GOP Officials Prepare for Possible Trump Drop Out

The co-hosts discuss Donald Trump's "erratic" behavior and President Obama's comments.
5:35 | 08/03/16

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Transcript for GOP Officials Prepare for Possible Trump Drop Out
Desensitize heading to reality no the aren't you kind of freaking out about what if he does decide to drop they've met with some of that Biden are not comfortable with the direction. Of his campaign. And there's a provision actually if he does drop out. There's a provision in the RNC if a candidate dies or advocated it drops out they can't force him out at this point it's a rule number nine it's up to a 168. Members. Of the RNC they would then determine. Who the nominee would be and that would have to be done by September if they got to get on ballots in these states that evolution is there enough time I saw never have it and never happen president self shopping outlets this is never happen just got to come up with an excuse that he's gonna drop back to just preserve his massive -- he has got to think that's something. How can I save face it out they may be listening if he actually did it but it but if he was forced to but he dropped out himself because he meaty perceives that things aren't looking good would people still be yes because that blew up. Were these 168 people aren't see that again now make that decision people aren't gonna feel represented by them a lot of conservatives a lot of people on the right don't feel that the currency represents Babson and you have someone who. One by popular demand this is their guy they went out they support it and he decides he doesn't want an Iraq run fine but now who are these 168 people. When I wouldn't notice came up with a kind of support yes or they gonna sport at all Brian it got Mike Pence yeah it's meant what I. As to what the president has decided that the flow arrives like not not right he doesn't say you can't say outside it. It's you that's okay have to I think it was dangerous thing now about that first clip with the baby got what is Donald Trump's hit me at his. That's he's entertainer that was funny to me and I wanted to sing I end up talking policy. Keep in one group that's what he should be dealing he's a funny guy is a likable guy in many respects. I think that's what need to like and it would really not talking policy is running as a present and talk. He shouldn't have been a candidate for president he should and then an Angel and he couldn't go out and supported somebody and got on the can't weighing it down to forget I showed tone Def comedy held except. You're coming to you and I doubt with his daughter and I it was he was being funny yeah did he fire baby is that what he did it looks like can I just thought of maybe maybe hire the wall around the day they let the baby's okay. I REI. I don't. Atlantis Johnson on Twitter wrote that 81 it out any way honey child I don't. As a baby hadn't actually been born what you heard was that baby crying in Eudora. Yeah. It now you know everybody is really kinda saying you know it's enough you you can't. We we don't want you go on this whammy with. You heard pres Obama say yes but all kinds of folks are coming out and sank hot and you know he's taken. It out. Whom did he say it wasn't a real here John McCain. John McCain basically said what are you doing. Stop doing this. And feasts happens I'm sound can save you now. Not really doesn't know if he's going to endorse John McCain doesn't know if he's ready to endorse Paul Ryan and now in a childish wait till your exact words it is it against it saying just not ready. In the people that represent him on the different cable networks were saying oh that was disciplines like that. Let's not let let me tell you only think about what just barber had not Joseph Scarborough on morning Joseph said this morning are. That trump asked to foreign policy advisor three times. During a briefing. Why he couldn't just use nuclear weapons to solve the nation's problems three different times. He says things like can problem we have them we have these nuclear weapons why not use that. I mean I've lived through the Cold War as have you some of you here. It's like. The whole idea is okay Russia has it and we haven't that means neither one is gonna use it and this guy says things like that if that doesn't scare American. These people who up voting thing hand that you're talking about that doesn't scare them. Nothing wealth not the majority that Hillary and what did Hillary set a man who who responds like this to Twitter cannot have his finger on the nuclear button. On that note they'll public policy polling did a poll markets when he sixteen and 62%. Of people polled oppose attack and I says that nuclear weapons he's not. He's not saying things that the majority of the country's support I mean that's a statement that's gonna scare people especially because a lot feel that. We have enough problems at home we're always going overseas were deal and everybody else's problems we have domestic problems isn't very non interventionist trend in this country. So I don't know who he thinks he's courting with comments like that it sounds irresponsible and it also doesn't. Reply to he has no idea what it means he has you know. Any you don't hype you know well but it also means destruction in other places because you drop a nuclear bomb at one place you know you. You can't you lose a whole lot of Gary I mean think of Chernobyl. Chernobyl wasn't just Chernobyl there's a lot of this a lot of other spots you can't know ten that would yeah. What was at that mountain west what it was a real wet it was but it is still a nuclear issue. I had so when you see what happens there you know. When you explodes that the goal is up into the atmosphere the fallout coming rain winds strikes in the so why ill. I mean you can't give this is not like you can't flip at least somewhat that yeah public Iqbal. Yeah and don't just take yamana ratification this kind of movie ticket could and I pointed out not. Kevin I don't even know what to say about it anymore it's like I quit I'm so freaking about all this thing I might Wear a bra. Wow. Right happened a lot.

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{"duration":"5:35","description":"The co-hosts discuss Donald Trump's \"erratic\" behavior and President Obama's comments.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"41095425","title":"GOP Officials Prepare for Possible Trump Drop Out","url":"/Entertainment/video/gop-officials-prepare-trump-drop-41095425"}