A brief history of the Olympics

Greek mythology says the esteemed sporting competition was founded by a cheater.
1:27 | 08/04/16

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Transcript for A brief history of the Olympics
Once a simple foot race across sacred land the Olympics have transformed into the world's top sporting competition. Find out. The brief history of the Olympics. There are a number of Greek myths surrounding the ancient Olympic Games but the most common is the story of a Princeton and collapsed. Phillips wanted to Mary King you know law's daughter. The teen challenge Phillips to chariot race if Billups when he got the girl could if Phillips lost the race the king would be headed. Phillips had a plan. Before the race Phillips and the kings Chara tear meticulous. Signal replaced the bronze lynch pins making chariots with lynch pins made of wax. Just when the king was about to pass Phillips in the chair race the wax melted. Until his death Billups made the king's daughter in institute of the Olympic Games to celebrate his victory. That's right legend says the world's most famous sporting competition was founded by a cheek. For centuries the Angel of which were held every four years Olympia a sacred site in southern Greeks. The first record Olympic Games occurred in 776 DC but by 393. And birth he had oceans to clear the Olympics a pagan festival and ban the games for nearly 15100 years the Olympics were all but forgotten. Until one day in 1994. Frenchman named baron appeared at Colbert can propose the reinstatement of the Olympic Games who pretend succeeded. And just two years later in Athens and modern Olympics were born.

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{"id":41003315,"title":"A brief history of the Olympics","duration":"1:27","description":"Greek mythology says the esteemed sporting competition was founded by a cheater.","url":"/Entertainment/video/history-olympics-41003315","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}