An inside look at Lollapalooza: Aug. 12, 1994

Twenty-five years after Woodstock, a new generation attends Lollapalooza.
15:30 | 07/23/19

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Transcript for An inside look at Lollapalooza: Aug. 12, 1994
This is a Nightline. Friday night specials. 25 years after the baby boomers defined counterculture. Generation next is moving in with a cultural definition all its own. It's cold. Lollapalooza. So when in the system that the system. Some of auditors. I think we've completely lack any kind of ideals. I think it's by they've completely lost. Tonight. That was then. This is now. This is ABC news Nightline. And reporting from Washington. Ted Koppel. It is probably safe to assume that among the eight or nine million of you who tend to watch this program on an average Friday night. There are not too many of you in your mid teens. You made temporarily have some teenagers in your custody but if they're watching television and all. They are more likely to be MT being at the going the 20/20 or Nightline route. That's just as well this evening because we're going to try to gain a little insight into this current batch of teenagers by dropping in on Lollapalooza. I won't even begin trying to explain what Lyle oppose it is except to note that some of you may remember is some for your fifty years ago. Saying or hearing the expression. And that'll all oppose our. That's not quite what the kids are talking about this is a successful commercial operation masquerading as a generational thing. Which is another way of saying that it isn't Woodstock that is neither good nor bad but Woodstock was an event the grew out of a political and social mindset. Wallop a loser is just an event. Here's George Watson. At least the Woodstock generation. Had definition. The bank holidays to end their devices like together about. It's a. The mantra of peace and love the trinity of sex drugs and rock and roll you. But the definition of a generous sir. A flowering lawful helmet called for. Much of that has passed into the mainstream. Over the past 25 years and. I guess where I did. And flailing. Today's youth thought their children or what stock literally and figuratively. But much harder to define. We call them generation eggs bore as they keep getting younger maybe these belong to Generation Y. and forcing. Are your teenage sons and daughters some mystery wrapped and an enigma. Are they tattooed with the hieroglyphics of a new generation on the rise. Live from the state that immortalized the words. We're pretty well and the squeal like okay we're in West Virginia with a lot of was of questionable online. In search of answers our journey to Charles town West Virginia. Woodstock was where it was this is where it it. This year more than a million teenagers are flocking to wallop a Lusa. Kind of base camp for teenagers in surged up by events. And Coleman's. Webster defines wallop a lose as an extraordinary. Unusual or outstanding. Person place or thing. And where it's all happening for a lot of teenagers in search of themselves. And their peers. I don't know what they're looking for what were offering them is a great day of entertainment at a low cost. We have made over the best alternative bands on our main stage we have five of the best underground bands on our second stage. I think we give people a lot for their money and they have a good time all day when you try to figure it out what do you make them. We actually don't try and figure it out. Playing 43 gates all over the country this summer. Lollapalooza comes closest to providing. Communal experience like what stuff. But my how times have changed. Today he's seen babbitt's the old counterculture. So that's pretty. But it kept it has the video really do a little space 53 years old George quantum and it seemed at all. But to me what stuck with it didn't of the counterculture of the drug thing there wasn't a beginning does before Woodstock it was share. But joy shared this sheds. Would start was the finale of something that was beautiful. They have about. Golombek try to do that went all purpose. Instead a beautiful Woodstock. Today George Clinton looks out on my grungy generation that seems bored and apathetic. Whether it's rough form. Grunge or alternative. The sound has stayed Stefan. And the words mostly unintelligible. But when deciphered the lyrics you here. Disturbing voice and themes of disillusion run for the music. Forget about the revolutionary idealism of Woodstock. At least and its musical expression this generation gives up collected shell. Up alien nation an apple. I think we completely lack any kind of ideals. I think it's by the completely lost absolutely completely lost why. I don't know that's that's that's herb. That's for I guess in that some aspects of the older generations to answer I mean I feel really strong sense of dissolution and because a lot of people feel they've inherited. You know the governments and it. Ecosystem. Eccentric such and it's totally screwed out. Visitors alike as helplessness decide it's not this righteous we're gonna change the world and accidents like god we were to rivas started you know. Parts my kind of resigned apathetic. What can I go apathy is the word that I almost stopped news. There's also fixation on violence and fascination with brutality and paint. -- court got enough Smashing Pumpkins sayings. What's a boy is supposed to do. Killer and Lee is a killer in new. Sir I think we have the potential OJ two murder and kill maim and arm and that we offset the potential to make got a positive. Expectation. So. I think gun I think if there's any you know I don't believe in messages because I think messages they really don't. They have no odd times they ring hollow. Nobody so far as I know has been murdered killed or main here but injuries do occur. Marching it's called and this is the mosh pit. Slamming thriving. Stumbling. Floating on a Sea of Japan. On rock music critic calls moshing wound up the most tactile participatory rituals in the history of music. Is this dancing. Fusion of youthful exuberance. Shorts all bad what bosh and flirts with violence and its intensity. Turbulence and force. Let's let the good the first place and it seems like an invitation to the injured. I think. It's not the point that we let them do it. We don't have a choice they've done a good. So you go marching why tell me again. Why why it is fun and it's fine if you want to find out let's not write your aggressions him from working all week really didn't tell you I'm. You want to get American disarming a little great audience grazing land still want to hurt anybody's would have fun. Slamming against 40000 of your newest and closest friends. Can work up quite an appetite. We've seen all of Woodstock was you are what we brown rice and beans for a wallop Fallujah it is you eat what you are a smorgasbord. Nothing too exciting. They go for a variety of mainly ethnic issues and I were back Donald might be worried about the future of the all American work. When it comes to sex they are also different from their parents experience up anything Goldman's there are a lot more constrained. Fear of eight as membership from Craig love and safe sex in 1 generation morning. Don't even if Woodstock was the apotheosis of drug culture this is a more Arabs Demi has a tobacco smoke attracts attention. And the acrid smell of marijuana. Is present only in occasional foot. You'll smell. That's one thing I don't think they're having concerts and I wanna smell bad. As far as anybody. And heavy drugs so ours shouldn't of this stuff like that you won't see that kind of activity there's not a time some more. But there's a possible that the odds. There was also some drinking a blow up balloons -- but nobody I observed was stoned or drunk. And nobody was arrested during the long day and night of the rebel. Maybe they are getting high on high tech. What's docked at its fields of Baden wallop the loser has the mining industry. That's him behind him being. People are lined up waiting to come you what computers. I've played in the fields of cyberspace. One can manipulate his or her all the damage and explore. What ever what are them. There's going in Iraq and relish around. That kind of experience is better ending may not look like computers now. And they have they've really belong in Iraq they're also having the kind of thing given every inning and stuff happening driven back to theaters and I'm not Smart about it. Tired music creativity and yeah. Enacted it out counting numbers. Inside a circus camp the electric car noble is the brainchild of Paul Allen co-founder of Microsoft. Not surprisingly mr. Allen is seeking the next Big Bang in consumer electronics. As one reporter described as he's taking that tact no pulse of the miss bits and slackers. But pet food and body appears. The late eighteen members of the generation. Just below generation acts. She wanted to talk about it she had all of these theories that had to do it my mother. Well but gang's all here even the poets are not all there. Wallop a loser supplies and or divert pays of the spoke on the war. Despite the apathy attributed to its patrons wallop or lose it encourages political strengths. A number of political showdown advocating everything from animal rights who abolishing the World Bank. The best attendance stand called for the legalization of marijuana. The ultimate feel good call. When it comes to politics they seem like a pretty tame him not this and Chris good bunch. All yes they have positives all right but you grab all the mile ace long did it. The reason why. I say that nobody really grounded political politically is because we're losing a lot of the kids schools of faith. And our government. The sale of all these different scandals coming along the night never convince dad I'm home with me all confused because it's of the. Somewhere out of the crowd at one of Washington's many mayoral candidates was trying to drum up binge resident voter registration. But it trying to get some of the 40000 plus people motivated. To vote in the upcoming elections and getting. Registrations done. And signatures and hopefully these kids that are lying around here. The many people who don't think a useful are gonna sound different and and upcoming elections in Europe bartender argument. Five days a week what you're slogan you don't vote I just might win. What's notable about all this is the extent to which the commercial culture has co opted the counter culture. The honeymoon is over we are getting down to real commerce and Anderson discerning kind of disillusionment going on. Does getting down to real commerce trouble him. Now I don't have any problem with it I just think what happens is it's like them. When there's such discrepancy between the mainstream in the and then what would be turned the underground and when the underground source become the mainstream than the lines are not. As clearly John and the audiences coop. Willing and able consumers they've heard taped up every next best thing. Yet I complain a little bit but you don't have to go overboard I mean it's gonna happen people are gonna. Still they ain't got no satisfaction. The inability to be satisfied maybe one of their defining characteristics. So what do all the sights sounds and curious magnify. Mainly just another generation Billy gets banged and if you fully understood it. They wouldn't be doing it if it's any consolation. Some time along given back to century. These folks will be shaking their heads and asking the same question. Bob there are all humans puzzling teenagers. Actually on reflection I jaundiced note on Woodstock doesn't seem altogether inappropriate at this time. Much of the nostalgia associated with the event is simply a function of numbers part of the continuing tyranny of the baby boom generation. So many children were produced immediately after the end of World War II that they have come to believe as they matured an now as they approach fifty. That everything they did and do has a greater resonance than what any other generation did before or since. Bigger and louder maybe. But with a one stark and the generation which claims the name has produced much of lasting value remains to be seen. That's our report for tonight I'm Ted Koppel in Washington for all of us here at ABC news. Rent.

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