Hollywood’s racial reckoning

Media and pop culture expert Jawn Murray discusses efforts to pull scenes from TV and movies over racially insensitive depictions, including characters in blackface.
5:43 | 07/04/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hollywood’s racial reckoning
We turn out to the so called racial reckoning that is sweeping our country in the TV and movie industry is certainly not immune and our network ABC in our parent company Disney included. A growing list of TV shows films and performances are being looked at and a different light in edited to exclude racially insensitive material. Episodes and scenes from iconic shows like golden girls scrubs in the office have already been pulled because of characters in black face. Oscar winning classic gone with the wind was pulled from the streaming service H real and that's because of its depiction of the antebellum south and racial stereotypes and then return to the service we go into production and provide. Contacts to discuss this issue we bring in media and pop culture expert John and Larry good at it back on John. It's Lindsay needs and of course you know for black people black faces long been considered offensive but somehow it seems a parts of Hollywood didn't get the memo on that until recently still how shows get away with this for so long. And how would you say that Hollywood and the media also can do a better job going forward. What do you think what what we see what's happening in Hollywood right now really speaks to what black people and African Americans have been saying about the American educations as. It hasn't truly been reflective of our journey ends up with slavery and some of the other things that we face Jim Crow and base and being like. There has been a lack of awareness. I know that we live in a climate where people want to I presume that all beings gifts are gnashing our culture or race or racism. Well sure it's a sometimes cultural ignorance and I don't believe that Hollywood should be scrubbing the show. In many aspects it really is like putting a bandit on the bullet I really think what they need to be doing is putting this in the context just real Macs it would with a win. People need to see these stories they need to understand the mistakes that Hollywood may. And this should be the conversation. For evolution to it to teach people about the wrongs in this staying Amy Yassin celebrities like Julia. Black spaces or the new black Halloween to get in trouble but we need also show there was this Artest in TV programming and you can grow and evolve from. So just be clear you think that some of the sitcom should keep. And continue on with the story lines and easings and include them the black face. Listen when you're watching TV show and it has a lot of nudity a lot of violence a lot of sexual content get a disclaimer at the front of the show. I think also believe that the intent is well it's a bad it's a bit comedy this was a play on something that was a reverend. The it isn't is important here next it was black sport the idea being offensive bishop probably go. Was a bad attempt at humor this was up ignorant attempt to. Do a story Lawrence who engaged audience I think what the proper disclaimer disclosing just that. I think you can put this stuff back on these streaming up or not erase it from everybody and means seat. Assuming you kind of agree with critics who say comedy in art should be able to tackle a taboo subjects without having due to ballot to an overly PC your hypersensitive culture. Lindsay I'm no fan of the super PC colts. But I do believe that if things are intentionally offensive. Oil directly disrespectful to a culture. That we need to revisit. Dave Chappelle is an amazing version number I'm who take songs have who racially insensitive and cultural topics. Resist political meeting wage is thought provoking. It is also humor is what really makes us sit down and how art conversation. Comedy should do. But when you're intention is just be for the sake of being a Benz of the comedy. That's somebody who actually some underlying racism or a just an agenda that isn't reliable witch from comedy should be a. And Wesley just want to get your take on recently we've seen several white actors like Kristen Bell and in Jenny slate walkway from jobs voicing lack cartoon characters sing a black actors should play. Black characters what message does this send. Oh. What they're doing is admirable because the true. We need to make sure that Hollywood isn't just doing these quick fixes but there really addressing. Racism. Diversity and inclusion in a major way. There should be people of color and the writing routes that are direct. We know some like Michael B Jordan and others are doing closure to ensure that they are diverse and inclusive stats on that project. Let's look at you you're. Anchoring this show is a woman caught what do you Booker is a Hispanic woman had a great moment of behind the scenes. Multicultural environment on this show and we need more. Blitzer reeked like. Decision to settled the morning America and its own eyes at. I really hope that you tied to jobs are taking some like me keep metal bolts aren't dobbins. Sure bet some I was in Hollywood. They are creatures of comfort and don't recycle the saint or five black. All Maine's every opportunity but Hollywood is it is now time. The difference you invest in or Ryan Seacrest. Regis Bill Clinton and the Tom Bergeron of tomorrow in our community diverse I asked of operation. And that you eat supper being eased ridiculous. We're continuous are now you have an escrow initials from TV your right. Michael Strahan has like ten jobs. But we we have what is important. Laws allow Lindsay whether there needs to be a limit on that don't say thank you so much for coming on the show realize appreciate it. It's.

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{"duration":"5:43","description":"Media and pop culture expert Jawn Murray discusses efforts to pull scenes from TV and movies over racially insensitive depictions, including characters in blackface.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"71603369","title":"Hollywood’s racial reckoning","url":"/Entertainment/video/hollywoods-racial-reckoning-71603369"}