Hollywood Resident Charged With Felony Eavesdropping For Prank Calls

Kenneth Edward Tarr has pranked pro sports coaches into believing he was offering them jobs.
3:00 | 12/10/13

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Transcript for Hollywood Resident Charged With Felony Eavesdropping For Prank Calls
This is a special group. -- from the EC. Hello everyone I'm Devin Dwyer in Washington at this ABC news digital special report from -- -- to jail bird Kenny tar has made a career cranking people. But his latest jokes on high profile coaches and offering them nonexistent positions has landed him in court. The LAPD had -- -- -- for recording people against their consent which is illegal in California. Today he was booked and released on 20000 dollars bail. Target the sports blog -- -- multiple videos we want to show you an example. Of his behavior here Starr asking San Diego Chargers offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt. If he wants to coach Texas football -- -- to be a false soft. And just basically trying to. Gauge weather and you had to pass entered. Longhorn football little. So there you heard -- you offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt getting prank called by Kenny tar this is now the senator. And a controversy and investigation for more on the story want to bring in ABC's nick watt Los Angeles has been following this closely and is actually interviewed spoken with tar nick. So give us a sense of the scope of this thing how many coaches did can -- her -- Well it's unclear right now -- that the F police say that tomorrow we will have an exact number on how many times he's being charged with reports are certainly. Suggesting over a dozen coaches college football coaches and the NFL. And the police just told us here -- actually tar. Confirmed to me on the -- himself. That the reason he was -- is that people within the NFL started calling the police saying listen. There's a guy who's making these -- he's coaxing us the police tracked him down -- -- -- -- is examined his apartment -- tells me they took away -- computer. -- told me that yes he made the -- he said you know I made these calls because there were no other opportunities for me -- their -- kind of interest rates and entertainer. He feels that he has a lot of talent he feels that's not being appreciated he feels that these sort of hoaxes these pranks are there any way that. He can get his message to the world that's why he prank police TV shows he actually texted me. About a month ago six weeks ago saying he was moving on to sports stars and politicians believing that that would get some news attention it has got some news attention. It's and -- -- with tar Brooks charged under California -- with. Illegally recording. Both sides of the conversation -- doing California to have to tell the person you're gonna record the conversation Ralston's against the lol he has fallen style of that allegedly an -- -- -- -- thousand dollars bail. Waiting see what's gonna happen to him. That's right -- he's certainly somebody after the spotlight trying to be yet entertain as you say but. You know in following this case what exactly did -- -- wrong here I understand the piece about recording but is that pretty much -- other than. Other than that violating that piece of the law recording parties he was really just a nuisance right. I mean if he did this in another state where you don't have to in full from the other -- new recording. Then this wouldn't be a crime. It's of course you know a nuisance to the people he's calling up he is impersonating somebody else but you know cars made something of a career of this he's. Hoechst a number of TV shows he goes only pretends he's you know a man who's -- on his girlfriend the pretends that his Brothers that -- it is what he cooks -- police stories. He's tried -- sort of pull one over and reality TV celebrities is on talks -- produces tried to get on -- shows in many cases it succeeded he's golf on TV and he's proved what he wanted to prove that. He can do it he actually told me that. He's smarter than Andy Warhol. He believes he's -- -- Andy Kaufman he believes that he is an unparalleled genius and that Hollywood is just not appreciate seems that this is his way of getting. His message and I mean he told me today he said you know yeah Michael people. If the recording of conversations a crime that's interest it is what you. Say he certainly seems to think that he's he's making some art here some people beg to differ obviously thinking this is something of a scam but. You say you've talked him give us a sense of what he's like. The man behind all of this mean who is this guy is he -- as something of a loner do we know what he does and is it took to make money. He's. It is already Ferris he's he's a college drop that he does not have a lot of money he has not made a lot of money off this career of -- saying. He's -- He's a sweet guy yes he's a bit of a loner Buteau. I'm not doctor I'm no gonna get and and I think -- beyond that. He's this week RAI -- -- hung out with him. We interviewed him I have -- through them a couple of weeks -- just told through what we were planning to do with the story. He's a nice guy -- Would imagine he possibly didn't know that he was breaking the low in doing this. But he he does believe as I said before which is an -- thing here he believes he is more talented more funny. Then Andy Kaufman he believes he should be getting paid more money than any star in the NBA he believes that his talent. Is that great why he believes that. Couldn't. Me you can be the judge you know it it's interest seen nick watching and listening to some of these calls to that. So it's remarkable how many of these coaches actually felt for this prank right and he doesn't exactly sound. To my year particularly believable but. But he certainly would spooked a lot of these guys right. It is -- -- How many people have apparently -- for this and also how many TV shows this and he would go through. Costing this -- interviews interviews pre interviews and he would get on TV shows claiming for example that. He was a plumber who is looking for some compensation -- -- been locked in a cemetery overnight. Reality show producers believe that another show believe that he was and -- international security expert. Who was cheating on his girlfriend and his girlfriend was cheating on him. -- those TV shows he was trying to prove partly that these shows doesn't vet people enough. And it's very easy to get through their very sensitive flimsy defenses. With these sports stars -- don't really know why he was doing he told me on the phone it was sheer boredom. -- drove him her to make these -- and a lack of opportunity anywhere else within the entertainment industry so. This is what he decided today. While and really just person board amended and in an opportunity for really some attention it appears just online many of those -- he is posted this you've reported -- the sports blog dad's been. Presumably to gain some attention for that but right now the irony there is that all that as evidence that will be brought -- into this case into the courtroom right. Absolutely and you know I mean he's he -- spoke with him not -- it's about an Arab guy and he's -- -- ladies -- you know finally people are doing news stories -- -- But I'm not getting paid. He's a little bit obsessed of that. That is the catch though to be Anderson to watch this -- ABC's nick -- Los Angeles -- thank you so much for joining us you can pound -- reporting. On world news later this evening -- visit Diane Sawyer tomorrow morning on Good Morning America right now -- -- so much for watching us here at abcnews.com. -- Devin Dwyer Washington this is an ABC news digital special report.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Kenneth Edward Tarr has pranked pro sports coaches into believing he was offering them jobs.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"21168510","title":"Hollywood Resident Charged With Felony Eavesdropping For Prank Calls","url":"/Entertainment/video/hollywood-resident-charged-felony-eavesdropping-prank-calls-21168510"}