Holly Hunter Stars in New Miniseries 'Top of the Lake'

The award-winning actress reunites with Jane Campion, director of "The Piano."
7:05 | 03/14/13

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Transcript for Holly Hunter Stars in New Miniseries 'Top of the Lake'
-- -- -- -- -- Help me -- that I need to get it on the average -- -- I'm Anita and Syracuse could -- help -- now. Normally -- you with their fingers and charger I'm TJ TJ hey DJ in charge yet. It's it's -- she -- she. Heard cracking up so don't think we're doing here is illegal. -- an idea what you went -- -- back -- year's gift give up PMS for you didn't know Ed DA. Are you always -- know all you -- honestly center Robbie stump and why is that -- and walking away from me. Well I didn't see today what does -- have three. Two days in a different manner of things. Wouldn't say we're well -- -- -- different from everybody else. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and this is the special Sunday against 2013. Edition of popcorn. At where the movies that play here get a lot of attention for all kinds of reasons and -- -- -- year now called. Palpable -- directed by Jane Campion and starting. Holly Hunter who's here so how I'm going to ask you why you're here send them. While I'm here to support. -- -- -- And -- -- -- you to work together for at and gently -- we have we -- appear together in. You know I'm I'm up I'm -- I'm real believer in her and her. Inspiration you know and her story telling and her writing. But what his -- well it's it's really it's it's it's a crime drama that takes place over six hours. So there's a luxury. In the time. But not so much that the story can. Can degrade. You know -- which can happen with a series you can lose. The threat -- you know you can lose the intense urgency that -- -- -- series started with. I'm with a six hours acting Jiang was able to really stretch out. But still have a real. Taught com -- And it's a beautiful form for a filmmaker to get to take -- man trapped and and also for actors because. It it's. It's it's it's roommates you know I'll say you -- -- there's more information. That you get to together. I love it and I and I love not only do I love but I love the idea. And I wish that it would happen more you know it just needs to be financially. Feasible for a 42. For the formed to -- take cult. But you know creatively it's incredible. Who -- you playing. I -- a woman who. Is an enigma. At the very you know a woman who's considered to be a guru. And who has a following. And who doesn't want a -- It doesn't consider herself ago. And has resentment. And honesty. About her position. And accept -- to mean it's it's it it was a very difficult character for me to. Please don't consume guru like in life. Don't people come up to you and say I'm you know round leader telling me there is -- mirrors I do not. I do not ant percent followed age. Group -- they hit their -- now. I don't write it -- -- planet that tweeting. Now. Does desperately intrigue to -- I want before you leave here to give me some -- like it sport this is. I'm not believing it. When you are working again with Jane Campion. -- the piano didn't due -- bad for you in. Did well there's an Oscar on your -- for where's that did you bring with you today. Where we couldn't let it like that that's funny and she cannot. -- -- particular route that. When it. I have met people who travel with their rosters now expects per it is -- is actually and -- I fully expected to have it but I I saw something he -- So but I thought here if -- can be reduced I am not a well don't even look at that thing that little gold statue. That everybody seems to be so concerned that year after year dominated 34 times but you have it is that. A validation. To you when you. Yeah -- -- I mean I'm a you know was. You know what validation that Alpa chino and handed it to me coming -- -- at -- -- that was very meaningful to -- com. And of course I I can only imagine that. There have been a few Oscars handed -- people who didn't particularly loved the movie that they were being lauded for calm and I'm not want us because. You know -- truly. Loved the whole experience. Of doing the piano and then I think it was a very artistically. Beautiful movie so. How are you and Jane -- different then you wore when he made that -- -- -- -- -- -- There haven't -- I didn't mean anything eat some people it could be twenty years and nothing's changed or would it really could be could be an amazing difference. It didn't feel a little like we were just continuing on with the same sentence. Because we had -- you know -- friends. After the piano with -- traveled around we travel together. We've met each other in various cities. So. Those kinds of friendships are to have a special thing because. It's because you're you're making efforts Dick to to keep up what she -- in -- island in New York. So. But but it would there was such an an an enormous trust that we built up -- -- the piano that this was -- ECN actually it was crucial. Too because I wasn't sure how I can do this character. -- -- I needed. To be able to trust her. You know and I needed to know that she knew the blueprint some some some. Buffalo -- We'll look like nightingale.

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{"id":18729761,"title":"Holly Hunter Stars in New Miniseries 'Top of the Lake'","duration":"7:05","description":"The award-winning actress reunites with Jane Campion, director of \"The Piano.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/holly-hunter-interview-miniseries-top-lake-reuinion-piano-18729761","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}