'No Good Deed'

Taraji P. Henson talks new big screen thriller.
8:32 | 09/09/14

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Transcript for 'No Good Deed'
We'll -- out the lights of we'll also look news. -- -- I. -- -- I don't even need them and stay right here dependable. That you know baseball bats -- right there that things are making it into staying. To writing he had been an -- -- that -- go head to head the new action packed screen thriller. No good deed and we are thrilled to have to Iraqi here with the local -- being. A case that we got offense -- -- scene that it's a thriller tell me about this -- what can we expect. It's a psychological. Thriller like he's trying to get my hands planning in his -- to get out of -- -- it's a waste in. Saturday in them stay home ex district attorney who decides it. Dedicate her life to her family. Lost a bit of herself. Has been leased to go out of town that storm is I mean. It comes to the door he's hurt she -- to be that -- married and then she realizes that the wrong person house with. But you can understand why a woman might let -- just fell into her house every little months ago. It like working with him. What I think he's quite ugly in the have a horrible accident at panera especially with -- I don't know what extraction. Now he's he's he's amazing and you know I always thought he would play an incredible backpack because insults and -- And I these women on Twitter like -- it just public can kill me any fan. Up up up up up. I don't know if that's what we're going for the incumbents -- he Hammel and Matt he's crazy United's parent company middleman. It's funny that you -- the people it's not because people have made means that if the -- out about. Later this week has become not yet -- people already done some online -- region where a couple of -- -- because the question is what would you do -- Egypt came knocking at your door here's what a couple people had to say one -- -- says sound come on -- -- which -- -- the -- -- -- he still -- like that you get to know them better. -- -- -- says grab them locked the door and keep him in my house for the majesty and the -- A lot of women. They can keep it is in there house of five minutes they'll be put -- -- including amount really -- getting. Nat I saw -- mean that they made with Kathy Bates care to from misery and remember when she sat down to the bailout and broke his ankle. They say this is what I would do it -- show Abdul. Keep in the back to keep them -- -- not just aren't there is also executive for your -- executive. -- some of them well I learned that being produced in me -- need to get again because it is. Actually -- -- him for the movie avenue sign bars will packer but -- -- -- wait before they. Com. -- you know scandals got -- the -- you know it is off to Africa -- -- -- to do Mandela and haven't. Thought that usage you gonna do you know they like them I'm a single mother and my son is about to go to college in a lady accounting and many start crying and but the movie -- be sent -- Different. On the side of things which act as the supply in this how is the producer different. -- is -- different because. I mean you people think he just integrates grant and you you know it's happening facility new gold -- -- you make you agree it's not -- -- You get this script -- And -- and it and depending on the names you attack is whether -- it's green. I mean act that accident -- to Ryan dating back to -- read it -- -- tarmac you know the -- from -- Matsu. Feel a certain way you look at that produced that at a practice now. It's hard it's -- hard being produced there as you know. Schedules don't work out sometimes. Budget issues -- -- eight car isn't something you think you one more. Oh absolutely and I think the joy that I find is discovering new faces new town. Because that's how I was discovered John Singleton when he was casting baby boy was looking for only new faces only. -- -- kind of feel like acne since the repay you know the same. Saying that you know do a good thing I think for new talent coming. And you stayed very busy you. Three straight goals meaning -- and Benjamin button to. And the movie actually well flow I think Tara our -- in my -- -- -- and -- thank you and you just get really amazing wells baby boy now this one. And you're doing empire which is a television series tell me about that. Empire is based around it record label that -- here there. Listening cookies and Terrence -- care authors -- they started when they were really fit. He's the town she was the brains behind operation and how they start the record label -- And I mean what had happened and daisy. You know soul she they get -- -- -- she makes the ultimate sacrifice that three times she all the way to jail along comes a visitor except once. Label is about -- public and -- gets out of jail early with -- how. -- but she gets out early and she's coming to get a piece of the -- And it's -- king -- because it three suns are pitted against each -- to see who's gonna take over the company's. Now it's deep it's there's a lot of drama. I -- I think it's a mix between subprime -- Dynasty he. -- -- -- -- -- And -- and asset that yet making. I think yes it's it's of really good time in television right now for black actresses we have you in empire -- here's what you have. All of the Academy Award nominated in winning. An African American women are now talented -- things like we went a really long time without me African American actresses and prominent roles in really interesting roles. Do you think this is a good time in an entertainment for black -- women of color. I think it's it's an amazing time I think what is starting to happen is there's a shift happening xmas so long. We've been out all you your -- marketable you know bankable you know you don't open -- on the issue of Tibet. And with social media is why it's hard to say anymore because people are constantly. -- -- when does the government. Anal this somebody somewhere watching your read on -- You know and I think that. But change is coming -- it's just good to see an end to be apart and that's why this will be have to do well because. If we don't prove to the studios that -- African Americans can open up a film and what you think it's an act what is a thriller up comedy anti. -- as do comedy. -- be funny you know we had to fight like heck to get this movie. It wasn't written for black actors it was actually a film written politely. And they just sat around and will -- -- by. That's a fantastic -- -- the supported -- let -- from the fashion your and it -- and it looks fantastic and Atlanta got -- -- of -- coming out of the day before that from directly for the best birthday gift ever is -- the first movie that I executive produced his number one -- -- And work our hardest hit -- and you for your time thinking about them now -- no good -- to Russian defense and thank you for being here.

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{"duration":"8:32","description":"Taraji P. Henson talks new big screen thriller.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"25375890","title":"'No Good Deed'","url":"/Entertainment/video/good-deed-25375890"}