What Really Happened During Mariah Carey's New Year's Eve Performance?

Her performance raises a lot of questions about how she acted when things went wrong for her on stage.
5:43 | 01/03/17

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Transcript for What Really Happened During Mariah Carey's New Year's Eve Performance?
No was not happy Pope arrived care. Okay. AA a year and she didn't Stotts what is seventeen light on how high I had no. Man what Watson friends she was stuck on thirty day five million wrap me. Ten. Personally I'm not aware that out of it I'm wearing that outfit on inauguration day. And watching that I had a good Twitter immediately because I knew there were stuff going on and I had. I watched it three times and continue to reach waiter. Some of my favorites were reliable sources report ice is claims responsibility for Mariah Carey's disaster New York City. To drop the ball for New Year's when Mariah Carey are any covered. And the final death of 2016 ranked Carrey's career. We'll get her down but it was fun and make. Final thought you know I I have to say act I don't know why. This happens when I thought we had an amazing do well on our show just what we wanted to break and in. They won't let me show you so they sacked and sand but you know. Dick Clark productions whoever puts that together maybe you wanna get Darlene love and Patti and the but now I'm. You don't see why web science. And take a look at what they did. Darlene we're pat Kane was here watching Darlene haven't quite decided it happened in the lineup you know and won't rise. You know she's she's gone when and she's point fingers and stump quite you know sometimes you just gotta say you know what. I'm I didn't do this one that is when I blew us it. I'm wondering ammunition that should there it was exposed that she was lip syncing is and that the real should look she's she's saying that there was something wrong with her her. It has hacked your piece you couldn't hear the feedback she could hear her music. X he's blaming I'm Dick Clark. I don't understand say. That it was loud enough for the dancers to. Dick Clark productions. Has provided a statement on on this issue because she's lately to. Clark to suggest the Dick Clark productions would ever intentionally compromise the success of any artist is defamatory outrageous and frankly absurd. And very rare instances there are of course technical errors that can occur with live television however an initial investigation has indicated that Dick Clark productions had no involvement in the challenges associated with ms. Carey's New Year's Eve perform you know just to take her side for a second. If the girl is having trouble on why not just stay with having technical difficulties we'll come back. Works. Well they were dead 200 heat but knew it was happening riot. Well maybe it is so listen because she dumped on them this is listen this is not summit that's why I'm not just not a flat lined night. Organization that came out and what do they this year after year and if there is issues. And there haven't issues in the act they not to way I do but they but for me. You know listen if you haven't had time to not say you know what I can't do this to mad because. I can't here anything you guys I just yet but aren't kept coming back yet well that's what I was wondering though it wouldn't have been. Better if she just walked off stage or perhaps do what you see. Journalist who all the time if you can't hear the question is being asked to take your your piece out and I am really sorry I can't hear you. What here is what's going on on the ground it Ferguson and then you give your reports a white just starts because this I think it's when you're in the moment and suddenly you realize that your headset or your ear piece isn't working it does slow you. They can plow accident but what you can't do as you can't blame it on the people quartz content make you look bad. Yet has nobody wants you to look bad nobody. So I think catching anyone finds out why Agca contracts ahead she doubled those children typed out 'cause they aren't. Yeah there honestly answered yet about what she couldn't. What she'd couldn't it was she started to do was say come on you'll sing this with me yet. Yeah that's what she started his it's you're staying with that there be no issue and try out there is actually singing is the issue. No but it not be present and I mean I don't let it not when they steal people's saying. I live and during those who have now good LA she could do it but. We don't know. Is not whether she was lip synching I'm not people lips sink in those situations all the time sometimes it's not good. To see and I. In the call like that apple once she started to do was say come on everybody see you know the warrants if she and I stayed with that. And not Maine and about blaming everybody. This discussion would not be happy. This morning we'll job or a K part of the job just does dealing with suddenly think you're you're you're on stage and it's live company has as a means she's just send our and and you know she's just yeah maybe she got and that happened right but you can't blow up people on the bus that way and I think that's what's got everybody.

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{"duration":"5:43","description":"Her performance raises a lot of questions about how she acted when things went wrong for her on stage.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"44531320","title":"What Really Happened During Mariah Carey's New Year's Eve Performance?","url":"/Entertainment/video/happened-mariah-careys-years-eve-performance-44531320"}