Highlights: 2018 Academy Awards

Take a look at who took top honors at the 90th annual Academy Awards. ABC News' Danya Bacchus reports from Hollywood.
3:45 | 03/05/18

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Transcript for Highlights: 2018 Academy Awards
A good Monday morning to all we begin with the biggest winners in Hollywood of the stars mark Oscar night with a call gender equality and inclusion. So the best picture award went to the critically acclaimed fantasy film. The shape of water beating out the fan favorites get out. The show had its funny parts but it certainly had a more serious tone than last year ABC's done America's joins us now. From Hollywood with the pilots stunning good morning. Good morning to you kid this indict and I have to wonder if you guys were watching this show kind of secretly hoping fort some more envelope drama. Now while that didn't happen this shows this year's show still did not disappoint and as you mincing. They continued the political tone set its other award ships. It's shaped up to be a great night for the sequel water the world needs a monster stable winning Oscar gold for best picture. Procedures Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway ACP ultimate do over after. The last two years in. This year's awards a celebration of ninety years of movie making we can't let bad behavior slide anymore the world is watching us. If it's used for Hollywood to tackle some of its deeper problems like diversity and gingerly quality. The changes we are witnessing or being driven. By the powerful sound of new voices joining together in a mighty chorus that is finally saying. Time's up. Jimmy Kimmel hosting for the second year in a row our plan is to shine a light on a group of outstanding and inspiring films each and every one of which. Doc crushed by black after this weekend. Actress winner Frances McDormand paying tribute to do with it in the room. If I may be so honored. To have all the female nominees in every category stand with me in this room tonight. I'm. Yeah. Love being widened admire veterans each win their first Oscars. And the letter ends Gary Oldman. A put the cat won't. And bring in Oscar from. Still Brock will for best supporting actor. I like to thank the academy never thought I'd say those words in Allison gene as expected Clinton the best supporting actress category. I did it all by myself. Jury pool making history to the first African American to win best of business and play for hours. And they're running joke at this year's show was just along the Oscars usually run so to speed things up Jimmy Kimmel actually offered. A jet ski and a trip to lake have a suing Arizona. For the person who had the shortest acceptance speech here that I any candidate. But it didn't work it ended up still being admitted and a half they were so many funny moments including when he went to that theater right next door there to Dobie theater. I that a lot of people are talking about this morning. That's absolutely right. They actually surprised during the middle of the show surprised a group of moviegoers that nothing we're seeing a special screening for Brinkley time. I'm talking about can you imagine this you're sitting in the theater you're watching that movie did inbox doubt that doubt that he had a while ago Mark Campbell. All of those stars actually came in they brought snacks there was this six foot steps they went they even had they were throwing hot dogs into the audience. It was definitely a funny show. But the betting that the percent on the hot dog can't match like get into movies that red hot. The mechanic brother and if so disappointed that it planned to go to the movies that hasn't happened are done about it for a flag there and LA Donny thank you. So love story between a sea monster and a human face on a true story. When C Academy Awards and.

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{"duration":"3:45","description":"Take a look at who took top honors at the 90th annual Academy Awards. ABC News' Danya Bacchus reports from Hollywood. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"53525056","title":"Highlights: 2018 Academy Awards ","url":"/Entertainment/video/highlights-2018-academy-awards-53525056"}