At home with Dolly Parton in 1982

Dec. 14, 1982: Barbara Walters interviews the singer-songwriter at her home on the outskirts of Nashville, Tennessee.
12:41 | 11/06/19

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Transcript for At home with Dolly Parton in 1982
Johnson became the country's. And loved the state and guardians. But don't want him. Today despite his friend saying we want some of them from the pop music and vowed to beat them. Just me is like she kicked and hit movie debut nine to five. You should do it or not but how is all part of the plan was working. And if the she was a big country pot stop and she had just finished filming a second movie the best little Hawkeyes in Texas. One illness stop. This summer issue passed out on stage and was out of work for fallout months. Weakened frightened she returned to her home on the outskirts of Nashville and to the care of her husband call. This how she says is wishing guns not to let her hair down but to take off. Dolly Kyle looked at colonial homes all over the south before a column built this house himself twelve pages ago. This is. If it. Means. The living room. Dalis says is the prettiest woman a house because it reminds have what she thought elegance was when she was a little girl reading magazines. And the dining room she refers to as the least used room in the house. It has a lot stable which seats twelve. There off four bedrooms in the house. This one has the original bedroom furniture from Dolly in Powell's marriage fifteen years ago. The -- the size master bedroom suite is Dolly and calls sanctuary. It has a sunken tub and its own kitchen act. They ought to full sized rooms just a Dolly's close. She's keeping them for the museum she plans to build one day. She also keep summit at 350 wigs. Along with more than 2000 pay as a issues. Shoes and jewelry she says I heard two weaknesses. Golly what's in this music. While recuperating at bed was added that she could hide and rest this has Dolly's first interview since her illness. Deli there's been some much room at about your. Your recent illness that I have to just ask you first of all stand out Hawaii's highest hill. And the vacant infect down as the Disney announced that it's been a pretty hard time for the last couple years and you have some female problems and I had gastric pile up. Polyps or whatever some to do it. We're with massed on Macon. As a room there is an error and error beating of leading polyps and Iran didn't didn't. People have asked me united everybody seems to know how wishing him what was wrong with it was a little missed union where it's always mysteriously time a person is sick of the Fred Patti persons to an it was a while before it actually Nemo was wrong with me the I mean real owners about what I was and then there's the buzzer and infect somebody asked me recently some lady that was community she said that. Temi that is not true that you had. Breast reduction certain she. I said are you kidding it took me years to get in this big not a lot checking out defense. So I think you sounding announcer says in a brown thank moto mentions the fact that condolence and then you haven't lost a sense of humor about just sat back. And that's how we removed I don't know I hope they don't they protect them. I think was more of an emotional illness. This being not been able to work just being from Dan in depression and goes on in his maintenance. Yes positive after he'd never depressed like this wonderful it. Actually I think that's when. Even the biggest mistakes that people can make about the stars the fact that they deny them Iraq to be him. And that their core house picture. Was very draining this very stressful thing. The moral issue of whether or not to do it being from very religious and in the fact that there was a great deal of blood on the project. I felt that even though the movie didn't get good reviews after the performance in that destroys the act and I felt it was as this accident and his. Any time half feel good about something have to earn. Can't in the everything. C Cadillac and think about. I had different and change has anything changed. I really have thought well I must take better care mass ave you have worked hard and I had a lot of dreams of work not only for myself but for the people. And it is Sutton and a I want to to enjoy. Meaning in joy is that more simple for infant in just going on full blast. IOS Donna. Yeah at think I'm star. I mean as far as what people cost Stein what that you cost what you want and what act college star. For me even Dolly Parton star is accomplishing an impossible thing to act came. I want to mean something I don't want to just be some joke I don't want to BVL American joke you know just with the moves in there and and then Pak mail served or what ever I want to be a meaningful artistic. In a person out. Yet you got that you set at the boobs in the hair and the typed out we now can give that up. Asset and tea before I want people to know there's some brains beneath the weight and McCartney includes. And I think people are beginning to see that hacking get away with now if found cello was to change now work from him. I think I can get away with that with Lance. Then and a lot more. The the way. You said that you wanted to produced here on films going hog producers sound films that you said you want to so that you can control the Dolly cac. McKay. What's the Dolly character K and is the Dolly packed a different from Dolly. Now it's just. It's based in showbiz news I think people will look at me and think and certainly that I'm some dumb blonde that don't know what's going on now more than. Yeah well I'm me. I was mean Hollywood can. Who and learn to plan. I think I'm not of been some trash too few people you know it's like. The 'cause I didn't know who had seen. But the tour the senate. The two are just the idea of beauty asked and should go fishing magazine's something audit closes in our team but they cowed cheap tri nation can. It was a personal one to look plaque as I know exactly what. You know about like that look now lack the hand Allah the flag now lack the the closed not felt well that's that's sexist language and it looked toward me and I thought let's what I and in the end went out to be sexy so this self starting. From a very serious place. It carries a good place. Isn't complacent and a good place now but also want to gain carries a business I have a big dream of and build in the Cesar RCD are being involved in place in east Tennessee and Montana and gambler who's in her most wonderful places in the world called Hollywood USA. And miss a beat back a fancy CD black. So what is new land that god put it this lack of faith and mountain whose name and I smoky mountain paying them. And I'm burning to cosmetics. And probably start a line of clothes for your average American public like to be sold it if Kmart to places where people can feel like they can have something somebody's name I jacket. You know it's not I'm not a designer but add that's my ideas for close out I am your all American girl so to speak. But real quick and an unknown what the people on that continent where I know where they would go to banner close before they came. I want talk about cop the mystery man now we have been caught loop. Krista Barack. I'm I never knew he was at attractive since he never let anybody see him except you. He's right government. Yeah I understand you want him to be picked his. I usually don't. I don't mean asking to do those things anymore after so many years said that if he was ever wanted to do it I was an Emory asking. For a favorite to do would you just let. Damn she unique may be acting get on the tractor weeds you made and combat white working on the track he said hale now tell June. Years ago and a passionate do stem cell he's asked the hard way at a wanted to the cuddle up and Angola all places go pig's eye. You saw any hope that aren't allowed to Asia and daily he is he's gone and yes he is getting that can and it's a and he does exist. The longest you've announced a long kind that make a difference in the Mac. Yet busted a book with a now but it's very hard Gibbs he's Baring and and he is he's working with his rent and bills and house and and he's he lacks newsroom thank and I'm glad to be on he that means big villain in so glad to get smacked him to learn to be an abnormal. No. And lemon at evidently. Well it's a new day Barbara. I get you said. You said that I didn't get can't imagine. And that leaving cop ever having a thank cap. And what does it give you this well Disney everything that person needed narrator in relationship. It gives me freedom which is something Murphy must have being created but I'll I married him like well that's too but this is a very special sacred fade. I'm there for him he's there for me if he needs me an income island come. No matter where I'm where I'm matter what I am definitely dropped it in the same with him. But it's some money to planned way it's meant to grow old with somebody to have finally we had a lot in common work of Franklin's. I just another person's while it gave me all those things have grown up wind. That they only so many years allowing and then maybe some people that not turn my can't attempt and abet. I don't mean that they could tank cars planes what happens if someone attention. We now and pennants and it what I'm not a I think it's true if you actually anybody. Seem people that I am attracted to women none of Latin sentinel food. And I'd say am mad but I ain't it that that don't mean have to go you know you fake it. We now spent now. At. I'm a flirt but my husband's a flirt but he doesn't flirt I'm he's flirt in his not a threat to us I slept people. And there I'm saying in his matches in the world would be in a woman being a woman away from home. Aren't these good looking passes in that Monte Cristo mountain and not among astronomers. And another. But his cell in the flirt but I know that I got something home. That wouldn't threaten not take chancellors and for anything in the world no different than anybody asks if slammed him the chosen route he wouldn't hurt. How success trip marriage not of it being tipped it. You're having more money her commands now that's my husband makes couldn't and he said. He's not one of those is not an air none any of his money at them. If not regret having children not and chopped. Now it's either a career on to children in. I've never been able to have children actually it's not the next eight years trying not to hand insists on every day and an even missed it. My husband doesn't want children either he certainly has missed frankly don't have them. So. I guess everybody has their own purpose in confidential Monday instant fulfill what I think moons. Don't. Think it's basically to say when someone comes into your house as your relationship with his sister's. One sister's gimmick apartments another system is Europe assistant sect can. And how all of her car. I'm competitive willow very close the sister Cassie is make up artist here contaminants Alaska actually dinner vacant today assistant Willa dean is gifted rather she's written a book about the family held instead of asylum but she also hits mainland in town she doesn't landlords in lands in the fact that she's just working for me. So we're all very devoted to each other I do for them they do for me. You. More than anyone I know packed and always had gold activist and five Asia and invested seven is entered this. How do you think you're going to be an inanimate let's say a hundred years and a movement. Well I think probably what I liked the saying poor me and engaged from. His. Boy she looks great for her age.

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{"duration":"12:41","description":"Dec. 14, 1982: Barbara Walters interviews the singer-songwriter at her home on the outskirts of Nashville, Tennessee.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"66799733","title":"At home with Dolly Parton in 1982","url":"/Entertainment/video/home-dolly-parton-1982-66799733"}