign press they do love movie stars of course so they definitely want it and they -- -- there they love Quentin Tarantino. And who doesn't want to sit next to Quentin Tarantino car. So much fun he's. -- You know I mean who wouldn't want to be there with -- and you want him at the golden gloves you know I don't think he's gonna win anything but you know he'll be. -- mean -- help help help but Alonso hand him a lot. Yes movie about movie is certainly one of the big stories of this morning because it it to get a lot of nominations out of nowhere and and you know having. We've seen it hit us weekly and it is very Clinton it's very violent it's there's a lot of swearing in it. So -- classic white middle appeal to those who are big fans of the -- you know. Yes what it's a best picture in the comedy or musical category we've got Lee -- is just getting so. -- can minimize -- we've got silver linings play up. We ain't gonna happen -- I think this is lane is is category I obscenely and is a couple times now it's very good -- the reviews have not been as good. As I thought that they would -- but I I really enjoyed it. It's you know if you like musicals. You kind of are gonna love lane -- -- And -- the way is for sure going to win every award that China's economic and -- -- an officer buzz for her the chance to -- the blow -- on the Oscar we'll see her teary -- -- all these speeches censorship when a sack and four and again he will once she will give us something new every time -- every every Santa feel something different tell -- the TV drama category because that's the networks were completely just. The game because with the growing trend we've seen again and again last year's which is that -- The networks pretty much get shut out -- aside from you know ABC's own Nashville. And it really want to. -- our area this area but they're really you know it's mostly the cable networks and the premium channels that get these nominations a -- kind of started with mad -- a few years ago everyone felt like that on those channels you can. Do a lot more. There's a lot more great involved so in this -- in this category just homeland have a wrapped up. Yes homeland is. Everyone's critical darling at this time finances when these shows the last couple years really. Reach a ground swell. -- People just a comic can't get enough -- it it's both a critical head. And hit with audiences and I feel like we have a lot more years on board and get enough time medical gloves that unfortunately -- -- time Bradley thank you so. Thank you.

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{"id":17968731,"title":"Golden Globes Nominations","duration":"5:16","description":"\"Lincoln,\" \"Argo,\" \"Django Unchanged\" make strong showings.","url":"/Entertainment/video/golden-globes-nominations-17968731","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}