Golden Globes won’t air on NBC in 2022 amid diversity backlash

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association said it is working to add Black members in response to the outcry.
8:47 | 05/11/21

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Transcript for Golden Globes won’t air on NBC in 2022 amid diversity backlash
NBC says it will not air the Golden Globes next year the move comes after backlash over report revealing a Hollywood Foreign Press Association didn't have a single black voting member. TJ Holmes has more. Lawrence though Golden Globes all. For now. NBC announced it will not air the awards show next year of another major blow to the globe's following months of criticism from movie stars and Hollywood insiders directed at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. After an LA times report that revealed among other things none other groups 87 voting members are black Scarlett Johansson also spoke out against the globe's explaining why she refused to attend. Press conferences held by the group for years. Attending quote meant facing sexist questions by some members that bordered on sexual harassment. She's now urging Hollywood to take a step back from the group unless there is necessary fundamental reform within the organization. Tom Cruise and now three time Golden Globe winner Tom Cruise is joining the growing boycott roads turning his statues of the organization yes three golden glue. He said not you can have these. That. Stats a signal. Other prominent. Y eighty people in power in this new chief to supplement might comply with thoughts. The association's lack of black members did not go unmentioned by hosts and prisoners at this year's ceremony. I realize HF PA maybe you guys didn't get the medal because your workplaces the back Booth of a French McDonald's. You gotta say is that so here's to change yes I'm looking forward to that James. It is great to be black of the Golden Globe. Just last week the organization approved a plan. Meant to make its membership more inclusive saying it planned to add at least twenty new members with a specific focus on recruiting black members but that was too little too late for solved including Mark Russell Lowe who won a globe this year for his role in that I know this much is true. More yeah. Clooney charter and see each other interior charter schools fast through here are broken hearts in my house. Over the weekend he said he cannot feel proud or happy about being the recipient of this award. Tonight Diane NBC or poorly paid some sixty million dollars a year for the broadcast rights of the globe's. After canceling it next year essentially they did leave open the possibility of bringing it back in years past if the Hollywood Foreign Press Association does make changes. Right TJ Holmes thanks for that. Let's bring an ABC news contributor and serious XM radio host Mike me used to help unpack this a little bit my thanks for being here put this in context how big. Is this decision by NBC to not carry the Golden Globes. It's this year's this isn't my NBC would NBC is saying that their role mask that the Hollywood foreign press laid out. In part to NBC and they said they need time to execute. But this is saying no not by NBC but my Netflix Warner media and Amazon studios and this just has to live total amount. Only increasing your membership that's our rating only about ninety members to twenty people by the end of twenty and twenty wine and an up to 50%. The following year it just doesn't excited Diane when you think about the power that the Golden Globe tack. Past the Golden Globes other precursor to the Oscars. It's what everyone looks to in the industry as a signal for what could be a possible contender. Full you have a ninety member of maize as compared to a 101000 member base the academy. And then you have over 22000. Memories of a television academy. Ninety's comparison just doesn't cut. Why the weight of this organization holds through representation of it to the question remains is. How can you have such diversity. When you only still only have about was at 110 members who'll be voting. And the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and they say that you know they're gonna add new members there are gonna focus on recruiting black members. Is it is it enough and what did you think over all of their response there. At a vigorous proposition now I felt like their results planned to show that they don't have any real interest. At its. Wore off physically to make it change that is needed it seemed to need more ABBA album window dressing that as a PR thing to say hey we're working on it. But we knew authentically want and make change Diane as you know so well Younis leading reform Dini sweeping change in just to do micro baby stats just doesn't cut it in terms of the blow back that have received and once. The video came Marvin we began to understand that LA times Axl Rose back in February are they into workings. How how the Hollywood foreign press. From operates. And then you can do something as small as that and I think it was very sad to have Tom Cruise returned his Golden Globes I think that's a huge statement that is not just talk that is action. The Netflix CEO ten. Sends sets a strong letter to talk about how much more subdued chains they need is huge. The Hollywood foreign press definitely. Can do better because just falls into burgers at this as NASA community how can you represented global woods just a little red ninety members. How can you possibly Sudan and low for the best possible continent best films when you have such a small membership. You need more members in order to hold them accountable and that is the diversity diet but in terms of practice is it gets that they receive. So what do you think would be satisfactory solution at this point. I think you need to get rid of the entire board I think you need to bring gan a fresh leadership from a CEO. To achieve diversity officer you are seizing its chief revenue officer because how they bring in money and how they issue money to some of their voting members almost as it its payroll. I'm Diane that goals to the legitimacy of the reviews from the Hollywood foreign press from their members that goes to the legitimacy. They really liked this movie they really like this television show or they just getting aid in as a result of course some like if I'm getting a check. So that he's that he systematic change to needs to be a whole new board and Diane for me I need to see increase in the membership and I think they should really work on a plan. Bringing in anywhere from a thousand new members over a certain amount of time and then increasing it some type of incrementally in the thousands but. To have set significance in Hollywood to have such significant. Head inside is not about the awards. As you and I both know and in the awards mean so much more to the livelihood. Back there is a gives you act as a chance. I gives diverse actors in Hmong people from Martha's communities that chance of a bigger states we recognize against other. Acting opportunities it gets a chance to bring more films green lit in Hollywood they see there's traction and we know that representation matters to bring about change according mirror to our society so are these things aren't part of what really happens to change America and our culture in our society. So that happened membership says the house form press that hasn't had a black member since 2002. It's just insufficient. And board on lines of more than just trouble I think there's a the other issue that city looked at you so this is what acting city can change needs larger membership and increasingly in a quantity of the thousands. New leadership in the cease at least I knew leadership on the board level. So what happens Alison future of the organization if they don't have but TV home for the awards. Well that's a really great question NBC said listen we're gonna cancer for the upcoming year but we're gonna reevaluate to see your greatest comeback in between 23 I think in the Golden Globes are probably probably do something smaller property next go around but they definitely need to show. Much more change and much trouble willingness to change and much more who will it is to have more open dialogue with industry as a whole. Had maybe an open dialogue where we can to be transferred to the meetings and maybe have some type but press conferences where. Media can question seven the Morton's on the actions. And I think once we start seeing that change then I think we can see in the Golden Globes possibly come back. I took broadcasts. So that they can be meaningful. For what it was actually intended to do you how much you can car yourself international association and when you now reflective and the global society that we live in today. Ryan ABC news contributor Mike muse always great to have you might think you. They fled.

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{"duration":"8:47","description":"The Hollywood Foreign Press Association said it is working to add Black members in response to the outcry.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"77624583","title":"Golden Globes won’t air on NBC in 2022 amid diversity backlash","url":"/Entertainment/video/golden-globes-wont-air-nbc-2022-amid-diversity-77624583"}