Inside the ESPY's Fan Experience

ABC News' Charli James gives an inside look at the festivities outside the 2015 ESPY Awards.
5:11 | 07/15/15

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Transcript for Inside the ESPY's Fan Experience
Every month. Atlanta Ivan downtown LA. Or any gathering. Parents yeah. Look and it and come down his activities and cheerleading event but let's yeah I think I'm now. And right now. Yeah yeah. I think it's time. Oh. Maybe it wouldn't it lowered slightly overwhelming letting people and again I got my. Yeah. And as. What do you feel maybe engaging her. Yeah. And there's. Highs so violent tendencies that. And he. The Mac. I'm proud parent am yeah. I guess I'm next door and then. It doesn't matter that these ads is. I get so you do want and. I'm black. I'm black and. If it was a back back backing isn't any. This damn magazine hallmark of the F. I had him. It ends visitors and about days. You got hammered him when. I'm happen. Again. After hip. Kandahar in the. A the unions them. Way. Yeah yeah. Okay. I he got here. And I'm. Happy in LA and fun down an. A lot of radler met. We had hardly. It lacked.

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{"id":32478444,"title":"Inside the ESPY's Fan Experience","duration":"5:11","description":"ABC News' Charli James gives an inside look at the festivities outside the 2015 ESPY Awards.","url":"/Entertainment/video/inside-espys-fan-experience-32478444","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}