An Inside Job With Drita & Renee From 'Mob Wives'

Drita and Renee from VH1's 'Mob Wives' Take Us Behind Season 4.
3:00 | 12/19/13

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Transcript for An Inside Job With Drita & Renee From 'Mob Wives'
For three seasons VH -- get serious mob wives has been one of the most in your face tell it like it is reality programs on television and now the wives are back for season four. Mob -- new -- allegiances are tested battle lines are drawn and joining us today to talk about the drama. Our mob wives themselves Drina and -- ladies thank you so much happy holidays to you and I sat continued success season for now -- all right so we've got a couple of new. Some some new blood in the mid south and blood are bad and I don't we live I will let you determine yet you say that with a wink and I don't -- you. That Hogan with the -- Oh yeah I have a smirk yeah oh absolutely. It's that that's that has seriously changed the dynamics on the show yes -- us tremendously -- I think you do -- Alliances with the girls that. Hot like street overnight what what where it works we're very strong personalities and sometimes we can go head -- -- but then I think this season -- -- Of green much more because you see. Strange people coming and it almost like really -- confident. -- was determined that -- you can easily is that when someone comes and it's also very. And -- thing because and you girls are not. Don't have a cast specific difference you know we always had our. -- always had -- -- we always you know the kids the mother that family. It's different scene -- and now a new girls and they know nothing that I -- anything. So they can become very out of line almost with what -- they have to like. You get to prove yourself write to prove your worth to get into the circle I said that like like at -- college this year. Trained to prove themselves for the Texas the only thing what is that called -- -- Eighth saying yes right right court but -- -- -- if you hot hot heavier -- Iraq -- I. That could be a whole different show I'd be there in Atlanta so every so is -- -- with with with Natalie -- Jeremy you know. Things are not going exactly as planned but do we see potential. I think this -- only. The heightened drop I mean it's oh my yes -- -- did not have a bottom this year. And it's it's -- have. It's actually very good for me is very painful to him to even watch and out what you think that. -- clay is he -- you're watching people literally. Have no bottom an attack in don't care and they it there. I don't know if it's there really looking to find there position -- their niche but you're. Well hi I'm -- that they -- -- -- around a line that's. But at the same time and I would also imagine that you have to -- and obviously -- a very strong character and then have a -- camera in your face and and then you kind of wonder. -- going to be perceived not only by right by you guys but also by the audience as well because I mean you know you are trying to placate a lot of different people. Yeah but you would think that you we try to make alliances with the people as as opposed and -- -- with the people and it it it automatically I figure jumps like in what are we up to episode three all I don't know -- all right anyway. Season -- growing. There's a sufficient and that and you walk up and it was really it's incredible. How much -- The change but we've always had -- and fighting them all back side it's incredible because there is no high -- it's likely to continent. From left field and it's just like you know everybody's just going -- it. Honestly -- -- describe it -- like if you have to acknowledge again the did you. I have not no -- nice night out but -- -- -- -- -- -- well -- -- at least that's what I'm my employment. I -- perhaps at a cargo back and you have to find your place car -- -- of fine Bradley find -- -- -- you quit with -- you don't you can. Eat -- whatever it is sin no different so that -- our president. And a brilliant. At Baltimore's club med appears. -- I'm sorry. -- I'm sound absolutely and I'm just fame. That have a look at it let's just say we've been -- apartment so it's kind of like also what is it that you're doing things. -- this your your husband's back. Oh yeah and you know lack I didn't have you with you and -- lob city cracked up he enjoyed it I -- about the incident but. I'm not gonna walk -- I've got such a big Bechtel has. I know I appreciate that the fact that matters that you you know we do we need a lot of folks from celebrity shows -- if reality shows and -- can be. Difficult because you wonder if the person that you see on the show it's the same person accusing him -- -- interviewing and honestly. In this it's not like blowing smoke anything that you ladies are the real deal. I mean that's what you wanna -- to say it right. Because we didn't threaten the well I think humanity and -- -- They'll be like and I can't understand it and they -- like what's the outlook -- -- isn't real Mike. Really ending is volleyed. There's slight injuries but what is it that you think is not real -- not acting now. I just think that's a crazy question whatever it goes on and -- lives are on the front Egypt always been. They knew it's in the same -- is I think that there is some countries -- the apparently couldn't make that. The only -- the one point -- Atlantic with the story line. Have you have you gotten used to mean have you gotten used that kind of recognition and that kind of acknowledgment is constantly having your daily lives -- -- for everyone else to dissect and pick apart. I think for me it's been since -- a young girl because. It was a lot of attention on the whole family and generals -- it. I never really had positive press when I was younger so. With. Relapse. It became positive thing that makes sense that makes sense to and the. Nothing you know you're using ears as a -- is that for as a -- -- almost move forward for pummeled. Added I had panicked and that I am okay. Although is so negative when I was young and might still seem negative but it's not has negative at its. Actually able to deal with -- a lot easier now because at the end of the day somebody is getting help or someone's getting out of -- situation before they waste. Forty years of their life in involved you know with someone on drugs so for me. I can take to criticism now a lot better than I did when I was younger. And now maybe a family business expansion. Set right. -- with your daughter. I you were saying that she's that she is showing you all about us she asked me if it comes on -- -- -- Yet it is scenes I wonder why I -- what -- she gets that high I you know wide I don't -- -- well it. Is. She I have something look at that -- -- young age and he now. Casting call that -- ballad like really 2013. Shirley -- she really she's -- but she's hold. And she cracks me she -- -- I I have are in my house floor. Because -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This this. -- -- -- -- -- -- where it is going to be Elliott like good some icon yeah you're gonna get homeless connect mom might. On the I speak with you an idea when -- hit only exaggerate my Jack Ma and got. What's coming kitchen and ate -- -- -- -- It can't even little kids I've been really -- with them. And I -- -- I absolutely loved him she backed you know I am sure I -- that I. Even Steve that's what's nice about hands as he tries to. Make the best -- -- whereas that would hit confrontation she really doesn't its efforts in that I stand up and a white car. Yeah and I. -- -- can't quite honestly let let me ask you how much longer you'd think you'd want to go. -- -- You haven't gotten much fun -- what you were when you first though I don't think I ever had. I think I was always fight yen I don't think. I don't think it's it's hard because it's an excellent it's the thing mentally yes heart I think people don't realize how difficult it is -- -- -- I -- an episode. We're watching tonight's episode and getting ideas. Or -- have to go back to work to -- would you like. Humans are. -- yeah I mean that changes the dynamic of -- relationship. Very quickly do you think it I mean that's and -- you have these private and everyone else is going to be judging you for how you gonna respond to -- the whole. Story isn't total. You you can't defend yourself on reality TV did you get you don't have that position you say the truth you say what what 30. And then it ends up where. An apology isn't right aired an -- changes everything when you see that. -- last week's episode was so upsetting -- -- I'm sitting -- like. Even explored because you EU brands reported -- story and -- it leaves you hanging. Yeah I'm really mad. When you see whether an entire episode -- particular you know moment played out in front of your families do you have to explain -- I watched the show I myself always I think it was only -- -- twice. That I was somewhere and I I -- in the sense that -- to -- have to be alone. You watch my husband now because he's home right all these years I watch it -- myself. And I mean well sweet but. -- says that they aren't you -- how to use is one thing that needs of these bad and people don't understand us. -- -- -- -- -- -- so if we're sitting out watching an episode and you think you're cool with that person and they say what they sent. I ethical -- them tomorrow and and everybody's like it was that bad -- for beating her up. We'll treated just watch lists are right way nobody knows that there's August 6 months or so until lag time written all over it but an agent. On last night's episode and break it up again but. And now but I but I want to. Maybe -- that would I mean I would think that that at some point might actually make it easier because and that -- you can either heal more quickly or work work now. Last -- so well eyes shine actually. Kate he was very upset on the episode because. In the -- Middle -- -- she's talking to me about her husband. And it leads to believe that there was an inappropriate relationship between husband and I. Or my best friend and her husband and that's not true but they don't tell. Some ice on can -- he was very upset because I miss you Bob and he hasn't -- hasn't. To think that his mother is involved with. This married men ran and they're not explaining he. Might not like no one's seen. It the way -- played out -- be -- -- went on the way IE sort and the way I sort it was a very comfortable. Because you're accusing me of being one tapes -- not on. My name is on somebody's. And my name but Renee was not on anybody's -- but the way that it unfolds it's like I was sitting there like. -- Doesn't -- -- like it that for me is very uncomfortable. Very comfortable -- -- -- that episode five is extreme I'm prepping for now. I've sat my son to. OK so give me a little bit of -- tease what can we what what is going to be a big bombshell that we have yet to see. I mean not that you haven't already given us plenty to work with at this point. After I I think that. Not that it -- -- much basically. Should. WW. Like everything else. I did -- it. OK practice makes perfect -- -- to show all I'm saying. I think and it's something about -- -- that this always happens them purposely. But -- think you know what's gonna happen just like a movie that you now and act like. -- the baker. Like let's just happen it would happen if you like it's that it will win everyone thinks they know I -- what they think. It's gonna happen and it's not tickle laugh and is. -- here is actually yeah it it's Barry Harry and and. Which is why ever expected -- -- If we. And it would just jaws are going to be on the -- It's why you always keep us entertained and we can't thank you enough for -- three got. -- today. Mob wives Thursday night on VH 1:10 o'clock thank you happy holidays. Five days.

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