Hillary Clinton Makes History as First Female Nominee

The co-hosts examine the historic moment Hillary Clinton became the first female nominee of a major party.
5:21 | 07/27/16

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Transcript for Hillary Clinton Makes History as First Female Nominee
They really put an exclamation point on the history and part being made virtually. By shattering. Glass ceiling last night and what I thought was wonderful they Jana knock me out. And too much focus on the woman aspect is not a good selling point could turn people opt. But I think he's can't winning get around it and send this is a law and it's the first time I never nice title like. Statements he's basically saying you know. Don't vote for someone just because she's a woman that that minimizes her talent I agree to convince them from a I am not a vote is Sarah count I've said this before I just because she's a woman. You vote for Hillary because she's confident in the other side is a threat to civilization I had half. Until we she wants I'm astonished and I. I agreed main could be clearer and I think I. You shouldn't vote for someone just because there woman but what about the fact that she's. Supremely competent and also a woman because I think that women need to vote and there. Self interest and the global scholarship shows time and time again that women in political office make it a priority to which bans women. Women's rights women's equality opportunity for young girls and so when you're voting you want to vote for things that matter to me you yes but still I let them it will not wanting. I think because once you I'm start because the the problem you run into is the problem that. Folks had when Obama he's not doing enough for black and what he's doing too much to Latin was and so once you make that the focus. And that's. It becomes well you should be doing this for us. What you should be doing if you're voting is voting for the person who can get the get the job dot badly and really what I am. Accepting credit her own career she felt that she didn't ever want anyone to picture as always she's also a woman I think that's a great thing at what she also wasn't a first known writing wasn't a first and this is this is our when he allowed the right answer our static. What she's saying is don't pick it I think it's it's polarizing to come out it's a table I'm a woman and I'm great you don't need to say that great entire air accomplished presumptive of you to even think that any woman would be voting for women's rights at such furcal. Well but but but if you look at the global scholars and there was a study 31 countries were looked at. And it it's a statistic that the higher the proportion of women lawmakers the greater the number of laws enacted to advance gender equality. Mean those are just the pure fact that the statistics and so. I I don't know may not add Hainan island know exactly when they it would it because it. Makes sense it makes it an issue that you don't need to make it. Is she is able to become the president she's everybody's present not just the president women. And the idea that she is the first is why we so we celebrate and now because it's like. Was and who wasn't it Shirley Chisholm. Geraldine Ferraro AM and I can't think of the other woman we women in. In my lifetime to women of rhyme for press that when this is the first time. Asked an adolescent does my mother had she lived would have lived to see. A man of color in August and then how women oh yeah. It it got a story happens it is a start so I say it but not seeming not to drive. It's not the driving yes behind us and. I think I think there's a lot of pressure on you but I'm glad you brought up Sarah Palin because I remember when Sarah Palin was front Sadr a lot of people who write a lot of women. Felt that they were obligated to support our be cautioned that the acting how many people on the Latin feel about let eighth we try to help anyone I don't just think somebody has old worries doesn't need and then a support you when I think of I want Hillary Clinton I would meet my gender. The least important part of my can't what's happening she hasn't may end up not the Clinton Campaign put ads out saying that you know young girls should vote for a woman because it's historic and I've heard her make common good need to put if I were shouting. You know sometimes people don't know how to handle woman who shouts out that out. Well it went you do remember what that came from Ryan. You do remember that was awful nasty comment by Donald swap. The woman and her shout no I must ask how that is true and what it sounds like children I may need that point one night she was on the TV and I said why she yelling at me it was an anti feminist I don't think I. Yeah that that was what I. I'm saying to you. You might have felt that way out but he's at united about her BA teams you know until build and that's when the lines it was about what loud shouting woman that was his content still abound if she happens to get elected and in that process she shatters a ceiling. Amen good that I would love to see that accomplished candidate I was not I'm not cannibal army did not like what she spends but what I'm saying is she. She's been my child care and women's. Right did not quality did me you know I didn't do my company you don't policy I don't like the music I don't like I travel a lot Eric Campbell a lot of a lot of okay. Yesterday if you've never voted for alliant alleged twelve years old who have known him on us.

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{"duration":"5:21","description":"The co-hosts examine the historic moment Hillary Clinton became the first female nominee of a major party.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"40928607","title":"Hillary Clinton Makes History as First Female Nominee","url":"/Entertainment/video/hillary-clinton-makes-history-female-nominee-40928607"}