Inside look at the de-aging technology used in ‘The Irishman’

Also, Romina Puga shares what to expect from this year’s Oscars.
5:32 | 02/07/20

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Transcript for Inside look at the de-aging technology used in ‘The Irishman’
The Oscars are this weekend since there will not be a host issue the producers have had their work cut out for them ABC's Chris Connelly caught up with the team behind the big show to see how diversity and inclusion. Will be major themes of the night. It means a lot to win an award to win enough you're here so we're we're just happy to be Qaeda network because they think ultimately this is nothing like. The Oscar and and it's it's been around for so line and he. What can you do with this show that will make a young director a person of color a woman feel like she has a place. At the Hollywood since. From the beginning we always wanted to show to feel. Diverse and inclusive and I think our choices in terms of what we can make a difference an intense at present there is a musical numbers. That's where you'll feel a great sense of includes defense and sixty follow women. When nominated this year outlet that's a huge wreck and almost all of the best picture nominees were produced by women. What kind of moments can you create on the stage that will make. The next person like that feel like I'm going to be up there next you'll save. All right Chris thank you for that while none of us are getting any younger Hollywood is making a little easier. To pretend at least we got an inside look at the DEG tech. Used in the Irish men and a lot more are roaming approved the reports from Hollywood. Penetrated task. Bubble helmet is the visual effects supervisor behind Irish men's. Whole premise was to think the. Technology away from the performances director Martin's course season he told Pablo he didn't wanna use any facial markers because it would distract the performances. The heist and to connect. Hot stuff and yet here. You famous you know you can't really getting dirt I immediately knew that if we could come. Actors not to worry markers. That was going to be change. She had a funny question about the pitching when you met him brandishing yet you and I'm reading from the first time you pretty hair and my children's. How all my going to be well you're going to be 44 and then 47. Do and and you and I when you succeed to. And using religion and you know you're looking great sort of be thankful dreaming up his Jimmy the estimation. For this set publish team created a special camera rig using two witness cameras on either side of the mean lends to capture the performance from different angles and with infrared light. Her post production they had to create a first of its kind software to DA to the actor is published team worked on the film for four years. Every Sharpton took about 67 weeks and we had 17150. Charles. They then cross reference their final renders using artificial intelligence to sift through thousands of movie stills from previous films to depict the actors' faces -- way. For us to see that our decision intelligence he's making its way into the production. Other films required the actors to transform on Staten. Actress Charlize there and told make up artist has a hero. I want to be making carry. This is the job he still and that helps break here right here to make me I'm because Megan K has that he behind him. Case first night could disarm and powder that age and I would tell me where this. Then region where that. Piece ends today in the suits being definition since that the blue. What's the pressure like when you're working with the people who actually exist unity if it's a heatstroke or character extended viewing knows what they look like. There was digit growth in the B hard to make it convinced than enough to. The audience and it has so they have to believe into what they're looking at is amazing Kerry he's he's one of the north flag. What's that plugs because needing Kelly just has figure nostrils and Charlie that's such a small thing that the big news the responsibility to change her face into someone else you know us as we stood as tall. In every idea is being in my head's trickiest part was I edited piece. Because it is indeed did it get done here and that is hard to move with her and she pastor acts who is there. Nobody stopped watching because of a conflict they stopped watching when there isn't. All right that the aging technology is so amazing roomy uprooted joins us live now from the red carpet room Mena. You know this is incredible because you're 75 years old any use some of that the aging technology your story right now it's it is incredible. You can't name did so let's let's not start anything that America they did. Let's not Oscar's so no host again this year and this is turning out to be a Smart choice correct. Canadian meat viewership when apple last year's big chunk of that was audiences tuning into C. How are they gonna pull this off so it makes sense there doing it again this here I think audiences will tune in for the same breezing him. They did it once candy do it again. He released a long list of presenters and performers to entertain everyone is here including the five original song nominees are to be performed live at the show. We on the last year that viral moment with Bradley who friendly god not when they've performed shallow when it was mean of fighting it was everywhere online the next day. With a light show like this you're bound to get those moments again. And a special performance by geely highly should expect dated but we still don't know what that'll look like Tom. Yeah that was one incredible moment last year all right thank you so much for me we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"5:32","description":"Also, Romina Puga shares what to expect from this year’s Oscars.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"68810480","title":"Inside look at the de-aging technology used in ‘The Irishman’","url":"/Entertainment/video/inside-de-aging-technology-irishman-68810480"}