The Hottest Toys at the International Toy Fair

ABC News' Charli James and Toy Insider's Laurie Schacht reveal the hottest toys at the International Toy Fair.
32:00 | 02/16/16

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Transcript for The Hottest Toys at the International Toy Fair
Hey everybody I'm on the did not in New York all right Karen got there there are any kids in the room. Now with the time to avert their I like you're never hear the end of it the annual point four take that toy. Fair. I'm excited at 8 o'clock is backing your. Albums and toys cream and one guy in that hall and we get that eight. Out. Uncover what's hot this year in late friend partly yeah I'm here like. I must say it is a kids paradise here. The only thing that's missing art that pit. Industry event that this not an event that kids come to you. At the adults get kind of run of the house as ours trying out the toys themselves. There are so many toys here that of course I could never it is just like doesn't rot and an ex hurts. This is Laurie she acts she is beat only known as the toy insider mom and that's quite it and principe. To play here a lot of days it's been four days slight air and hundreds of thousands of toys. It really is a lot of fun it it's not a bad thing having missed out and is. Pretty it's the main of that when it comes to the toy is. This is a the biggest toy show in all of North America it's a 113 international toy there there are thousands and thousands of exhibitors here. And so many thousands of toys types that still line up at things to show you today evolving here and real quick first our viewers understand that it's not for kids so who's here. When whose audience here. The F audiences insiders like that so a lot of press is walking around. And this is also a time for the too late. Many factors to really make sure they're getting these toys on the shelves this spring and for the holiday seasons are tons and tons of retail buyers are here. But no it's not open to consumers it's not open to kids I'm syndicate to going to be jealous when they sealed things that you and I are going to be playing with Donna Laurie gonna give us a look at that. The items that. Your children could very much be having on their wish list next holiday season and I think I'm not married and tastes good Aaron Andy start up and down I don't recommend. Riding in he Elsa. I reckon and take your helmet and need and that's what makes it a space is well I think downed cattle mansion. I'm so this is the largest I did actually a smaller size for little kids you. So not only at a sputtering but they really have that action you can ride it as a regular scooter and just missed with one. I give it a try on the absolutely. I have actually I've actually never written. OK didn't wanna they needed an idea but Howard. And then spurs shot and then you're gonna step back. Yep and push them. Stamp it. But I like every now and Alley I'm. It. And I. My first time ever on her and I think now back there did agree. Right. We can with it and I haven't grants and note Laurie just that she's gonna grab a toy that we completely at night not just clients are for day time. Like even when it's nighttime snow caves and a great spring night racket despite ankle but. It happened pregnant. And you can see. You can see that even it these are called shuttle Cox I believe I remember I landed few birdies right to sue badminton classes I took an ice ball and an eight. Hubert and I think I love flying to Israel to play with a few flying toys today we're gonna do some more right on let's write around it. Is Pereira. And right here Annie they're known for their trains and known for their RC cars but when I fell in love with is this. We areas might flying Mariel in the squad packed there area and Erie times. So this is really cool it all at. I write some things that you're looking at I actually was playing with this the other day. Credit types so that means. These are not toys that are in the market yet not being produced yet these are you know there's 23 hours and samples being name. What is interesting things we're gonna get to it. CN. I art towards them are. The main event. But some because either prototype site. It's going to work went much better when this comes after the holiday season right now when he's flying outward as I was doing it it's going back to act and tweaking to. But it is Helios them. And I assume that he's. Rhone type toys are going to only get hotter they are only get hotter it's funny because it's a quiet after that people lots equality around this is not like the Jersey here pat. It's a toy. It's why doesn't go more than 200 feet I don't think this goes quite that high. But the controls each year's rate for the kids to play it. And here in just as much and I'll outline there. What it's like them out on the market with age range talking usually flying like this you're looking at eight net. There are some simpler and some magical. Flying toys these days that I think we'll get to take a look at recently they should. And it lies. I know if I'd had one of these and chasing my cat doesn't. I'm not think I cat and a dog and it is very funny is when I take these things come to practice. Mike apple touch it give a little island you know we get that jump going with the ad it's funny. It's very funny and we just saw him take. One -- up pretty Bryant came down and it pretty softly after that none and now and am made really well. On an all of them finding her there because I'm a great rancher and becoming a good liar and a much better crash or. Sell it really Estes and Laurie test in Panama S. What am playing it that Sam. Until next Montel of that as. The toy insider mom and you reviewed thousands of analyze what are some he. Late criteria that you're looking for that may agree that there are a lot of things we're looking at toys there's a number. Things that go into the decision not to Sydney but of my whole editorial team. So we look at the price of a towing and the value yet I mean I can look at its weight these days when I walk into all of these those. And amp proceeded to light in my head I have a price and I asked them how much it is. So it's always interesting for me to see how close I am an I'm usually pretty spot that that's important we care about Hal. The ingenuity in the product like how creative is at how different visitors at just a copycat something else we've seen. On his own list of things that we go through but the most important thing we look or when we go through everything is the fun factor. Because it it's not fun for kids and none of the other criteria even matter so fun factor most important back. Back at the very nature don't come around here I have a couple of cool things unfinished ideas and programs. I assume these split the party and because there aren't kids here trying amount I assume that these are the party in through kind of kid testing they do not keep testing that companies individually like I said there's no children allowed on this floor interestingly enough we have seen a couple now because some of the YouTube stars had become so big that there alaskans they are considered recipes and boxing him I didn't that we actually send sound to weight boxes out to some of the YouTube channels ourselves. We're writing this is and KOK when it watching this seat is kind of the future of what toys and going aching it's going to look like our children. It's fun here at the toy fair on the two is that a lot of the exhibitors have kind of built their own. Standalone they look look like stores. And very well. To see these toys presented that way yet so I'll get to that in a second person want to talk about what's going on you weren't looking at 3-D printing. But not those three printers that are not affordable for families now you're looking at 3-D printers. That families are going to be able to point cell where in the and hail came Booth they have the new entertainment retail prevent 299. Dollars. Hundreds of little testy. That little part that I didn't get. And the finished product will be toys so kids will decide what's what they wanna make it will put the guardian. And it will print out and customize the pick the colors everything they want it will print their own life. It seems like he could be amazing for creativity is for kids to be able to design and produce their own wouldn't mind it is it's amazing. And let's really. Interesting that it is a lot of did bridges even an effort few years that must have been a much higher priced so now when I'm playing with a lot of the tanks. Summit members still live 2000 I'll prototypes that when I'm playing with that the companies like seeking that I don't talk didn't break it. I a lot of them have 3-D printed parts that are holding together sell you know we're releasing a makeshift it changed it does this mean that. Kids are gonna buy toys of course they are but it's so exciting for him to make its choice for isn't concerned. You know when you're kidding but maybe it's time for that time you can say okay you can but the printer and you can print one toy and act is staying until it's time to get after those early bird risers. When you get at your toilet it brings that whole new language around analyzes well prince here on toy coolest this. I'm sick at my dad and that actually print and we and other machine I don't know table there. That this is the actual prints are here this is. They're professional printed that we use to do because I came from a resurgent development background we locate and Hong Kong size back. Solar trying to move those high end technology from those professional machine to a close question. So they can see right now overhear or witness sharing some. Components led to print hat we have from the professional machine is saint them voice machine went Ewing and right now at this point it's been booed off pat. So we'll have something this product Oakland Aaron Carner. That's printing off this one here at the bulldogs had. So Ahmed this is what the for what the professional machine here is printing off like the finished product will look like I hadn't been here and then on the evening Lurie and counting our motto is keep kids from printing that they're not supposed to bring. Other like that template that they can only print news. More about the complexity of the printer is re hot for them to really get Stockton. Does that mean that they cannot handle all the software but this mental battery and needed to get through. So our approaches this print tastes clean and easy ought to need to do is inside the park with. Ticket printer and select the body want to prints and addresses and nobody printer. Is there some sort of parental control ordinances swelled to make sure that kids aren't printing. Sharp things are aren't printing. Like that's a mixture that they're printing safe toys Islamic state for small children. Because all how do you size Thompson prior paths that we actually test in advance. So I am the only have much concern about toy safety because need to do our trial in and that's what them. Full old dentist likes what teenagers we give them that's the community. He did a customized choice but that Adobe hi Asian group a full entry user Fuller younger kids probably who stayed with the toys that we. So there's your answer on that it depends on the kids age and then there are allowed. More and more flexibility and creativity. Depending on the age range as well. It is higher all and I certainly Allard how many do as well here. Running out of print its printing single colored. The feminists out down multiples off and amounts available up to a very six different colors. And they can always to a mix and match for example in my this clock. With friends and different kind of specifically to show different pots at the home is is doable but bandages male one at a time. It's like a fun weekend project at the parent has spent time but the kids and then each weekday idea feel components and that. Opt them on Mon they got real product working. But this will be a man yeah I'm sure this'll be a big addition to Christmas lists of fairy soon in the very near future very cool thank you so much Jonathan we're kind of and Lari Great Neck. I guess I'll answer the question has been walking out now about the clause so there's theories. Insolent thing a lot of meetings go on here so when you have a close look like this you have the prime seat at these meetings. The toy industry is also notorious for a lot of packing. Snow it depends on in a lot of this is propriety. And they don't wanna share the information they don't want everyone walking in most of that eager manufacturers haven't check in desk right in the front we just bruised right in we're gonna do that all day of the air. Back and you're telling me earlier there even toys here that are still under embargo. Cannot. I. Light and easy so pretty happy to love this line so we're getting attacked in the tech section action but there's more than just technology I don't want it to him that classic play is really important. This is all eco friendly he made from re cycle milk cartons so it's great for ten plate for kids and just act mixing matching dollars. We have every little piece of it. The lot of fun and it. There's a lot of emphasis put these days on the on the gadget beats my. Yeah. That's I'm and a lot of that pack that I know that what I'm in battling one question I want to their stomachs and. Clouds are around some of the toys that we grew up went about like four games with some of those other boys are some of those making a comeback for those still have a role in a place and it's quite like that. No question about going styled coming on. Or parents. It didn't grow up with three B frontiers. Aren't there are a lot of products here at Leon on the salt. They absolutely allegedly did to see my area. But we're gonna put sentiment is an appellate people's parts things. I'm growing up when my eight toys aspire grant. I sit in to seeing you not just hire grant and a little while but when new and offers an ambulance and I'm that a little bit of foreshadowing that got them coming up and what is that the main thing that it's amazing how many turnaround rests at. So that that can see what we're doing this is called the sell theme night so I want you to think stealthy stick. Meets karaoke. Right I don't know what song is loaded here but we would go like. OK and we would hit record and by the is all kinds filters. Let them sit them Tate Taylor right so we can sing on. Seeing seeing seeing it it's not stink up. Yeah there's there's there's just you bikinis but we just been recording us now we would be ample to share this with our friends she Aaron you know all of the social media channels and on YouTube and we music video stars. It's quiet and apparently you and I in karaoke machines LP stick in Graham Almonte and why. You're. And any actually just. So any on it has to be found but any phone. And so how much of something like this for this look after the holidays it's going to be around two point 999 actually insider and it turned. Out. On I can see your little girls with that there are currently Atlanta. I didn't think what kind of up profits. That come up what is interesting. Combinations of time right at the great at and I was like. I want I want I can't out and actually at one that we just plain. Again it's one of a kind at a time and effort that and it's not going to be paint when it adds to human being little girls I believed that parents learn why. And out any adult urged because I have some friends and I are gonna play. Adding I am always you know when my kids went to sleep it was always my favorites icicle a backpack. I think in maybe I've got my Christmas whispered for my girlfriend are at outs. So let me have coming up talk about its rank and it is that they eat eat. And sit out you. Act says it's that good. Then my papers to in line tablet. From kids like it's part of a whole new line of text you types ten feet waves that are designed to look at Shasta lake mom and act like. Go to Eaton Clinton at the tablet it it's interactive. They even learn about animal numbers college that you check your. It. Tells you about the time your time. I found it picked. And there's also Clinton had little we're asking it to identify it by industry hires kind of but it's really because once he actually tap stand it becomes a laptop. And then it has a real working keyboard read in tight. And you'll hear it if they anonymity letters and and that but a mommy and me version and that end is also bilingual which is pre pre and it's coming out this pollen of the 3989. And it's for kids to announce. Thank you need change out the screens either you know not touch screen but it touch sensitive eye on every time you press that different icon it'll give the it's different response and a part time in my day. The number three or bully or three cars regularly hear that car is a more actually hunky. That's a lot of interactive play Ritalin and a lot of learning on top on class apps. Thank you summit site at minus in the name that this is my Perry's two and one tablet and it's a whole line called tac T. Right great thank you so much you're gonna take a quick question. And event area is. Really growing. And seeing a lot of toys where we're taking traditional toys integrating technology so it's not that we haven't seen little computers our little heat chains making its. But now there's so much in them and some of some learning. You know we talk about stem alive science technology engineering mathematics. And it's coming down even to relentless it's for seeing toys that include loading from McCain's. 86 sample. But you know as they progress and when you learn from landing place so important and then I'll hold another thing to talk about. Now why this industry is how big as it as big as it is and it's because clay is. Important in development skills in social skills inning. We'll have to let and it doesn't end when we very much be there. And highlight how highlight how toys the tech toys are a lot of them are gender neutral as well yeah I'd on the have a question I ask you that Saddam and his eyes I'm on text right at this point and hopefully Laurie an answer but I have a two year old and a ten week old at home and and it might see year old Tyree adds that with every small device in the house even though we try really hard to keep them away from our. So how parents it was the balance this you know. The recommendations from limited screen time for kids vs all the new toys that are coming out that look just like that they'd been bombing that. So I'm has questioned as if she's got its two year old at home who is newly have sex with all that technology at her parents have. How do with how do you as an expert. Recommend balancing screen time. Went. Also these kids centric tech toys that are coming out. So once things we just met some cupcakes on the way. We're gonna talk about a ride and now we started on the right an amber in his seat Kohl recently that went and they say you need a well balanced when it's in the world of technology. And it's not just the kids are playing with its cities and school heading you know my three kids of my own and at a very young age everything switches to computers in school which is quite mile purchasing I think. But you can't you can't. Keep the wait I'm. You do have to announce did you have to set limits and then turns to the classics turns you. Board games turned to on the arts and crafts and do it yourself activities which is so cool and remember to get those kids outside line get to that on scooters. For a two year old her three year old this is dying to hear this is from tell me it's motorized cart runs and a battery. I don't think I can be. And CE XE and small vehicles both Clark and are your job. Snow. Are. Right let's say. Ready as a I can't. I. It's all part of her job on that. Haven't. Action plan and outlook on the other group currently. It. We're actually write some things later that are a little bit more mice and I. I'm but this is great for your little ones so you know looking a price when I think that I 179 dollars. It's great it's nice it's dirty it's got the Dortmund the Bourne got that nice job cuts here at locked. And again this isn't on the degree at at this lots of via the colony. Forget these are absolutely Warner lot. Combination. Lott again and on. Its. Cats. And I think we're going to see 81 right here. This is a step up from atomic got she air out of me in doubt. And and again act occurred over here who can. Show us. I'm yeah and introduce you to step up. Now a stupid you are is tip adopted the don't. Do I'm. Okay. Interactive John that. What response. Everything he dance yeah. This trial that he Wear it. The cool thing about him we're gonna watch him he's got. Amazing movement and it has to do with the weight is eat them if they beat Aaron me so I haven't seen movement like this press. Is helping its it would get ready RS. Okay really ready married. Shipments and mean he's really cool he's really responsive. They're actually telling him on the ice. One thing that's it you know sometimes it's like they're toys only that it stops working battery is dead what you gonna do you. Is this is so Smart that when the batteries run down he's got a little out and does that all night now Heatley Stan Heath Bell charges. And then come back app but. I how does seem like and and I'm I have seen it yet so I don't really know what I'm doing. It looks like you can. It looks like kicking controlled ship and on phone or I'm. Tablets are also witnessed the little kid does. This thing can tell kids will be using when we get chip. And though it didn't leave you this one right now might dry up. Salant C. The blue light. And I patties and I think it's beginning to have been put the. At the sideways movement is so well I've never seen. One of these robo dog moved right. At the. And what age would you recommend this easy keeper that six and a thick six at seven and that. We are also looking up by the way is looming. So gloomy. They're using a tablet. Make that quite after my member I think you can see what you don't have to fight anymore he Finley hit a button on his tablet that can't take off. Now let me taking off on the well are you feeling upbeat game that let me in this state close to that he. Heat up on copter from sliding too far away yet. And he can't control it again we're dealing with product types. I'm eventually you can be up and hit a button and it let them but they let and looming we'll let. So it's really really cool technology. Flying these things not at least EB this is now just following the economic. Wherever the beacon and that's Britney. But after that needs and it. Keep that'll Itamar under control very cool and very sleek looking these toys here. And so. When it little city available you're looking at September October report itself. A sneak peek here at. At some holiday hot toys yet. A night. Few things to claim it. Item it we're actually heading to one of my favorite places that he Sony came in on right. And the theater to face and well there's a lot of different kind. So where going to take a look at this. Star right yep you'll get. Flight into. They might still here because this is going to be like in her private. But. Ever talked about I'm nice I'm yes you look like Palin but am I can. I. To this is our I think why. Who do you have a break. Hank and steered it. And I believe. It right there. Not right. Yes and it really does. Right. Well. So every dollar grant great products that I that this woman is just awesome. Right. I don't know isn't reversed on this one but there's definitely a powered. A cat. A. But not accurate you go with it we inherited. Iraq. Or not but. How expert I've it back I never was much of a parallel parkers. Spit turning it around it's not my. It. Everything seems like at twelve points and does it like their oldest ally TO iPad and Laurie definitely had that thing. He had. And Lari definitely as much bargained for all over that is the night I can tell that you. Here. Don't think. That the well what this is and this can carry the weight citizens made that beat well an acting Hackett let it on this. Let your little kids on this. Like a company and certain we'll learn and that's exactly what they call the separates the ribs are accountable it. I was trying to about it but I think I think he l.s and that I did enough on the Ursula. So what makes this different from it out all the way he can mean he used it was quite different. Again it's the rich surf it's Randi fundraiser. And it's actually not only looks like a surfboard actually I think carves and feels like you're writing a real surf board on dry land. And what we've done guest Mike given that rich thing. Well how it's different then I would you look at a steep coroner and it looks like a combination of many element aperture. We'll a look at skateboard the past few meals they're Caster wheels minute inclined and you'll have to step off and push what you and its people are actually just headed down circuit car back and forth. And your momentum starts generate your speed it I can't show you. I would but that there. So for people. Our kids who don't live near the beach you can still get that surfing action. It's very cool this never happens but your feet and increase. I do. So many this is going to be our last that we look at and on and there's so many so many toys that we could then fall day here. I I don't really V day. And here aren't there if there was a lot out. It's pretty cool is that you have your house or the poison but I act less equipment and high tech. Today's beautiful beautiful it's. I think it's. And they think a high. We'll take a I was classic play with some puppet theater and these looks so like the most lifelike puppets I've ever seen it. They are they're gorgeous they're great storytelling with the kids. And parent sees these are adults you know it's about it's great parents used it's great keeps but the mind. Whether it's different and at or it's just that telling stories. I can't keep they aren't. As well. Now missing pilot and the need to get from my town and what I thought at this look at the company's minus and it's all these beautiful at Oakmont. Outlook I'll accept it. In the last night edible apple. Edible the Bobble. Now on the it's just a last round of light hair I wish that we they would spend all day here but we're gonna say goodbye from these Bob all. Yeah. I don't they kitty Allen I think they pick up at bat finally running around in the problem. And that Laurie I have a full day and it you know how a line in LA bringing back the more ideas from my kid at home. Our thanks to Laurie act and it's currently being out there at the New York toy fair they all of you for watching us for now I'm on the in New York.

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