Inside a Halloween prop and decoration warehouse

A tour of Distortions Unlimited's prop warehouse.
15:39 | 10/27/17

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Transcript for Inside a Halloween prop and decoration warehouse
Greetings gang it is not played since then though or as I am known today plate in the region. Coming to you live here on FaceBook from distortions and limited here in Greeley Colorado and as you. Might have guessed we are talking about one of my favorite. Favorite favorite holiday is probably my most favorite holiday Halloween coming up in just a few days but we wanted to take you to a place. With the fifth the played an instrumental role the last several decades. In Halloween. Distortions unlimited and I'm going to. Open and here is nice to meet this is very yet. I'm it is what we think this. Hear. In the laughs and get. So taught me a little bit about. Growth. This cost him this is a latex. Like gas mask this fiscal like your show up the aliens from avatar in support in his name's Tony an elder tuna. People. Anyway well so well thank you for having us here in your your beautiful show room here this is. Really already been here how many years now. We have been in business. Forty years almost. And you create all manner of things Connors gonna pan around here lament and and show off some of your creations here starting at this lit up alien over here tell me about baca that we made it's actually costs. And we made for Star Trek continues which is an amazing show that's. Exactly replicated. The regional Star Trek series and so that's boost the get a great dykstra from Pixar are meet the mock cat and we worked with him and now. And into the actor wore that could see with goggles and a camera and he's all be tethered we had. Police and illumination to the lighting it was quite. Quite a project. So you work on all kinds of things have everything from from Hollywood Constance to masks that Peco people combined for Halloween the whole range every little kind of finger. Giant when he put skeletons of pet. This year's one up here at lasagna it was a will air later. And also not sure why it's going to be able to join us she's a little chest pain. View images somebody here. Our and I'm I. Feel a little bit that. I this New Year's. Day care. For. This monster day it's total options that we give them and this basically you stick your in this. And that it looks like you're being injured some sort. Tell us how you guys got into this business it's been awhile. Low forty years ago at started just making. In. Making big. Win which mr. really did. Yes it copped she was such that we had to move into something else we got in and Medtronic expert on houses and the parks. It's all done out of this this facility here Greeley we bring liquid latex and home in metal and wood and meet ceasing all here. Can you specialists around her than some of these other props here in. I'm curious to see if you know you you've been doing this a long time that. Halloween industry. Apparently this year is something like nine point one billion dollars it's up from eight point four billion dollars last year or into the Halloween industry association. How would you guys seen. Changed over the years things have changed amazing things changed you know used to be when I was growing up it was trick or treat with kids at city Goren and in. Things changed for adults starting getting involved in once that happened. The whole industry shifted and then you know on house shifted are actually a part of the ship. In on houses because they were all these kind of mass black. We'll thin we came up with its electric chair. And they start. Trees and in just turned it into be business and they released earnings here's money in. So that the whole industry shifted in the forty years and. It houses and a corn mazes. It's almost become your around there are some how haunted houses in Denver that do like Valentine's Day events and Chris yeah that's it that's becoming a year round thing is much as possible yes they do it's still the biggest of course howling. And your mind you've you've. Dunn made thousands of monsters I'd taken over the years I mean. Says schism fairly friendly creatures like this is that he's got a few if she's she's not bad who is this she's that. As she. Demanded. Yes she he rocks and she moans and things and now. She's not plugged in at the moment but. Don't you guys make a lot of stuff that that a lot of stuff is not cheap. I mean you were talking like probably something like this be how much hollow woody he priced for 500 dollars. Or rendered. Who behind is stuff like this well crazy like cute little night. I have a bit of a hollowing yes. That that we have we have celebrity people buy from us we have when it houses. It it just amazing how many people love monsters and Ian Huntley. So if you can show us you we're gonna take it to use the factory hill a little bit and give you a tour of how some of these things are made. How many employees do you have here company now with all the stuff what we have right now Marchand and any venture. An offseason right now house wielding eight right now work and kind of ops season on the around. But when you're busy oh fits neatly at credit he would depending on you know. What we're design but yeah wheat is it crazy in August and sent embers actually. And you're actually spread out over two big warehouse buildings multiple floors here again in Greeley what what is this area here. Will this is. Where we do all that paint team. Hand. Men work in control systems for the begin electronics. My little paying remorse and most my life is back there in this is where this stuff is. What are we looking nearly he's yet no small. Those are local and pieces the stuff on the walls are masters as so it would animal handlers out we go back to that and make a fresh mold. Most are molds or plaster we do have fiber glass and plastic and. And how do you decide what to do I mean you've got aliens you've got looks like some sort of vampire thing I mean. Are you are you getting customer feedback as it demand like more vampires mark how to decide what crazy weird thing to do. I think mostly we kind of watch what the cultures up to you know there's a lot of vampire movies well tried to vampires. But a lot of it's just. What would be weird what would people want you know trying to figure out what the next big thing is has been a challenge for forty years trying to figure that out. What has been the trend this year for the last couple years LG. You know who. I think that big thing in the last probably five years or more has been zombies prior to that it was vampires in this league. So weeks we've sold a lot of of zombies which is one of my favorites I'd like zombies and aliens I'm not so much and amp arts especially. Attractive teenage campers they don't ask. Territory. Problem. Beat yeah I was gonna say it is serious rock fans may recognize this face it they they squint and kind of imagined so tell us tell us about this character. Oh. Alice Coopers and this is. The it's cut off. In the guillotine scene you know have to als puts Israel in this. Allusion this is in his stage show yes and sell when the excuse your principles as head out this is yet. Now the one we do for Alice has a squeeze bald and he actually. Sports and it's mapping. Yes he like just south and it spits blood and the audience it's that's a lovely yeah. Costs so it's a Utica had cast of Alice Cooper no we didn't we actually took pictures of many studio. And and we had the sculpted by the elite joiner did a beautiful job so these heads are destined for his stage show or any of these guys aren't you could actually licensed we're selling these now we we have made a lot for state shall but. It's out of the same mold it accurately yet. Mechanical achieve an owner who you you can literally on the status of Alice skipper. Fantastic and tell us about these guys area. Oh. But. We're start to get back in the mass this is. Resurrection series staff. This fiscal to begin by Jordan but this was done along time ago right the scholars is probably. I go in the eighties but this. Yet this is at resurrection is this. Better sculpture of this thing concept. In insights called human hair. So for couple dollars there. When that very high end that you're telling me about. You had a mask of the month club are still doing and know that we replaced it with monster of the shadows and it's more like. Every quarter but this this was your room. That is what will now see this once kind of special and dear to my heart yen. We the first mass bicycle it was Andromeda and so this is the fourth version of Andromeda and the last version and that. And so that was the last piece that people they were part of the club. We were talking about how early eighties it's not an industry that's necessarily Halloween anymore this is you've got some elves. Think we're ridiculously. And we got sneezing snowman when he sneeze it's a sneezes snow comes out of his nose sleigh SLA wires. No no no no this is all friendly I'll miss friendlies we can get we're not real good friend. We kind of hell. You know. We're make them friendly a lot of people think they're scary. And that's a little creepy but I spent. If you. And and we use you respect the look at this what does this well this. It's easy yet though one and mask narcotics it's neither it's it's something. Whats this original sculpture from I don't remember. And I just put its terra enemy east yes something weird week. We do things that just anemic sent them. But. So we're all comes. Out of the malls and and it's got to be painted bright it's hot. And and then if it gets. Animation Mike Glover is seen here his his land and he put. Metal ended and and in the addicts and control systems and so forth. This this guy here is not operating at the moment which is probably an okay thing but tell me. Tell me what this Kadaziz and in return a. His name's is as. Puke coming. Up is James Pugh can sell you can guess what he does the yet we have helped create one new spewed its being old guy and he he. Hunches over in. Her Olson massive amounts of this stuff in that is seven I've actually seen it got cute because they were watching I'd literally accurately corner to treat child. And I and I heard it going and there was a guy young guy must've been up partying too late he was peaking in a trash can as as new spew its. I'm happy lunch hour folks. It's amazing to low load up you can guy cost me. It's maybe a few hundred it ends in. 2000. That's a deal. It's incredible. That. Oh yeah we saw those. One of the guys. In in we bring them berm and he gets paid. Yet now he's scary now face care that's a stereo I think that's very friendly. And bite you learn. But yeah I just their scary but to me either. Just about a year and an alien here we did we do we get us out of the alienate you gotta. I'm. So if we come out of a mole. A little grabbed. And then you know. Through a series of steps and things. The paintings the painting him really does bring to light yet they're actually we put on really good paint chips it's all speckled with different translucent and thanks to get that look. And now. I think this guy wants to he cute leader who is with. Right. It. Yeah. Why the paint was still being included Italy stopped we had eighty fight grandmas and here in yen boosted. So when you are enough height of your c.'s new this'll be filled with all manner of monsters just waiting to get splatter laden. Yet whatever else it seats seats pandemonium in glory and friendly and weird aid there's a lot of septa making it past it and now we're starting protection part distributor. And so low that NASA's start Reagan calling it. You guys been in this a long time why do you love this do you still love it does it get old. Steel work. It has its moments I mean there is nothing like Lee you know the movie it's wonderful like it's kind of like that except monsters. You get a getting a little bit of a break we haven't had Halloween but you've past years your big rush yes yeah it's finally slowed down actually yes it it was and it. The last big rash were rushing to get a truckload of a hundred these. Monsters those out so. Tests or is you take one more at look look around here is we. As we kicked on you know what what's on tap for next year's it DRU constantly thing about telling you ever get a break. No it's it's year round it's always were always trying to figure out. What the next thing is what's the next crazy thing and we make a lot of. Mistakes trying to figure that out but once in awhile wolf we'll look at one all right we have two big trade shows covenant land that first plan is in new Ireland's and that's that's Halloween and party X. So we developed a lot of our new stuff for that shows and then trans world. Hot show. Witches and say look us in March. Our all of its. I will we really perceived as taking mr. cannon pulling the curtain back on how all this stuff works it's it's a lot of fun and we thank you guys for joining us. And hope you have a very happy Halloween. Thanks guys Adam our sentiments take care guys thank you.

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