Inside 'Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2'

A demo of the new game "Lego Marvel Superheroes 2."
11:24 | 10/05/17

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Transcript for Inside 'Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2'
Hello and welcome to New York comic con we're right here in the marveled Booth I am doing. Mr. Parsons. Parsons he's seeking directors we're marbles superiors to let him. I mean at the game. I yet mega mobsters to ease our latest game. It's coming out in November the fourteenth it's Siegel sees like a models bears. And features. Everyone's favorite heroes and villains of them obligated as marketable some epic adventure against the evil kanga Kong parent at bats bat got from model. All right so before every dive in on that the bulls statement. Overhears might run. Those are McCain the best ever allow. Back that up letter so you're gonna be Allegheny picture for this particular demo you're gonna die I don't know that my hands and let's not let the game a little bit. It's allowed it to just that you see grant. Are there you wanna show little. Yeah I I think what what I'll do anything it's TV like a bit of its soul. Here's what I wanna do is show you have a multiple people haven't actually seen which she's the huge open world sixty which not just not Hopson. Because Manhattan's in that but there's Manheim Manheim law. Manhattan of the future from no maybe you'll fronts when he 99. All in one huge city seal CDC's like. Yeah this is wintertime you all but essential stimulate perhaps. A sport they think he's just like outside book if I fly out here. Threw rocks on now here. We have I Hugh joke from world way at queen's. That it that you never knew right. Sorry over here we have eighteen different areas that we actually even have this that's delivered via Lago. But if you look it's slightly different. That's kanga Kong group because this is his city. He is taking everything out of a little bit medieval England. Because this is a time traveling story featuring all elements of marvel you can see we have golf. There's like eighteen different areas. Just parents are alive map. Easter in England. I'm just getting a an off chance are you with us a British as well I am British gas absolutely. Rhodes who. Here that. It's it's kind of an old English casts I wish I lived in and holding his ass like I don't but. Yet look at this as medieval avenges his greens can smash troll whose Olson this captain Avalon group. Captain Avalon UA's the Captain America of of that period of time. But OC can see Manhattan man thing swamp and learn the man's Finland hydrant. My man my hand off. Egypt's ancient Egypt you knew they were ancient Egyptian appendages. Yet even I had in my reset so messed up we anemic we can dive in now is searching and lucky in this game known Mike you'd steadily what you wanna kind of dive into. Oh my god I'm a Mexican a scared. I would load teacher a medieval England he's still being but having it. Sought go everything medieval England. What else did because they seize the locomotive and ship which you'll get to and explored unlocks she progressed through. Kind of non Linear story which by the way was co written by activities accuse and or some comic book writes a to give you that authenticity and Angleton to stick by hits or buy if I get to medieval England with the training. Absolutely thank you. Yet only people like myself that Livni mansion sake get that but yet. I'm so all these things that pops out my not stacked these old things to do in this area this quest these races this puzzles this. Crazy crazy things you get to you micron is not a big puzzle guy maybe we kind of keep it to. Last or it's that simple form yet wolf listings but what of days ago well below the summit of a look at Sony's taxi we need to be authentic right saves captain Avalon. He's obviously. Exactly. Of CBC's bright girl coat which she's. You know the one which she's which current and now going to be info right now but let's go to a different hope. From that time period if you and I mean garden and looks out like Greenspan special note to pick some announced amount time. And we don't want it's time they're green green pastoral I didn't I didn't not delivered greetings grades that's girl. He's he's somewhere in here and I haven't yet unload him. This is I think that's the that we get this isn't the league cage but I think. This is yet every guy you know that's that's I think that's had a 97 easily game yeah exactly that's that's on the comes sort of like not drama misty night. Loaded and inning going to be called large change. But you can see. Did the hole depths of this Ross is incredible. Got election off on them every charge it does something cool and exciting. So where Lafayette. Can't you don't it's typical reasons difficult. So from from back in the deck and here we dissect. You're the perfect example is by news this guy so what we can Dave. Presence in the field through the Mike you're the perfect example I can bring up this FaceBook advocate fell. And we can spin it around and got a bad news kitco. And it gives gives us an idea after being accused of crime you have probable blood cells a serious. And that's exactly the first comic it did in. Certain people wanted to go and read that comic and they golf. You what do these cool modern bats like I've got on this laws of available. You can I have gone model and limits of thankfully was an account that gives me everything so it's difficult one of the perks of the job I guess. You can then read up on any Carey set and that's the idea of this game it's. Charities you love and parents is that hopefully you'll get to love. Accuse you played him he's gonna in not fall in love would love to every Romo loved look Joseph you. Exactly. But the look jewel is so cool and snow falling asleep so I can run around he actually kinsella poll as well site. He's known to tell a flotation and in the story he plays a really big thankfully I guys Stults just in front of me. All of these taxes due cool things so if you say one exit B at Monday's hearing you know group might suck. I can be I can agree. The other thing I can be. I doubt my little time shuttling device I can become. Fully grown angry that's also some but then even bats and that if I go XE boots old chum who I know he's on blocks. Bit of rocket McCain. And I've run around it I could just team up and then it's two of us to go rampaging around which is cool right. But on a mission was the stood still miss him look we do now that's fine them if it. Is there is also stores the coming involved in this as well against you as you be different levels you get kind of the story that's going on right now. Yet there's a whole story that you get to play as you gave three I set the demo up here so that we're effectively. The end of the story. Where you get all the other promote game like Sunday Gary in this guy so festival. Ozzie has since the McKnight supposed to go to van that's a so he'll tell us what's going on the timing of it says most votes here it is. Yadda yadda yadda. A case days there's problems with a tax code and John terrorists. With the barriers between the world's spells. A fair dependable have been set to someplace new can't. We've we've got a gun on some people down and I like the sound of that with the hunt these guys down and again let's have that done. He's going off that it's like a loves to get ago and help him but again he's gotten out like. So you kinda let. With these Gerry studs that we put up just to make sure that people don't get lost in the and violating going. I'm assuming. We got to find some bad guys. That's supposed he's gonna what again as of Roman chariot taxis these. Just pick and that's the cool thing about it put up with this that no move bounds. Because of the target a carry through the bye guys it down here. They look like they've held a cap. It is and possibly can't the Stonewall a year fighting in and presumably demanding a lot of attention can you tell me about how hang allows you to kind of go back authorities a fascinating bill. Yet he's yeah he's he's a street sees from the fourteenth century. He has. So much power technology. He's fingertips. So. With that we can do anything we want we can bringing characters from yes the U from the future. And we can basically do everything won't mr. I think they just Johnson a captain. But that the fact these Chinese that's incredibly noble and he doesn't want to just come and vaporize all the all the good guys he wants to take on the best of the best when in that crime. To be able to ban proved that he's the ultimate guide. As the night do you want you wanna get their real quick give million run around a little bit hasn't months ago on the bike guy again I believe in you so much. Now know you're gonna you're getting your grade. So yes question and heroes. Us and when you're really get this very fast your fingers. Well it's Bessie I don't know ways taking into. Well I'd die is that one of these electrical lines of Broxton and then you'll come by to get us. There out there and no move marvel heroes and villains harmed in the making of this video again and I think it's a cursing not getting paid for Canada. And then within it like. 00. Now OK now you're in trouble but yet you've got in chances. And he got you've got making Garrett the other black night. Think anything game. It is actually classic name again like net long standing marvel tactic. That this should be a real true test of your ability and John just just got out that event just it. And it. Steve I'm Randy. I can't get let's not distract him rocket mechanism picked up his blaster and is building directly or it and he's being as at all times. His multiple copies of its interest. This is looking increasingly difficult for Iraq Iraq to. This could be this stuff of like a most of here's Susan east boy you just made is so exciting I mean and model you know and he is going for that and do easy and it grew dizzy and and the group is coming into the I although the there that day. Yet good night that now. Cut back he is rapidly figuring out what it's going to take to win this match maybe I don't know how. No one of these front buttons do. I'm not a good sign with a different but it up back. They will allow you to dismiss this thing together. Yeah. Okay that's more him and you guys that's fair that I following is perfectly. So what do the front bonds due to again citing a five if it was me out repressed trying to switch back to rocket. Yeah. And then use rocket blasted beaches he's going to be much better you can also do let the left blasters square circle will actually fired a beam of you'll find our existing. So listen this is deteriorating quickly Alan I think there's so much feared for showing us the game Mike EU need to finish your problems of screeners getting we have. I am multi T live from New York comic con thanks for watching.

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{"id":50307353,"title":"Inside 'Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2'","duration":"11:24","description":"A demo of the new game \"Lego Marvel Superheroes 2.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/inside-lego-marvel-super-heroes-50307353","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}